Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Beauty and the Clockwork Beast by Nancy Campbell Allen


When Lucy Pickett arrives at Blackwell Manor to tend to her ailing cousin, Kate, she finds more than she bargained for. A restless ghost roams the hallways, werewolves have been reported in the area, and vampires lurk across the Scottish border.

Lord Miles himself is clearly hiding a secret. He is brash and inhospitable and does not take kindly to visitors—even one as smart and attractive as Miss Pickett. He is unsettled by the mysterious deaths of his new wife, Clara, and his sister, Marie. Could Miles himself be to blame for the deaths?

Working together, Miles and Lucy attempt to restore peace to Blackwell Manor. But can Lucy solve the mystery of Miles? Can she love the man—beast and all?

My Review: 5 Stars

March 2018:

*dreamy sigh* Oh. My. Gosh! I still absolutely LOVE this book! I am dying for the next book to come out! I can't wait to see where this series goes!

October 2017:

When Lucy receives a letter from her cousin Kate stating that she is afraid and falling ill, she drops everything to rush to her side. There was an urgency to the letter and she could not waste a moment in getting there. 

From the moment she arrives at Blackwell Manor, Lucy knows that there is definitely something amiss. Her cousin is worse off than she thought, the ghost of Lord Blackwell's sister, Marie, roams the halls of the manor and is bound and determined to get Lucy's attention, there are vampire attacks near by and werewolves have been reported in the area. 

On top of all that, she has to deal with the infamous Lord Blackwell upon his arrival home from his monthly trip to his hunting lodge. He is none too happy to discover her in his house. Can things get any worse? 

Miles is beyond surprised and extremely agitated to have his solitude disturbed by some random woman running around his house in the middle of the night in her nightgown. Who is she and where did she come from? He detests visitors, and with good reason. He has a secret that must be kept at all costs. His life depends on it after all. But it's getting harder and harder to keep. Someone out there knows it and is determined to bring it to light. But who? And how can he stop them?

Lucy and Miles must work together if they are every going to solve the mysteries that plague Blackwell Manor. But the more they work together, the closer they become and the harder it is to fight their feelings for each other. Can Miles trust Lucy to keep his secret and keep her safe at the same time? Can Lucy prove to him that love can conquer the beast within? 

*dreamy sigh*

Oh how I loved this book! It had me chuckling out loud, sitting on the edge of my seat, creeped out, letting out little dreamy sighs, swooning... I felt like I was right there with Lucy and Miles experiencing it all! I wasn't too sure what to expect when I started reading this book. I have some friends who adored it and that's the reason I decided to give it a chance. And I am SO glad that I did! This is my first introduction to the Steampunk genre and I was not disappointed! I am definitely looking forward to reading more books in this series! 

Not only is this my very first Steampunk book, but it's also my very first Nancy Campbell Allen book. She did an amazing job of sucking me in to her world and making me forget all about reality. I absolutely love when that happens! I will definitely be reading more books by her! 

And of course I can't forget about my casting! What do you think?!

Monday, March 19, 2018

Pimpernel by Sheralyn Pratt


For centuries, the elite of the world have sought the Pimpernel everywhere. Some want to kill him, others want to hire him, but Jack Cavanaugh knows that the love/hate relationship comes with the job title.

At present, Jack is trying to dismantle an investment scheme centered in Las Vegas, but "trying" is the operative word. It's been a month since he put the face of the scheme behind bars, yet the scam is still going strong. As Jack tries to uncover who has stepped in as the new head, what miniscule evidence there is all seems to point him back to Claire Ramsey, an introverted PhD student studying at UNLV.

If ever there as an unlikely head of an investment scheme, Claire's it. She has a genius IQ, but from all Jack has seen, Claire’s intelligence is as much a blessing as a curse when paired up with her acute OCD. Claire can barely make conversation with the cute guy down the hall, which makes it hard to believe she could be the charismatic salesperson who is getting international businessmen to invest $5—50 million a pop.

So what is Jack missing? What is the real story behind Claire Ramsey? And once Jack learns it, will he be able to walk away?

My Review: 4.5 Stars

March 2018:

It's been a couple years since I have read this book and I have one word for you... wow! Just wow! I forgot about all the twists and turns! I think I also picked up on things that I missed the first time around. The complexity of this book blows my mind. I have a feeling I'm going to be really glad that I reread this book before picking up Royal Ball. From what I've heard and read, it's just as, if not more complex than this one. Wish me luck! ;)

April 2016:

For the majority of Claire's life, she has never been close to her family. In fact, she has never really been close to anyone. With her OCD tendencies, it makes it hard for her to put herself out there. She feels in control of her life about 1% of the time. She feels alone and wishes for things to be different. When she finds someone who believes in her and doesn't give much thought to her idiosyncrasies, she will do anything she can to keep them close to her. 

Jack has been commissioned to dismantle an investment scheme. He thought he had the head of the investment scheme behind bars but there is still someone out there pulling all the right strings. All leads are pointing to Claire but he just can't see it being her. There is something bigger at play and he must figure it out before it's too late. 

I can't really go into too much detail in fear of giving things away. But just know that this book is full of twists and turns that you won't see coming. Just when I thought I had something figured out... BAM! Plot twist! Lol. Pimpernel kept my on my toes and awake way past my bedtime. I just HAD to see how it ended! I would love to see this made into a series!

If I can have one little quibble it would be the ending! Ugh! Why?! Why would you do that to me?! That's supposed to be somewhere in the middle of the book... not the end! I would've loved to see that put into the mix of things. If you've read the book then you know what I'm talking about! ;) Haha.  

All my bookworm friends have been raving about Sheralyn Pratt's books so I thought it was about time I checked them out. This is my first book of hers and I was not disappointed. I will definitely be checking more out by her! :)

As for my casting... not going to lie... this one was tough! But I think these two fit the best for me... ;) Hehe.  

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Undeniably Chosen by Shelly Crane


Ava has watched her parents, Caleb and Maggie, live the perfect fairy tale, the perfect love story, played out in front of her eyes her entire life. Her family is love, life, and happiness. The Jacobsons are everything a family should be and Ava is loved and well taken care of. But the one thing that’s missing from her life is the one thing she’s waited for every day, the one thing her kind knows will make them complete, the one thing they thought was gone and lost forever.

Her significant.

Seth has lived with the Watsons his entire life. They’re the only family he knows, but he knows that there are things they keep from him. He knows that they lie and they do unspeakable evil, things from when he was a child that he can barely remember that cling to the edges of his memory. He barely remembers his real mother and all he knows is what he’s told. He doesn’t know what to trust. He wants to believe that the Watsons love and care for him, have his best interest at heart, but isn’t so sure of that anymore when he finally—after a lifetime of waiting for her—meets his soulmate, and the Watson’s first act is to try to take her away from him.

The Virtuoso worlds collide, hearts are exposed, humans are endangered, and the lives of Seth and Ava are changed forever. They’ll have to love without judgment or reservation, they’ll have to be wise and accepting beyond their years, they’ll have to forgive for things before they’ve even happened, they’ll have to trust without seeing, have faith without knowing, and they’ll have to light their own way in the dark when everyone else is blind to show them the way. And more than anything else…

they’ll fight like hell to keep each other.

My Review: 5+ Stars

March 2018:

I. Love. This. Series! It's SO good! I thought I would reread Undeniably Chosen again because I'm secretly hoping Undeniably Fated will be released soon! I can't WAIT to continue on with the Significance series!

March 2017:

*dreamy sigh* I LOVED it just as much the 2nd time around! I cannot WAIT for the next book to be released! Eeeeeeek!

April 2015:

Holy macaroni grill Batman!! I absolutely LOVED Undeniably Chosen!! I seriously could NOT put it down!! I got so mad that work and sleep got in the way of my precious Ava and Seth time!! I stayed up late and woke up early just to finish this AMAZING book!! I have loved the entire Significance series but I have to admit that this book is my absolute FAVORITE out of the whole series so far!! I have been DYING for this to come out and just KNEW that it would be well worth the wait and I was NOT wrong!!

Ava has been waiting her whole life to find her significant. She has dreamed about how it would it be... how she would feel... how happy she would be... and then she imprinted with a Watson. Her first response?! Run... and run she did! Life as she knew it was over... or so she thought... ;)

Seth hasn't had the best life. Even though he has been put through the ringer more times then I could count, he still wanted to see the best in everyone. He was constantly being accused of various things and doubted and just wronged... but that man... he is a SAINT!! He still pushed forward and even defended the Jacobsons who kept accusing him of doing things he did not do! He would always tell Ava... it's okay... they're your family... they're just trying to protect you... I would do the same thing... I understand. Saint I tell ya! He never ONCE gave up!

I loved watching Seth do everything he could to get to know Ava and make her happy. He wanted to show her how much he loved her and how special she was to him. And I loved watching Ava realize that Watson or not Seth is her significant and she would do everything she could to get to know him and make him happy... make him feel loved for the first time in his life!

The first little while after you find your significant is supposed to be special... you're supposed to be happy and enjoy getting to know each other. But in true Shelly style... that just did not happen for Seth and Ava. Once the Jacobsons were finally on board with all things Seth they had to deal with the Watsons. Goodness, gracious, great balls of fire Batman! Evil... plain and simple... they are evil!! And they have someone in their pocket helping them to try and destroy the Jacobsons. *sigh* Can't these poor Jacobsons get a break?!

There were lots of twists and turns that I did not see coming!! And I loved every minute of it!! This was definitely a book worth losing sleep over!! I cannot WAIT to see where Shelly takes us next!! I am totally looking forward to Undeniably Fated!! It's going to be AMAZING!! :)

And are you guys ready for my casting?! Oh my heck!! I just LOVE it!! Aren't they just gorgeous?!?! ;)


*Content: Mild language throughout the book. 

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Statistically Improbable by Jennifer Peel


According to Binary Search’s matchmaking service, Meg Dawson’s and Zander Grainger’s odds of ever having a successful relationship are statistically improbable. Meg has run the numbers and knows the probability, but for some reason she can’t quit thinking about her coworker, and self-proclaimed eternal bachelor, Zander.

To make matters more interesting, Zander approaches her with an unusual proposition. He’s in need of a pretend girlfriend. Meg thinks this could be the answer to get him out of her system; and maybe knock the arrogant man down a few notches in the process. But what she doesn’t realize is, there is more to this man, something he carefully hides behind his arrogant exterior. And when her feelings begin to be anything but pretend, she knows the odds of getting hurt are more than probable.

Will they let the odds overcome them, or will they find that all the reasons they are wrong for each other are exactly what make them a perfect fit?

My Review: 5 Stars

March 2018:

*dreamy sigh* I love Meg and Zander! These two are amazing together! The feels are definitely real. I had a hard time putting Statistically Improbable down again. It is SO good and my favorite in this series so far!

March 2017:

Statistically Improbable. That's what the Binary Search says. But against all the scientific evidence, Meg still finds herself drawn to Zander. She doesn't know what it is but she just can't resist his pull. Maybe it's his charm or his gorgeous face or just him. But whatever it is has her going to goo whenever he's around. 

So when Zander asks Meg to be his fake girlfriend to keep the unwanted women away, she has to stop herself from instantly saying yes! Guys like him don't fall for girls like her. She has to keep her heart safe. But this is a chance to prove science wrong. It's also the perfect chance to bring the King of Arrogance down a notch or two. Zander won't know what hit him... ;) 

On the outside Zander is the eternal bachelor, the center of attention, the best friend.. pretty much anything anyone needs him to be. He's got to be in order to keep his secrets locked up tight. He's always been good at hiding the real him. There have been very few people who have ever been able to see past his facade. So when the feisty, sassy, beautiful Meg adds herself to that list, it scares the crap out of him and he does his best to keep her at bay. 

But with all the chemistry and fireworks between these two, it proves statistically improbable to fight against the inevitable. These two bring out the worst and the best in each other. This is all new territory for the both of them. Zander is bound to make mistakes and say the wrong things, but he will not waste a second to make things right between them. It may take some time, but Meg will prove to Zander that if anyone deserves a happily ever after, it's them. 

*dreamy sigh* I absolutely LOVED this book! I have wondered about Zander ever since we first saw him in His Personal Relationship Manager. Some people loved him, other people didn't. But if you really paid attention to him, you would have realized that there was more than meets the eye. What he was on the outside, was not who he is on the inside. He's a diamond in the rough. And it took just the right woman to make him shine. And Meg was that woman. These two were absolutely perfect for each other! <3

I know I say this all the time but I swear Ms. Peel's book just keep getting better and better! Just when I think I have found my favorite, she releases a new book and I end up changing my mind. I think I have finally come to the conclusion that I will never have just one favorite book of hers. It's impossible! I seriously cannot choose! Do NOT make me choose! Haha. 

And this casting! *dreamy sigh* I don't care what anyone thinks... these two are perfect in my opinion! ;)

*I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are solely my own.*

His Personally Relationship Manager by Jennifer Peel


Kenadie Marshall has suffered the most public of humiliations, being left at the altar. Instead of wallowing in her misery, she makes it her mission to help others find true and lasting love, all while swearing off relationships for good. Between the software application she developed and a team of relationship managers, her brainchild, Binary Search, has an uncanny knack for choosing the perfect match almost every time.

Attractive and loveable Jason Hadley is taken with Kenadie Marshall from their first meeting. Determined to win her over, he does anything and everything he can think of, even if it means using her firm’s service and dating other women to stay close to her.

Will Kenadie realize she’s met her match before it’s too late? Or will Jason’s ploy go too far? Find out in His Personal Relationship Manager, a romantic comedy with an epic battle of wills.

My Review: 5 Stars!!

March 2018:

I'm sure it will come as no surprise to hear that I still absolutely love His Personal Relationship Manager! It's been a couple of years since I have read it so it was kinda like reading it for the first time all over again! I got sucked in all over again! I can't wait to reread Zander's book!

January 2016:

Kenadie has suffered the worst of humiliations... being left at the alter. If that wasn't bad enough her controlling ex-fiance called her names and said some awful things to her in front of everyone! Crushed and heartbroken, she locks her heart up tight and refuses to let anyone enter in ever again. She has her mom, her brothers, her niece and her best friend, Zander. She doesn't need anyone else. She throws herself into her business, Binary Search. She is determined to do whatever she can to make it so no one has to go through what she went through. Everyday she is just going through the motions... she is not living her life... she is just existing. . 

Jason has been jilted by his ex-fiance as well. He moves to Georgia for a fresh start. From the first moment he met Kenadie, he felt a connection. He had never met anyone like her before. The more time he spent with her the more he wanted to pursue this beautiful, intriguing, complicated woman. He definitely has his work cut out for him and will need to have the patience of Job if he ever wants to snag this beauty that has no clue he is falling in love with her!

Watching Kenadie and Jason get to know each other and watching their friendship grow into something more was sweet and beautiful and yes, at times, frustrating! I wanted to shake Kenadie and say "Hello!! Wake up!! It's you!! It's always been you!!" Lol. But as mentioned before Jason has the patience of Job. He was NOT going to give up on them! *dreamy sigh* I absolutely LOVE Jason! He is my new favorite hero! <3  

There were just so many things I loved about this book! The one liners... the old biddies... Hawaii Five-O... Gibbs slaps that Kenadie would give Zander.

And speaking of Zander... I absolutely LOVED him! Even when he was acting like a punk! But I get where he was coming from... I really do! We all need a best friend like Zander! I wonder if Ms. Peel will ever think of giving him his own book?!?! That would be the icing on the cake for me!! ;) Hehe.

This was another home run by Jennifer Peel!! There is a reason she quickly jumped to the top of my favorite authors list... she is AMAZING!! I have seriously LOVED all of her books!! They just keep getting better and better!! This is definitely my new favorite of hers!! I can't WAIT to see what she has in store for us next!!  

And of course I just cannot forget my casting choices!! This one was actually a no brainer for me... these two were just PERFECT in my opinion!! ;) 

Friday, March 16, 2018

Swoony Award Shout Out!

Hey party people! We, as hosts, have been noticing that A LOT of books are being added to the list that are NOT actually eligible. We have been doing a lot of researching and deleting.

So, to minimize this, I thought I would do a shout out each month as a reminder of what the Swoony Awards are, the eligibility requirements and also to share which books I have read so far that have been nominated.

So please, please, PLEASE read through the below BEFORE you nominate and vote! It will definitely make our lives easier! And if you happen to see a book on the list that you know is not eligible, feel free to email me or any of the other hosts and let us know! We'd be very appreciative!

What are the Swoony Awards?

The Swoony Awards are a reader’s choice award recognizing excellence in clean romance fiction. We wanted a way to show our appreciation to these awesome authors who write the kind of books that we love. It’s also a great way to find new books and a good go-to when looking for something fun to read.

What books are eligible for a Swoony Award?

-ONLY books PUBLISHED December 1, 2017 – November 30, 2018 are eligible. Please DOUBLE CHECK publication dates before nominating books!
-Books must be published OR have arc reviews before nomination. Since the award is based on readers having actually read and enjoyed the book(s) they are voting for, the book has to have been published or arcs read in order to receive votes.
-Intimacy: No sex, no/low closed door/fade-to-black, no/low innuendo, nothing crude or crass.
-Language: None/mild (No F words or other explicit language) nothing overly crude.
-Violence: Mild/low.
-Page Count: Novellas or Novels only, 100 pages or higher, no short stories this year.
-Age: Only Young Adult, New Adult and Adult, NO children’s or middle grade.
-Religious: No Christian fiction, some *very mild* religious elements may be allowed.

Where do you vote for the Swoony Awards? 

On Goodreads! If you don't have an account it is really easy to sign up for one! And it's an AMAZING place to keep track of which books you have read, which books you want to read and of course see all kinds of reviews on books!

For those of you who are not on Goodreads, we have created a Google form for you to fill out! Click here to go directly to the form!

**PLEASE NOTE** You can vote for up to 5 books at a time. There is NO limit as to how many times you can fill out the form. BUT you can only vote ONCE per book! Double votes WILL be removed!

**PLEASE NOTE** You can ONLY vote ONE way! If you prefer Goodreads, please vote there. If you prefer the form, please vote there. Double votes WILL be removed! 

What books have I read so far this year that are eligible? 

I am SO glad you asked! I would LOVE to share them with you! ;) Hehe. 

The Sidelined Wife by Jennifer Peel
#Starstruck by Sariah Wilson
Jailbird by Taylor Dean
Hothouse Flower by Taylor Dean
Bargaining with the Boss by Jennifer Shirk
Finding Beauty in the Beast by Jessilyn Stewart Peaslee
Lightning Struck  by Nichole Van
Illegally Wedded by Jennifer Griffith
Once Hitched Twice Shy

It's still early so I haven't read many. But that WILL change! Haha. We are SO excited for this year's Swoony Awards! You can click here and go straight to our list! Head on over, check out the list and if there are any books on there that you have read and LOVED then make sure you VOTE! If you have read a book that is eligible but has not been added yet then make sure you VOTE to add it to the list for everyone to see! But make sure you check the entire list before voting. Again, please make sure to DOUBLE check the eligibility before voting! 

One last thing...

Note to Authors:

If you’ve written a book that matches the above criteria fill free to NOMINATE it for a Swoony. Help bring awareness to your nomination. We are doing some promoting, but sometimes a newsletter, Facebook, Twitter or blog post directly from the author is the best way to let your fan base know your book has been nominated and help it get all the votes it can get.

Note to Voters:

This is a great way to let authors know you appreciate all their hard work. On Goodreads you can vote for up to 100 books on the list. On the Google form, there is no limit on how many you can vote for. BUT please refer to the above mentioned requirements on voting! We’ve also learned that the order you rank the books you vote on does affect the overall score of the book. So take a minute and make sure you have your books in the order you want them. Invite your friends to vote! Voting ends December 31, 2018.

So what are you waiting for?! Let's show all these AMAZING authors how much we love them AND their books! Ready?! GO VOTE!

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Hawaiian Masquerade by Rachelle J. Christensen


When Lexi Burke escaped the remnants of a cold winter in Chicago for the beaches of Kauai, it wasn’t a random vacation. She left the hectic pace of Burke Enterprises behind with enough money to retire at age thirty-two, intent on settling into the idyllic existence of island life. Until she met local photographer Derek Mitchell—a talented man with a grudge against rich tourists.

From art night to snorkeling lessons, hiking, and chopping coconuts, Lexi can’t talk herself out of spending time with the handsome, hardworking man who knows the value of every dollar. She also can’t find a way to tell him the truth about herself. But then Derek is selected to help in a benefit at a masquerade ball as one of the eligible bachelors up for auction. Lexi must decide whether to wear a mask or unveil her true self and risk losing Derek’s trust and a chance at love.

My Review: 4.5 Stars

March 2018:

Second time reading this book and I still enjoyed it! I also still really want to go to Hawaii! I'm looking forward to the next book in this series. Kind of hoping we get a little of Lexi and Derek.. I still want more of them! ;)

July 2016:

Lexi is an overworked, stressed out business executive and life is passing her by. After doing some soul searching she realizes that what she needs is a fresh start. Making the biggest and scariest decision of her life, she chooses to leave her job and her home in Chicago to begin a new journey on the beautiful island of Kauai. With a clean slate, she can do anything she wants, be who she wants to be, discover who she really is outside of her business world.

Derek has struggled all his life financially. He is unable to make ends meet on the income from his photography business alone. In order to pay all the bills and keep his business going, he must help is friend, Pika, by chopping coconuts on the side. As a photographer on the island of Kauai, he has seen lots and lots of tourists. The ones he does his best to stay away from are the wealthy ones. All the encounters with them growing up has left him with very strong feelings of resentment towards them. He thinks they are all the same and has no qualms about expressing his opinion of them.

When Lexi and Derek meet for the first time, there is an instant connection. Neither one of them were looking for any kind of relationship but fate had something else in store for them. But before they can move forward, Lexi must come clean about her wealth and Derek must overcome his issues with money and realize that not all billionaires are the same.

Watching Lexi and Derek become friends, going on adventures together, seeing who they were and what made them tick had me falling in love right along with them. They were both amazing characters with huge hearts! They both know that this life is not about money and how much you have. It's about the journey, the little things, family, friends, living life to the fullest and just being grateful for all the blessings and beauty in our lives. *le sigh*

Can I just say how much I fell in love with Hawaii just from this book?! The descriptions were amazing and I felt like I was right there with Lexi and Derek. Hawaii has definitely been added to my bucket list!

While I really enjoyed this book I would have loved just a little bit more! Like seeing more of Lexi and Derek's relationship after he discovered she was a billionaire. We all know how much I love my epilogues! ;) Hehe. The ending just seemed a bit rushed to me. And Eliza... what really happened with her?! She's plotting evilness, it's discovered and BAM! No one knows why nor does anything happen to her? Did I miss something while I was reading? Hmmmm.... 

So... I just have to say... this is my first book by Rachelle J. Christensen and I am proud to announce that it will not be my last! I am seriously loving this series and all the new authors I am adding to my list! So much fun! :) 

And this casting! It was definitely tough! Trying to find the perfect match had me wanting to pull my hair out! Haha. But I'm pretty happy with these two... ;) What do you think?!