Saturday, August 11, 2018

Shadow Guardian by Rebecca Deel


While on a diplomatic mission, Mercy Powers is attacked and taken hostage by terrorists. Although a team of black ops warriors rescues her, Mercy's troubles are just beginning. The terrorists aren't giving up, and now she and her family have a bounty on their heads. But having already survived a devastating loss, Mercy has more reason to live than ever and refuses to surrender to a group of men determined to destroy her new life. Instead, she turns to the warrior who captured her heart for help.

On an overdue break, Fortress Security operative Nico Rivera and his team of Shadow warriors are called to duty to rescue the president's niece. With his team at his back, Nico snatches Mercy from the hands of a deadly terrorist group. After returning home, the danger to Mercy escalates. Nico searches for the enemy, but instead of learning answers, he finds more questions. When the hunt leads him to Capitol Hill, Nico takes on the Washington elite in his quest to protect Mercy. With time running out, he must uncover the power behind the plot before the woman he adores pays the ultimate price.

My Review: 5 Stars

Mercy Powers was on a diplomatic mission in Mexico for her uncle when she's kidnapped by terrorists. She is interrogated and beaten but knows that if she gives them the information they're after, she'll be of no use to them. She'll just have to stay strong until she can figure out a way to escape the terrorists. 

Nico Rivera and the Shadow Unit had been on a much needed break for a couple of days when they were tasked to rescue the President of the United States niece. They were successful in getting Mercy out of the hands of the Scorpions but their troubles are just beginning. 

Once they return to the US, they receive word from Zane that Mercy has a bounty on her head. The Scorpions are desperate to get her back. With the attempts being made on her life and her house being trashed, Nico becomes even more determined to protect Mercy. There's just something about this beauty that intrigues him. She lights up the darkest parts of his life. 

Mercy can't remember the last time she felt this safe. She knows that Nico and his team would sacrifice their own lives to protect her. She's determined to do whatever she can to help figure out why the Scorpions are after her. Both Nico and Mercy have too much to live for to let the Scorpions win. No one will rest until the Scorpions are dismantled completely and Mercy is safe. Once that happens, then they can look to the future and their HEA.

*dreamy sigh*

This book. This book right here... wow! Where do I start?! Talk about being sucked in! Once I started this book, I couldn't put it down. I may or may not have forgotten to eat while reading.. ;) I absolutely loved Nico and Mercy! They were perfect for each other and balanced each other out. I am hoping the rest of the Shadow unit get their own books! And of course seeing other characters from previous books was an added bonus. :) 

I am SO glad I discovered Ms. Deel! I have devoured her books over the last month and have to admit that I'm sad I'm all caught up! I can't wait to see what she has in store for us next!

Content: Mild violence. Talk of rape but nothing happens. No swearing. Clean romance.. just swoony kisses!

Nominated for a 2018 Swoony Award, vote here 

Author's Corner #20

Welcome to Author's Corner hosted by KJ's Book NookKatie's Clean Book Collection and Bookworm Nation! Once a month we will feature either a favorite author or new to us author. We will share the author's bio, one of our favorite books of theirs and a review. Each of us will be featuring a different author each month so there will also be links to each of our posts.

For this month's Author's Corner I am going to choose...

Award-Winning Author Lisa Swinton caught the romance bug early by way of fairy tales and hasn't been able to cure it since. Instead, she feeds her addiction with romance novels and films. In between being a doctor's wife and mother of two, she occasionally puts her B.A. in Musical Theater to good use via community theater and church choir. In her elusive spare time she enjoys researching her family tree and baking (especially with chocolate). She loves to travel, Jane Austen, and all things Italian. In her next life, she plans to be a professional organizer.


I actually discovered Lisa Swinton on the Swoony Awards list! I love when I find new authors there!

I have only read one of her books so far but I absolutely LOVED it! I have added other books by her onto my TBR list and I can't wait to read them! 

Her cowboy might just be another broken-heart ballad waiting to happen… 

Country superstar Sara Silver has it all: fame, fortune, and a mantel full of Grammys. She also has a string of chart-topping heartbreak songs to go with them—all based on her miserable love life. Now her manager says Sara doesn’t sing with the heart she used to. If she doesn’t come up with another hit album soon, then her label will move on to the next big thing. 

Sara heads to a ranch in Wyoming to get back to her country roots and rediscover herself. To keep the press away, she hides her identity and is determined to let nothing distract her. Then she meets Cal: tall, brooding, and all cowboy. Sara falls for Cal and the quiet ranch life, but with each song she writes her time there draws to a close. 

Sara will have to choose between the country stars of Nashville or the glittering stars of a Wyoming sky…unless she can find a way to have both.

You can check out my review here.


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Thursday, August 9, 2018

Obsession by Rebecca Deel


When Lacey Coleman receives word her mother is missing, she isn't convinced the police will find her. She must go home to search, but she's a barista, not an investigator. When a friend with Fortress Security volunteers to help, Lacey can't refuse because she's sure foul play is involved, and her mother's only chance of survival is the medic with the heart and skills of a warrior.

Jake Davenport has been slowly building a friendship with the woman who fascinated him from the moment he first saw her behind the counter at Coffee House. After learning Lacey's mother is missing, he accompanies Lacey to her hometown and, within minutes of arriving in Winston, tangles with the local law. Although assured Yvonne left town under her own steam, Jake's not buying that story, especially following two attempts on Lacey's life. When Lacey falls into enemy hands, Jake must mount a rescue before he loses the woman he loves.

My Review: 4.5 Stars

Lacey Coleman couldn't wait to leave her hometown of Winston, Alabama. She needed to get away from everything that was dragging her down. She has spent the last 6 years doing everything she can to make her life better. Her trips home to Winston are few and far between. But when she receives a call from the town chief of police informing her that her mom, Yvonne, is missing, she knows they aren't doing anything to find her and it'll be up to Lacey to bring her back home. 

Jake Davenport has had his eye on Lacey for several months. After hearing about her abusive ex-boyfriend, he knows he'll need to move slow if he's going to have a chance to win her heart. But when he discovers that her mom is missing and she plans to head home to find her, he can't let her go alone. The thought of anything happening to her makes him sick to his stomach. Maybe some time together will show her that not every guy is like her ex. 

The moment Lacey and Jake arrive in town, the local cops start to stir up trouble for them. They don't believe that Yvonne is in any trouble. They are dead set that she left on her own accord. But neither Lacey nor Jake are buying it. 

When attempts are made on Lacey's life, Jake knows that something isn't right in this small town. If they are ever going to find out what this town is hiding, he'll need the help of his team and fellow operative, Cade Ramsey. Jake is determined to do everything in his power to find Yvonne, bring her home, and keep Lacey out of the hands of a crazy man. Now that Lacey is in his life, he will move heaven and earth to keep her safe and give her the HEA that she deserves. 

*dreamy sigh*

I really enjoyed Obsession! I have been curious about Lacey since she was introduced in Deadly Game. I originally thought her and Adam would end up together but I'm so glad I was wrong! Jake is just who she needed. I loved seeing these two together! They are perfect for each other!

I am really enjoying both of these series and I'm getting sad that I'm almost caught up! I'm not sure what I'm going to do with myself when I'm done! Haha. Ms. Deel has definitely been added to my favorites list! :)

Content: Mild violence. No swearing. Talk of rape and prostitution but no details. Clean romance... just swoony kisses!

Nominated for a 2018 Swoony Award, vote here  

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Resurgence by Rebecca Deel


Fortress operative Adam Walker knows hardship and pain, specializes in navigating behind enemy lines, and never leaves a man behind. When the Special Forces Marine is asked to rescue a woman who helped save him, he doesn't hesitate to lay his life on the line to return the favor. Although Adam believed his past was buried, he learns the enemy has risen from the ashes. Danger stalks not only Adam, but the people who mean everything to him, including the woman he loves. To destroy his nemesis for good, the Marine must take Veronica into the enemy's lair.

DEA Agent Veronica Miles is used to working alone in enemy territory for weeks at a time. But on this mission, something goes horribly wrong, and she's taken captive. Held prisoner for days, Veronica is rescued by an operative she once aided but returns home to suspicion and accusations from her co-workers. Forced to surrender her badge and weapon, Veronica has no one to turn to except the man who saved her life. Together, she and Adam will have to face their worst nightmares and defeat a foe obsessed with revenge. This time, failure will be fatal.

My Review: 4.5 Stars

Adam Walker was undercover in an organization that was ran by one of the biggest drug kingpins. When one of his own betrays him and leaks the information to the head of the organization, Adam finds himself a prisoner and is tortured for several days. 

When Veronica Miles stumbles upon information regarding Adam's capture, she reaches out to one of her contacts at Fortress Security with everything she knows. They come up with a plan to rescue him and bring him home. But with everything that Adam endured, it's going to take a while to recover. 

Through mutual acquaintances, both Adam and Vonnie have kept up with the others progress over the last year. Although they have never met, and neither of them know the other has been keeping tabs, they have grown to care for each other from afar. So when word spread that Vonnie was in trouble, Adam jumped at the opportunity rescue her. After all, if it wasn't for her, he would be dead. 

Once Vonnie is rescued and returns home to the US, they discover that her mentor had been killed in a car accident. Vonnie doesn't believe it was an accident. When emails start coming in incriminating her as a traitor, she knows that she's being setup but by who and why? 

If Vonnie is going to uncover the truth, she'll need the help of Adam and his friends at Fortress Security. As they work together to bring down the person responsible for everything, Adam and Vonnie get to know one and another and grow closer together. It isn't long before their feelings turn into something more. But when an enemy from the past resurfaces, they know they will need to bring them down before they can look to the future and their HEA.

*dreamy sigh*

Guys! Can I just tell you how much I enjoyed Adam and Vonnie's book?! It was fast paced and sucked me in from the beginning. I loved seeing Adam get his HEA. If anyone deserved it.. it was him. I loved seeing characters from the previous books working together. They really are family. I can't wait to start Jake's book!

Ms. Deel is an amazing storyteller! I know that once I start one of her books, I'll be sucked in and will not get one thing done until I finish the book. I am so glad I found! There's just something about finding new authors you adore! I can't wait to read more by her!

Content: Mild violence. Talk of rape but nothing happens. No swearing. Clean romance.. just swoony kisses!

Thursday, August 2, 2018

Midnight Rendezvous by Rebecca Deel


When the past and present collide, the result could be fatal.

Fortress Security operative Lily Stanton survived life on Nashville's streets and thrived in the Army. Abandoned as an infant, her Fortress teammates have become family, so her world is rocked when a woman claiming to be her mother begs to meet her. After Lily and her partner, Remy Doucet, uncover a connection between their mission and Lily's mother, she has no choice but to confront her past. To navigate that emotional minefield, she needs Remy, the man who has slipped past her defenses and captured her heart.

Former NYPD homicide detective Remy Doucet hasn't thought about his high school sweetheart, Christine, since he met Lily Stanton, the woman who stars in his dreams. But when Christine disappears, Fortress Security sends him and Lily to find her. When the search leads them deep into hostile territory, they team up with Fortress Security's newest squad, an elite Delta unit, to stop a con artist from preying on those who are desperately ill.

Remy knows one misstep could lead to mission failure. Worse, he could lose Lily. And he won't allow anyone to take her from him, no matter the cost to himself.

My Review: 5 Stars

Growing up, Lily Stanton didn't have an ideal childhood. After being abandoned at a fire station when she was in infant, she was put in the system and bounced around from foster home to foster home. Some where good, but most of them were not. At the age of 16 she decided enough was enough and ended up living and surviving on her own on the streets. Once she turned 18, she joined the Army and from there joined Fortress Security. She did whatever she could to make her life better. 

Remy Doucet grew up in a large family full of love. They may not have been rich and some, including his high school sweetheart, may say that he grew up on the wrong side of the bayou, but they were happy, healthy and never doubted that they were loved. When Remy discovers his high school sweetheart, Christine, has been cheating on him with his best friend, James, he decides it's time for a change. After spending a couple of years in college, Remy decided he was going to move to New York and join the NYPD. 10 years later, he finds himself a part of Fortress Security. 

When Remy and Lily are called into the bosses for their next mission, Remy is shocked to discover Christine is missing and James has insisted that Remy be the one to locate her. While undercover, Remy and Lily will need to pose as boyfriend and girlfriend to not raise any suspicion. Neither Remy nor Lily knows the feelings the other has for them. It's going to be tough to keep their feelings hidden while playing the part of a couple. 

On the way to his hometown, Lily receives an email from someone claiming to be her birth mother. She is dying and wants to meet Lily before she does. But she can't think of that now. She needs to get her head in the game in order to locate and bring Christine home. But when they discover a connection between Christine's disappearance and Lily's mom, she knows that she'll need to face her past sooner than she wanted too. Remy vows that he will be with her every step of the way. He's fallen in love with the little Elf and will do everything in his power to show her that he will be there for her always. 

But when they discover where Christine is being held, it will take Lily, Remy and Durango to bring her home safe. They will all need to stay alert, focused and watch each others' backs. One misstep can lead to tragedy. Both Lily and Remy have too much to live for. They are determined to get their HEA. 

*dreamy sigh* 

You guys! I absolutely LOVED this book! Lily and Remy were amazing! I loved seeing their relationship develop from friendship into a HEA. They were perfect for each other! This was an awesome addition to the series! 

Another hit by Ms. Deel! I can always count on her to suck me in and not let me go until the last page! Can't wait to read more by her! 

Content: Mild violence. No swearing. Clean romance... just swoony kisses!

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Swoon Worthy Spotlights #19

Welcome to Swoon Worthy Spotlights hosted by KJ's Book NookKatie's Clean Book Collection and Bookworm Nation! Once a month we will feature 1-3 of our favorite books that we have read during the month. We will share the cover(s), our review(s) and a link to each other's post so you can check out which books we have all chosen!

For this month's Swoon Worthy Spotlights I am going to choose...

Kiss of the Spindle by Nancy Campbell Allen

#Moonstruck by Sariah Wilson

Under Fire by Rebecca Deel

Catch Him If You Can by Jennifer Shirk


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July's Swoony Award Shout Out!

Hello my fellow Book Dragons! Guess what time it is?! It's time for another Swoony Award Shout Out! We have been having a great year so far and I am loving it! I have even found a couple of new favorite authors! Gotta love it when that happens, right?! I really think this is going to be our best year yet!

Are you ready to see which books I have read so far this year that are eligible for a Swoony Award? Yes? Well... without further adieu... I give you my list!

So.. without further adieu.. a quick reminder of what books are eligible for a Swoony Award, how to vote and then of course which books I have read so far!

The Sidelined Wife by Jennifer Peel
#Starstruck by Sariah Wilson
Jailbird by Taylor Dean
Hothouse Flower by Taylor Dean
Bargaining with the Boss by Jennifer Shirk
Finding Beauty in the Beast by Jessilyn Stewart Peaslee
Lightning Struck  by Nichole Van
Illegally Wedded by Jennifer Griffith
Once Hitched Twice Shy by Kimberly Krey
Lovers and Madmen by Nichole Van
A Madness Most Discreet by Nichole Van
The Cupcake Dilemma by Jennifer Rodewald
Worth the Risk by Heather B. Moore
The Billionaire's Stray Heart by Rachelle J. Christensen
No Regrets by Rebecca Deel
Second Chance in Paradise by Jennifer Peel
Obsession by Rebecca Deel
Shadow Guardian by Rebecca Deel
Not in the Plans by Heather Tullis
The Trust of a Billionaire by Michelle Pennington
The Truth About Billionaires by Michelle Pennington
Silver Star by Lisa Swinton
Narcissistic Tendencies  by Jennifer Peel
Kiss of the Spindle by Nancy Campbell Allen
#Moonstruck by Sariah Wilson
Under Fire by Rebecca Deel
Beauty and Beastly by Melanie Karsak
Catch Him If You Can by Jennifer Shirk

We are SO excited for this year's Swoony Awards! You can click here and go straight to our list on Goodreads! Head on over, check out the list and if there are any books on there that you have read and LOVED then make sure you VOTE! If you have read a book that is eligible but has not been added yet then make sure you VOTE to add it to the list for everyone to see! But make sure you check the entire list before voting. Please make sure to DOUBLE check the eligibility before voting!

For those of you who are not on Goodreads, we have created a Google form for you to fill out! Click here to go directly to the form!

So what are you waiting for?! Let's show all these AMAZING authors how much we love them AND their books! Ready?! GO VOTE!