Sunday, April 26, 2015

Burnt Devotion by Rebecca Ethington


It was supposed to be the final battle, the one to end Edmund’s line, his life, and free the magic Edmund had taken from the world. That was how it was foreseen. The end of the battle that has raged for centuries, unbeknownst to the mortals around them, the battle that would end with Joclyn’s death.

But it did neither.

The battle still reigns, Joclyn still lives, and the sight that was given eight hundred years ago is broken.

And it’s not the only one.

Sights that were once thought infallible have become nothing more than scattered glass, with broken pieces shattering into incorrect visages. Sain clings to the magic that he knows to be true, but there is something else, something that he is not saying. And what he does say is no longer adding up.

Something is wrong.

Ilyan and his people move through the caves, following a sight they hope to be correct, fleeing a battle that should have been the end while the battle within each of them grows with each step.

Ryland fights the monsters his father has infected him with.

Wynifred fights the confusion of who she is.

Dramin fights to live.

Prague may not survive this battle, it may be ripped to shreds… or burned to ashes.

My Review: 4 Stars

I know... I know... all the Imdalind fans are probably screaming at me like... "What is wrong with you?! Only 4 stars?!" But alas... it was only a 4 star read for me. Sad to say... the first half of the book kinda dragged. It probably had to do with the fact that I had just finished reading Soul of Flame and quickly started Burnt Devotion. So... it kinda felt like I was reading the same thing over again... just from Wyn and Ryland's point of view. While I did like it... it was just a bit too much for me all at once.

But once I got past the first half of the book it definitely picked up! There were lots of twists and turns that I really did not see coming. Some made me happy while others made me very, very angry!! All I have to say is... CURSE YOU SAIN!! I KNEW I couldn't trust you!! And I KNEW I didn't like you!! What the crap Jack?! What the heck are you going to do now?! And I will say up front that if ANY of my favorites don't make it out I will be very, VERY angry!! Grrrrr.

But while Sain was busy screwing everything up... while Wyn was battling with who she really is... while Dramin is hanging on to his life... while everyone is trying to figure out what happened to Thom... while Joclyn and Ilyan continue to fight for their lives and try and stop certain sights from coming to pass... there are lights at the end of the tunnel for Ryland! THAT made me happy! I really can't wait to see how his story falls into place. That poor guy has been through more than Joclyn has and I think that he definitely deserves a happy ending!! I mean really... with a father like Edmund... they ALL deserve a happy ending!! Please... please... please make this happen!! I really just NEED it to happen!! My heart and soul hurt for all those that have been affected by the evil Edmund and all his evil little minons!! Grrrr. 

I can't wait to see how this series ends!! It's been a long ride... full of lots and lots of emotions!! Happiness... sadness... anger... disbelief... betrayal... laughter... but most of all lots and lots of unconditional love!! *dreamy sigh* Have I mentioned how much I LOVE this series?! ;)

And to end on a happy note... I can now share with you who I see for certain characters!! They all just make me smile! :) Hehe. 


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