Wednesday, January 18, 2023

Love Rescheduled by Jennifer Peel



My name is Natalie Archer, and I confess to loving nothing more than scheduling my life. And by scheduling, I mean every aspect. So why not schedule my wedding? Do I have a groom? No. Am I dating anyone? Also no. But I have a plan. A good plan, even, to find a Mr. Right who fits all my criteria. The biggest one being he MUST not be famous. Been there, and never doing that again.

I’m just about ready to put my plan into action when my famous ex reenters the picture. Josh Keller, the hottest stand-up comedian around, otherwise known as the thorn in my side and the love of my life. With him comes a major embarrassing moment, caught on video no less. It only proves exactly how incompatible we truly are and that I made the right choice leaving him three years ago. Unfortunately, Josh doesn’t think so, and he’s doing everything in his power to prove that you can’t schedule love. Well, I’ll show him. Maybe. Possibly. Why does the dang man have to be so annoyingly charming? And how can we make it work when his famous life is way out of my comfort zone? Is there any way for us to save the date?

My Review: 5 Stars

As most of you know, I'm a sucker when it comes to second chance love stories. Add in a quirky heroine with a troubled past and I am hooked. Once I started Love Rescheduled, I had no desire to put it down and ended up staying curled up in bed reading it until the very end. I just couldn't get enough of Nat and Josh!

Oh my heart! Their journey had all the feels I have come to adore in second chance stories. My heart broke for our sweet Natalie. With a troubled upbringing, she didn't see any other choice than to push Josh away. All she wanted was for him to be happy. She thought she was doing good on her own until fate brought Josh back into her life. Now her life has been turned upside down and she doesn't know whether to run to or from Josh.

Speaking of Josh... *dreamy sigh* If ever anyone was perfect for Nat, it would be him. He loved her unconditionally and refused to give up on them without a fight. I loved that he knew just which buttons to push to help her step outside her comfort zone and own who she really is, quirks, schedules, and all.

Every introvert should have at least one extrovert best friend. But what's even better than that? TWO extrovert best friends! Tara and Jolene were the best! I adored these two and the story definitely would not have been complete without them. I'm crossing my fingers that we'll get their stories as well. I am not ready to be done with this trio! They are seriously the best!

One of my favorite things about Ms. Peel is she's not afraid to embrace the hard stuff. She has the ability to take the taboo topics of real life and write them in a way that's easy to read, all while still tugging at your heartstrings. She never fails to make me feel all the feels. I am definitely looking forward to seeing what she has in store for us next!

And of course I can't forget my casting. This one was a bit hard but I absolutely love them! What do you think?

Friday, January 6, 2023

In Darkness Forged by Kenley Davidson



In a land of darkness and deadly adversaries…
He might just be the deadliest one of all.

Burdened by a debt she can never hope to repay, Aislin is sent by her cruel lord to the mysterious land of Dunmaren, where she must beg the night elves for a single favor. The shapeshifters demand a steep price, but Aislin will do anything to save her family—even travel alone into a nightmare forest filled with monsters.

Except she isn't quite alone...

Talyn's magic is as deadly as his blades, but he lives only for his chance at revenge. Betrayed and imprisoned by his night elf kin, his only hope of freedom is to serve as guide and bodyguard to a human woman foolish enough to enter the perilous depths of the Darkspring.

Talyn wants nothing to do with a weak and useless human. In Dunmaren, only the strong survive, and soft things are easily broken. But Aislin defies his expectations at every turn, and what he once believed to be weakness might just prove the key to their survival.

In the shadows beneath the earth, an unlikely bond is forged between the renegade night elf and the fiercely determined human. But few ever return from the depths, and it will take more than stubbornness and steel to defeat the enemy that awaits them at the very heart of the Darkspring.

My Review: 4 Stars

I know... I know... this is a slow burn and I don't do slow burn. But I enjoyed it. It dragged for me a little bit in the middle but then picked back up and kept me reading way past my bedtime. 4am came FAR too quickly for me. Haha.

Tal and Aislin had all the qualities I crave when it comes to reading fantasy. I loved watching their relationship develop from enemies to friends to something more. I loved their HEA but wished I could've seen a couple other things before the book ended.

I love that this is a standalone. It's hard to find them in this genre. I'm definitely looking forward to reading more books in this series.
Sunday, January 1, 2023

2023 Genre/Trope Reading Challenge

Happy New Year my fellow Book Dragons! Welcome to my 4th Annual Genre/Trope Reading Challenge! 

1. Grumpy/Sunshine: The Heart Shot by Emily Schneider
2. RomCom: My eX-Mas Emergency by Jennifer Peel
3. Enemies-to-Lovers: The Queen With No Name by JJ Makenzie
4. Urban Fantasy: Magic Forged by K.M. Shea
5. Forbidden Love: Heart Seeking by Lindsay Grace
6. Magic: In Darkness Forged by Kenley Davidson
7. Opposites Attract: How to Find Love When You're Weird by Camilla Evergreen
8. Sports: One Last Play by Annah Conwell
9. Forced Proximity: Snowed in at the Cottage by Catelyn Meadows
10: Military: A Blind Date for the Marine by Jess Mastorakos

If you're a fan of any or all of these genre/tropes, feel free to join me! If you do a blog post, make sure you share the link in the comments so I can add it to my post.

2023 Genre/Trope Challenge Participants:

Happy reading my fellow Book Dragons!

2023 Reading Challenge

Happy New Year my fellow Book Dragons! Welcome to my 7th Annual Reading Challenge! 

1. A book featuring an inheritance: Hankering for Home by Rachael Eliker
2. A book you meant to read last year: Later On We'll Conspire by Kortney Keisel
3. A book with script font on the cover: Juniper Bean Resorts to Murder by Gracie Ruth Mitchell
4. A book that makes you happy: Love Rescheduled by Jennifer Peel
5. A book you gave 5 stars: Naming of the Queen by JJ Makenzie
6. A book with a flower on the cover: My Favorite Moosetake by Jacqueline Winters
7. A book written by a new-to-you author: The Heart Shot by Emily Schneider
8. A book with a 4 word title: Second Chance in Paradise by Jennifer Peel
9. A book set at the beach: One Enchanted Evening by Trish LeBaron
10. A book written by two authors: 

Does this challenge sound like one you would love to try to accomplish? If so, feel free to join me! If you do a blog post, make sure you share the link in the comments so I can add it to my post.

2023 Reading Challenge Participants:

Heidi Reads

Happy reading my fellow Book Dragons!