Monday, August 11, 2014

It's Review-Mania Time!

While browsing on Goodreads tonight, I noticed that there are several of my all time favorite books that do NOT have reviews from me! Sadly, and I'm rather embarrassed to admit this but, I have read some of them SEVERAL times! Ummm... why in the world have I not reviewed them yet?! I'm thinking it is WAY past time to get these reviews posted! So, for the month of August (and possibly part of September), I am going to reread these books and give them the amazing reviews that they deserve! I am calling it Review-Mania! And please... no making fun of the lame name... it is almost 2:00am and my creative juices just aren't flowing! Lol. This title is subject to change if I come up with something amazing! ;o) I will go through my books tomorrow... errr... ummm... I mean later today... to make a list and post what I will be reading. I would do it now but sadly I can't stop yawning and it's taking a lot more time and concentration than I thought it would just to type this post! Lol. So... until tomorrow my fellow book lovers... sweet dreams and happy reading! :o)

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