Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Bound by Dreams by Tracey Jane Jackson


Aspiring actress Charlotte Whitmore has been plagued by bizarre recurring dreams for years. But now she’s hearing a strange voice when she’s awake. To make matters worse, her Hollywood ambitions have flat lined. After one rejection too many, she moves home to press the reset button on her life.

World-renowned drummer Niall MacMillan’s world has been rocked by his brother’s betrayal. Still struggling to distinguish fact from fiction, he welcomes the distraction offered by the beautiful woman pulling him into her dreams.

When Niall and Charlotte finally meet face-to-face, she is unwilling to believe he’s her destiny. And when Charlotte’s dreams suddenly materialize into reality, Niall finds himself defending her against an ancient and powerful, yet all-too-familiar enemy.

Will Charlotte let down her guard and allow Niall to love her?

Will Niall be able to protect Charlotte from the danger that threatens the only world she’s ever known?

My Review: 4.5 Stars

3rd time reading this and I still enjoyed it! :)

I have been waiting for Bound by Dreams and Niall's story for awhile and have to say that I was not disappointed! I really enjoyed it!

Charlotte is an aspiring actress who was having no luck in California and decided to move back home. Niall knows that his mate is living in the U.S. but has not clue who she is or where she lives. Charlotte has a unique gift that pulled Niall into her dreams while he's awake and he was able to finally find her. The huge plus? His new sister-in-law, Grace, happens to be her best friend.

Niall heads to the U.S. and has a hard time getting close to Charlotte at first. She had a bad encounter with her ex-boyfriend and has a hard time trusting men. But Niall is so patient and, even though it kills him, he's willing to be friends first. He gets her to see that not only can she trust him but also that he's not going anywhere.

Like Bound by Song, this was also on the emotional side but there is a bit of action and some tough topics that were brought into the story line. The mystery and plot twists were unexpected and I never saw any of them coming. You are definitely kept on your toes.

One theme that seems to happen in all the books in this series is that all our heroines are feisty little firecrackers and I love it! They know that their mates are all alpha males but they refuse to sit back and do nothing when it comes to helping their family and friends who are in need.

The Cauld Ane series just keeps getting better and better! I can't wait to see where the next book takes us!

And of course my casting choice...

Content: Depending on the reader...
Sketchy Clean. Mild to moderate language. Mild to moderate innuendos. Fade to black.

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