Saturday, February 2, 2019

Review Policy

It's no secret that I'm always open to reviewing books! But I thought it was time for me to post a Review Policy. This way authors will know if their books are a good fit for my blog.

What kind of books do I love reading?

Clean, secular romance with a happily ever after. Some of my favorite genres are contemporary, suspense/mystery, romcom, fantasy, historical, regency, steampunk, fairy tale retelling (especially Beauty and the Beast), new adult, western.

What kind of books do I avoid reading?

Non-Fiction, self help, erotica, religious fiction, young adult, middle grade, horror, short stories, billionaire or any kind of "aire" trope, slow burn/build.

As for content, I will read the following: 

I read G to PG-13 kind of books. 

Squeaky Clean (G): No sex, chaste kissing if any.
Clean (PG): No sex or behind closed doors, kissing (may be more descriptive).
Pretty clean (PG - PG-13): No sex or “fade to black”, mild innuendo and passionate kissing.
Sketchy clean (PG-13)*: Implied intimacy, or closed door, tends to leave more to the imagination. Descriptive or crude innuendo.

* I have noticed that there is a fine line between sketchy clean and not clean. If there is too much descriptive or crude innuendo or if the book is one huge make-out scene with little to nothing else, that is considered not clean for me and I will not finish it.

Language: None/mild. Farmer swears (D and H) don't really bother me. I won't read anything with explicit language. Definitely no F bombs.

Violence: None/mild to moderate. Nothing graphic or overly detailed.

Page Count: 100 pages or higher.

My Rating System: 

5 Stars - It was amazing and I loved it!
4 Stars - I really liked it!
3 Stars - I liked it.
2 Stars - It was okay.
1 Star - Not for me.. I didn't like it.

Please note:

* I reserve the right to not post a review if the book ends up not being for me. I do not want to bring down ratings when the book doesn't fit my reading preferences.

* I do not like bullies in any way, shape or form. I am tired of seeing authors tearing other authors books apart and bad mouthing them and their books on their social media pages, book reviewing sites and their newsletters. This is NOT acceptable. I have been and will continue to boycott authors who are bullies. If you have done this, please do NOT send me a request. Yes, I know this is blunt but I refuse to apologize for it. Enough is enough. 

If your book(s) match the above criteria, then please feel free to contact me. 😊


  1. Hi KJ. I am a newly Published Author on Amazon and Goodreads. My name is DM Drake. I’m the Author of The Carrington Series. I Published Is This Shoulder Taken? (The Carrington Series Book 1) May 25, 2019 and The Art of Loving (The Carrington Series Book 2) on Oct. 29, 2019. I’m a Clean Contemporary Romance Writer. My books definitely fit within your guidelines. I would love for you to review The Art of Loving (The Carrington Series #2). I have two reviews on Goodreads and one on Amazon. They were great reviews, but I need more of them. I would love to get my work and name out there. I’ll give you the link to see if it’s something you’re interested in reviewing. Link: I would love to be part of the Swoony Awards, but no one knows me or my work to even be nominated. I’m a newbie... Thank you!

    1. Hi DM! I will definitely add your books to both of our reference lists for this year's Swoony Awards. I will also add you to our authors list on The Swoony Award blog.

      Unfortunately I'm not the right person to read your books. I have sworn off all billionaire books. I know they sell and authors have to write what sells, but I honestly don't think I'll ever pick up another billionaire book. Sadly, they just aren't for me. :( But I will do my best to help get your name out there! :)

      I wish you the best of luck with your writing! :)