Monday, August 15, 2016

Kisses Between the Lines - An Echo Ridge Anthology

Over All Rating: 3.5 Stars

The Kiss Thief by Rachelle J. Christensen 

As the head librarian of the Echo Ridge Library, Britta Klein thrives on order and categorization. Unfortunately, the old church-turned-library is in desperate need of a renovation. The Harvest Hurrah fundraiser seems to be the answer, but plans keep going awry. With help from Milo Geissler, accomplished musician, piano tuner, and kiss thief, each catastrophe is narrowly avoided. When Milo goes to great lengths to help Britta find a key classic book, she begins to wonder if there is more to life than books and order. Can she allow this man who speaks the language of music to tune her heart to a new song?

My Review: 3 Stars

After being made fun of in elementary school, Britta has spent the majority of her life trying to hide her German heritage. She refuses to abide by her mother’s wishes of marrying a strong German man with a strong German heritage. She will not let her children grow up being made fun of like she was. Little did she know that fate had something else in store for her… ;)

From the moment Milo first laid eyes on Britta, he knew there was something special about her and he just had to get to know her better. However, she had built the walls around her heart so high, he knew he would have a hard time knocking them down. But never underestimate a man in love… ;)

The Lion, The Witch, & The Library by Lucy McConnell

Jennifer Solomon's birthday wish is for the one thing she's been too shy to go after: Kirke Staples, Echo Ridge’s resident playwright, an avid mountain biker, and her best friend. Friend, as in don’t kiss, don’t covet, and don’t under any circumstances fall in love with the man. But it’s too late—she’s already fallen in love. Hoping for a birthday kiss that will change everything, she arranges an "accidental" meeting with the handsomest man on the library board. Her carefully laid plans are thrown off track when the beautiful Bay Barington sweeps into town and casts a spell over Kirke. In her efforts to win Kirke’s heart, Jennifer is forced to take a look at her inner self and decide what type of woman she wants to be, a lion or witch.

My Review: 3.5 Stars

Jennifer has been in love with her best friend Kirke for awhile but she is too scared to cross the line from best friends to something more. There is a lot at stake but Jennifer knows that if she doesn't take that next step, she could be missing something amazing in her life. She plans and prepares for the day of her confession only to be taken off guard by Kirke's announcement of the famous Bay coming to town. Now she has to decide whether to fight for love or let it slip through her fingers.

Kirke has been blinded by fame, fortune and loaded promises, He thinks that with Bay at his side, his career will skyrocket. Little does he know that Bay is a wolf in sheep's clothing and all her moves are to better her career, not his. Disaster strikes and Kirke is left feeling alone and discouraged. In an instant his eyes will be opened and he will have to decide what he really wants in life. He only hopes it isn't too late to fix the mess he created for himself and his best friend.

The Last of the Gentlemen by Cami Checketts

Despite the hardships she’s faced, Emma Turner, is determined to make a good life for her three children. Working nights and struggling through life doesn’t leave much time for romance, which is just fine as far as Emma is concerned. But when her son's good-looking lacrosse coach takes an interest in her children, Emma has to fight off the smolder in her stomach and banish her daydreams. This school-girl crush needs to end before she embarrasses her son and herself. If only she could tell that to her heart.

My Review: 4 Stars

Emma has had it pretty rough in her short 34 years. But she is determined to make a better life for her 3 adorable kids. She works hard and sacrifices a lot to make sure they have everything they need. However, this leaves zero room for love. But she still can’t help but notice her son’s lacrosse coach, Chayton. Sadly, she doesn’t think he will ever see her as more than his favorite lacrosse player's mom.

Chayton can’t get the beautiful Emma off of his mind. There is just something about her that he is drawn to. It just feels right for them to be together, for him to be a father to her 3 kids. But how can he convince her that next step? How can he get her to give them a chance? If anyone deserves a happily ever after it is Emma and Chayton. Gotta love a man who has made up his mind and refuses to take no for an answer! ;)

Much Ado About a Kiss by Heather Tullis

Fay’s life is just fine, thank you. Running the caf√© she’d practically been raised in: Check. Her artwork in a gallery: Check. Volunteering on the library board: Check. The one thing she doesn’t need right now is a guy in her life—especially her brother’s irritating best friend from high school, so when the two men announce that they are moving home to start a ski and mountain bike shop in town, she isn’t pleased. If only she could completely forget that one kiss she and Austin shared in high school. Why does he have to upset her just-fine world? Not this time. Not if she can help it. But can she?

My Review: 3 Stars

Fay has her whole life figured out. She has a success diner, her art is in a gallery and she’s volunteering on the library board. She just doesn’t have time for her estranged father who wants to make amends or for Austin, the boy she shared a mind-blowing kiss with in high school. Her life is perfectly fine without either of them in it… or is it?

Austin can’t understand what he did to Fay to warrant her hatred of him. In his mind, a single mind-blowing kiss in high school should not be the cause. He really wants to move forward with her but she is consistently defensive and cranky around him. But that is no match for a man who has been in love with her for years… ;)

**I received a copy of this book from one of the authors in exchange for my honest review.**

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