Saturday, June 4, 2016

Weekend Ramblings #9

Are you ready for another Weekend Ramblings a la KJ?!

Well then... let's get ready to raaaaammmmmbbbbbllllleeeee!!!!!

This week's rambling topic is...

*Pricing for ebooks*

A few of my fellow bookworms and I were discussing this the other day and I thought it would be the perfect topic for this weeks Weekend Ramblings post. :)

We all hear about this on a regular basis. How much do you spend on ebooks? How much is too much? Do you ever exceed your max limit for a certain author? What are your thoughts when you hear people comparing the price of an ebook to the price of a fast food value meal? The questions can be endless on this topic.

For me, I don't like spending more than $5.99 on a full length novel and $2.99 on a novella. Am I a cheapskate? Probably. But there have been a few times that I have spent $10.99 on ebooks and they were very disappointing. I know that not all authors have a choice in what their ebooks are priced at and that their publishers price them. But if you have a publisher who is going to price your books that high, then I expect the books I pay $10.99 for to be edited and pretty much perfect. This has not been the case for me. It's pretty sad when you read Indie authors who have better edits done to their books.

I don't really have a problem when authors make the comparison between an ebook that can be read over and over again to a fast food value meal. But just like a value meal, I want to be satisfied. If I am not satisfied, I will voice my opinion letting you know it was not worth the price. When I come across a 96 page novella for $7.95? Ummm... I can tell you right now... I will not be satisfied with that book. And I know this for a fact because I will wait for said book to go on sale for $.99 - $2.99, read it and still think, "Why did I spend my money on this?! I really should have gone with my gut instinct!" Haha. You would think I would learn my lesson after the first or second or even third time this happened to me but nope! I guess in the back of my mind I'm hoping a particular author will return to their roots and start writing amazing books again! Only time will tell! Hehe.

So what about you guys? What are your thoughts on ebook pricing? Inquiring minds want to know! ;)


  1. I think I've only paid over $4.99 twice. They were both for book club books. I don't like to pay too much more than that because a lot of times, you can get the paperback for just a few dollars more. I think for full-length, $5.99 is tops and for a novella, $1.99, unless it's a known and trusted author, then $2.99 or less. I'm with you. I want to be satisfied and even if I paid a lot for fast food, if it left me wanting more, tasted gross, or what have you, I would be mad that I spent the money.

  2. I'm a super cheapskate. I usually won't pay over 2.99 for a book. Even then, most of my books I get through Kindle Unlimited. The few exceptions are for authors I really really love. Even then, I didn't discover them without reading a few of their books for free first. I have trust issues with new books and authors. So I won't invest in them. 😅