Sunday, March 24, 2024

The Proximity Factor by Jennifer Peel



So . . . I signed up for something. Not a gym or Costco membership, which probably would have been wiser. Oh no, I signed up for a social experiment. You heard me right. I, Lanie Davenport, am going to be the subject of a scientific study. Do I know what this study is for? Not exactly. But I know it means I have to live with a stranger for twelve weeks and do a video diary once a week, answering the researchers’ questions. The bright side is that I’m getting paid, like a lot of money. The downside is that my roommate isn’t a woman like I supposed. I thought I would get a new BFF, but in her place is one Parker Remington. Mr. broody-leave-the-toilet-seat-up-don’t-talk-to-me-or-organize-my-Pop-Tarts-in-the-pantry. You get the picture.

But this I can’t have. I don’t know what this experiment is about, but I’m going to save it and make a difference in the world. And whether Parker likes it or not, he’s going to help me. Well, maybe. He’s a tough nut to crack, and I should probably leave well enough alone. But there’s just something about my gorgeous, older, genius-level roommate that makes me want to find out what makes him tick. I have a feeling if he would let me into his world, it would change mine.

But experimenting with the heart is the most dangerous research around. You never know what the outcome will be.

My Review: 5 Stars!

Y'all. I know I say this all the time when it comes to books I ADORE but...

Oh. My. Heart! You guys! Where do I even begin to tell you how much I absolutely LOVED this book! Once I started, I could NOT put it down and I did NOT want it to end! The saying by Jane Austen is absolutely true for this book... "If a book is well written, I always find it too short." Y'all... I definitely wanted MORE! Perfection! Absolute perfection!

I am seriously SO in love with Lanie and Parker! These two will forever hold a special place in my heart! I just could not get enough of them! Both of them have past hurts that they have struggled to come to terms with. But one of the things I loved most about watching their relationship develop was seeing them help each other to see themselves through the others eyes. It was such a beautiful thing to behold. The awe and wonder I pictured on their faces when they finally realized it felt magical and had me letting out all the dreamy little sighs. The feels are most definitely real in this one and I loved every single minute of it!

And can we please just take a minute to recognize how amazing all the toe curling kisses are?! WOWZERS! I do have to say that, for a girl who loves kisses to happen sooner rather than later in books, their first kiss was definitely worth the wait! I seriously love how Ms. Peel does not shy away from nor is she stingy with all those kisses. They always seem to turn me into a big ol' pile of ooey gooey deliciousness. I have three words for you... hot... hot... HOT!

If you have ever wondered why Ms. Peel is one of my favorite authors, this book is a prime example. Just when I think her books can't get any better, she releases another one. She's one of the authors that I have to remind myself that writing takes time. But that doesn't mean I don't stalk her constantly, waiting her for next release. If you haven't read anything by her before, you are most definitely missing out! I can't wait to see what she has in store for us next!