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Swoon Worthy Spotlights #17

Welcome to Swoon Worthy Spotlights hosted by KJ's Book NookKatie's Clean Book Collection and Bookworm Nation! Once a month we will feature 1-3 of our favorite books that we have read during the month. We will share the cover(s), our review(s) and a link to each other's post so you can check out which books we have all chosen!

And before you say anything... yes I know I chose more than 3 books... But it was just too hard to narrow it down! I read too many awesome books this month! Haha.

For this month's Swoon Worthy Spotlights I am going to choose...

Wheels of Justice by Rebecca Deel

Second Chance in Paradise by Jennifer Peel

Vendetta by Rebecca Deel

The Trust of a Billionaire by Michelle Pennington

The Truth About Billionaires by Michelle Pennington


And don't for get to check Katie's post here and Kathy's post here!


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Happy reading my fellow bookworms!
Wednesday, May 30, 2018

May's Swoony Award Shout Out!

Hello my fellow Book Dragons! Guess what time it is?! It's time for another Swoony Award Shout Out! We have been having a great year so far and I am loving it! I have even found a couple of new favorite authors! Gotta love it when that happens, right?! I really think this is going to be our best year yet!

Are you ready to see which books I have read so far this year that are eligible for a Swoony Award? Yes? Well... without further adieu... I give you my list!

So.. without further adieu.. a quick reminder of what books are eligible for a Swoony Award, how to vote and then of course which books I have read so far!

The Sidelined Wife by Jennifer Peel
#Starstruck by Sariah Wilson
Jailbird by Taylor Dean
Hothouse Flower by Taylor Dean
Bargaining with the Boss by Jennifer Shirk
Finding Beauty in the Beast by Jessilyn Stewart Peaslee
Lightning Struck  by Nichole Van
Illegally Wedded by Jennifer Griffith
Once Hitched Twice Shy by Kimberly Krey
Lovers and Madmen by Nichole Van
A Madness Most Discreet by Nichole Van
The Cupcake Dilemma by Jennifer Rodewald
Worth the Risk by Heather B. Moore
The Billionaire's Stray Heart by Rachelle J. Christensen
No Regrets by Rebecca Deel
Second Chance in Paradise by Jennifer Peel
Obsession by Rebecca Deel
Shadow Guardian by Rebecca Deel
Not in the Plans by Heather Tullis
The Trust of a Billionaire by Michelle Pennington
The Truth About Billionaires by Michelle Pennington

We are SO excited for this year's Swoony Awards! You can click here and go straight to our list on Goodreads! Head on over, check out the list and if there are any books on there that you have read and LOVED then make sure you VOTE! If you have read a book that is eligible but has not been added yet then make sure you VOTE to add it to the list for everyone to see! But make sure you check the entire list before voting. Please make sure to DOUBLE check the eligibility before voting!

For those of you who are not on Goodreads, we have created a Google form for you to fill out! Click here to go directly to the form!

So what are you waiting for?! Let's show all these AMAZING authors how much we love them AND their books! Ready?! GO VOTE!
Sunday, May 27, 2018

The Truth about Billionaires by Michelle Pennington


He's all business and she's got a lot to prove. Love was not on the agenda.

Jill Harris is determined to prove she deserves her position at her father’s consulting firm, so the last thing she has time for is dating. Since her only experience with love ended in heartbreak, she isn’t tempted to break her own rule—until she meets Blake McDaniel. When she’s asked to take a job working with Blake, it’s a great step in her career, but the more time she spends around the attractive, determined billionaire, the harder it is to remember why she wants to stay single.

Blake has one rule for himself when it comes to relationships: He won’t date a woman who’s already married to her career. After watching his mother’s many failed marriages, he knows it just won’t work. But then Jill comes into his life, brilliant and capable…and entirely too fascinating. Even though he has no intention of falling for her, he just can’t seem to stay away. But when suspicion clouds their future, will he be able to follow his heart?

My Review: 5 Stars

Jill Harris has had to make a lot of sacrifices in her life to get to where she is within her father's company. Everyone thinks that being the daughter of the owner, her position was handed to her on a silver platter. But that's the farthest from the truth. She has had to work harder than anyone else and has been groomed to take over since she was in middle school. If she's going to prove herself to her father and the board, she has got to stay focused and not allow for any distractions. 

Blake McDaniel has had to rebuild his family's business after his mother was convicted of fraud and sent to prison. He's not only worked his tail off to get things back up and running, but he's also taken over guardianship of his 17 year old sister, Hayden. After seeing all of his mother's failed marriages, he's sworn off women who are already married to their career. He's got too much on his plate already so dating is the furthest thing from his mind. 

From the moment Jill and Blake meet, their connection is instantaneous. There is no denying the chemistry between them. But she's got a lot to prove and he refuses to set himself up for heartbreak. They try their best to stay away from each other but the heart wants what the heart wants. They'll just have to take it one day at a time and see where it can lead them. The more time they spend together, the harder it is to see a life without the other in it. 

But when suspicious activity is brought to Blake's attention regarding Jill, he'll have to decide if he's going to believe the accusations or if he's going to believe in the woman he's been falling in love with. He'll need to trust in her and in his heart if they're going to have a chance at a HEA. 

*dreamy sigh*

Oh how I loved Jill and Blake! The banter between them from their first meeting was perfect and instantly had me rooting for them. These two were perfect for each other. I enjoyed seeing their relationship develop. This was such a fun book and I devoured it in one sitting! If I had one complaint it would be that I wish we would've been able to see Jill and Hayden's relationship develop more in the book. I know there was a lot going on already but I think it would've made their relationship in the end more believable. 

This has been a fun series to read! I'm definitely looking forward to reading more by Ms. Pennington. She has done an excellent job of sucking me into her books. Can't wait to see what she has in store for us next! 

And can we just take a minute to admire these two right here? I pretty much saw them from the beginning and I love it when that happens! It makes the book that much more enjoyable for me! :) 

Saturday, May 26, 2018

The Trouble with Billionaires by Michelle Pennington


She's sworn to never fall for another rich man.
He's determined to change her mind.

​Charlotte Mabry moves to a small town in Alabama, full of plans for a better life, especially for her son Taylor. Cash is short, but at least she's free from the crushing heartbreak of being married to a man who only cared about money. So even though Nate Haverton sends her pulses racing from the moment they meet, she refuses to let her heart lead her back into misery. Because he might be her son's t-ball coach, but he's also a billionaire.

Nate's drive and genius for solving problems have made him insanely wealthy, but not happy. With no time for a committed relationship, he tries to fill the emptiness inside by giving back to his home town. But then Charlotte moves in, and he knows that all this time he's been waiting for someone like her. She's beautiful, sweet, and strong...but adamant about keeping him at arms length.

When his good intentions go wrong and rumors fly in their small southern town, this may be one problem he can't solve—even though it's the one that matters most.

My Review: 4 Stars

After inheriting her grandmother's house, Charlotte Mabry and her son, Taylor, move to a small town in Alabama for a fresh start. Ever since her ex-husband learned of their move, he has stopped paying child support. Money will definitely be tight until she can get her salon up and running. But she wants to give Taylor the best life she can without spoiling him and making him think that money is the most important thing in life. She wants him to live life, be happy and be proud of what hard work can accomplish. 

Nate Haverton doesn't come from money. He has put a lot of hard work, blood, sweat and tears to get him to where he is in the business world. Now he uses his money for good... to help others around him who are less fortunate. He knows what it's like to live paycheck to paycheck and if he can alleviate pressure for the people in his home town, he's more than willing to do it. He may go about it the wrong way at times but his heart really is in the right place.

To say Charlotte and Nate got off on the wrong foot would be an understatement. Neither one knew where the other was coming from that day in the sporting goods store. And neither of them can deny the spark between them from that first meeting. But she's sworn off rich men and he's too busy for a relationship. 

Never underestimate the power of fate. What's meant to be, will be no matter how much someone fights against it. When Nate's good intentions go awry, he'll have to do everything in his power to fix the mess he's created. He's waited his whole life for someone like Charlotte and he's not about to lose her over his money. Will Nate be able to help her see that everything he has done has been out of love? Will Charlotte be able to let go of her prejudices in order to get the HEA they all deserve?  

So... after reading the third book in this series and seeing Charlotte, Nate and Taylor in it, I thought I would go back and read their story. I really enjoyed it. I enjoyed seeing Charlotte and Nate's relationship develop. I also enjoyed Nate develop a relationship with Taylor. He definitely needed someone like Nate in his life since his father was pretty much a jerk. I didn't care for him at all. 

I'm finding that I love the small town settings. There's just something about the friendships, the protectiveness, and just the feel of it all. I can picture the diners and other shops and it makes me want to go visit. Of course in a perfect world all the evil people wouldn't be there. But I guess there's no escaping them. Haha. 

I'm definitely adding more books by Ms. Pennington to my TBR list. I've really enjoyed all of them I have read so far. :) 

And of course we can't forget my casting. I'm really liking these two. What do you think?

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

The Trust of a Billionaire by Michelle Pennington


Hannah Rhodes is determined to keep her beachfront property, even though she can’t afford to. But it’s her childhood home and she can’t bear to see it plowed down by the billionaire investor who keeps raising his offer to buy it. When the same man hires her to be his daughter’s nanny—providing her the income she needs to reject his offer—the irony is not lost on her. However, seeing him as a loving, worried father makes it difficult to enjoy her secret revenge.

For Carter Ellis, building his own resort was a massive risk, but worth it to build a new life for his daughter away from his controlling mother. Everything is going to plan except that the owner of the tumbled-down home blocking his resort view and threatening its success refuses to sell. If only his new nanny would stop distracting him, he just might be able to figure out how to solve this problem. Not only is she beautiful and vibrant, she’s helping his daughter bloom. Just when he begins to give in to his feelings, he discovers who she really is.

When their trust is shaken, will Carter and Hannah sacrifice what they wanted most for a chance at something more?

My Review: 5 Stars

Single father Carter Ellis moved to Destin, Florida to not only open up a high end beach resort, but to build a new life with his adorable 6 year old daughter, Addi, and get her away from his controlling mother. Addi is too prim and proper for a 6 year old. She acts more like an adult than a kid and he wants that to change. But before he can take time off to spend with Addi, he has to make sure everything goes off without a hitch. 

Everything is perfect except the eyesore of a house on the beach blocking the view for the first five floors of the east tower. He has tried everything he can think of to get the stubborn owner to sell so he can tear it down but she has refused every single offer he has thrown at her. Until he can get her to move, he won't be able to spend as much time with Addi. 

Elementary school art teacher, Hannah Rhodes loves her beachfront property. It's her childhood home and she's determined to stay in it for as long as she can. She doesn't care that she's ruining the view for Mr. Billionaire Resort Owner's guests and tenants. She refuses be pushed around and forced to sell. But in order to keep her house, she'll need to get a job over the summer. 

When the agency she works for during the summer calls her with the best job offer she can't say no... even if it is to be the nanny for Mr. Adonis Billionaire's daughter. She'll just have to keep it a secret that she's the view blocking bane of his resort. 

From the moment Carter and Hannah meet, sparks fly. One look at her and Carter knows he's in trouble with a capital T. She is just his type and he can't afford any distractions. But when his controlling mother steps in and tries to dismiss Hannah, he hires her on the spot. He needs someone that will have Addi's best interest at heart, help her be a kid and most of all have fun. He'll just have to do his best to focus on his work and not on the new nanny. 

But the more time they all spend together, the more their feelings grow. Both Hannah and Carter know they're in trouble. There's definitely something between them but before they can explore it, Hannah will need to tell him the secret she's been keeping from him. Will he be able to look past his hurt to see things from her perspective and understand why she did what she did? Will it ruin their chances of being together? Or will they be able to find their HEA?

*dreamy sigh*

Oh my gosh! You guys! I absolutely adored this book! It was just what I needed after reading so many romantic suspense books. Hannah and Carter were perfect for each other. She was just what he needed to balance out his home life and his work life. And the banter between them had me cracking up a time or two. They definitely kept each other on their toes. :) I loved seeing Hannah and Addi together as well. Their relationship was so sweet! I loved seeing Addi become more confident and able to actually be a kid! Carter's mom was a piece of work and I literally found myself getting extremely angry whenever she was around. Jeezle peezle Batman! I can't remember the last time I wanted to repeatedly Gibbs slap a character! She's just plain evil! Haha. And can I just tell you how much I loved seeing Carter put her in her place?! It was priceless! 

I have only read a couple of books by Ms. Pennington and I'm sitting here trying to figure out why! I see more of her books in my very near future... ;) 

And can we just take a minute to look at these two?! *dreamy sigh* I absolutely love them! 

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Author's Corner #17

Welcome to Author's Corner hosted by KJ's Book NookKatie's Clean Book Collection and Bookworm Nation! Once a month we will feature either a favorite author or new to us author. We will share the author's bio, one of our favorite books of theirs and a review. Each of us will be featuring a different author each month so there will also be links to each of our posts.

For this month's Author's Corner I am going to choose...

Rebecca Deel is a preacher’s kid with a black belt in karate. She teaches business classes at a private four-year college in Nashville, Tennessee. She plays the piano at church, writes freelance articles, and runs interference for her family’s Westies. She’s been married to her amazing husband for more than twenty years and is the proud mom of two grown sons. She delivers monthly devotions to the women’s group at her church and conducts seminars in personal safety, money management, and writing. Her articles have been published in ONE Magazine, Contact, and Co-Laborer, and she was profiled in the June 2010 Williamson edition of Nashville Christian Family magazine. Rebecca completed her Doctor of Arts degree in Economics and wears her favorite Dallas Cowboys sweatshirt when life turns ugly.


I discovered Rebecca Deel on the Swoony Awards list. When I came across the cover and read the synopsis, I was more than intrigued. So I grabbed the book and started reading. While reading I discovered that book was actually #11 in the series. There were so many side characters that I wanted to know about so I decided I had better start at the beginning. And that is how Rebecca Deel got added to my favorites list!

She has a lot of really good books but the one I absolutely adore is Payback! Alex and Ivy will always hold a special place in my heart. I love these two! 

A mission from his past threatens his future.

A stalker has his sights set on art history teacher Ivy Monroe. Still recovering from a relationship with an abusive former boyfriend, she's determined to win this fight over fear and intimidation. No one has the right to cage her again. When Ivy is nearly killed, she takes refuge in the arms of the one man she trusts.

Elite Delta sniper Alex Morgan now trains bodyguards for Fortress Security. When his father is shot, the feds are convinced Alex is guilty of attempted murder. Determined to clear his name and find the shooter, he travels to Washington, D.C. with Ivy and his Delta unit.

He learns someone leaked information from one of Durango's missions and now he and his unit are targets. Worse, Ivy is in danger. Battling his family and the feds, Alex and his friends race the clock to unmask the shooter before he strikes again. When Ivy falls into the hands of the enemy, nothing will prevent Alex from saving the woman who owns his heart.

You can check out my review here.


And don't for get to check out Katie's post here and Kathy's post here! 


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Happy reading my fellow Book Dragons!
Monday, May 7, 2018

Second Chance in Paradise by Jennifer Peel


A first love that deserves a second chance.

Doctoral student, Holland Reeves, may have aced every class she’s ever taken, but when it comes to life outside her lab, she fails. She has more meaningful relationships with test tubes and pipettes than she does with people. 

That all changes when a surprise wedding invitation arrives, forcing her to return to the small coastal town of Paradise and the Clairborne Resort, where she left her first dream of being Mrs. Clairborne to begin the dream of becoming Dr. Reeves. There she must face her past and to her surprise, the only man she ever loved, Porter Clairborne, the prodigal son who has unexpectedly returned. 

Together, Holland and Porter must decide if their love deserves a second chance, and if Paradise will finally live up to its name or forever remain a town of broken dreams.

My Review: 5 Stars

Holland knew from a young age that no one loved or wanted her. Growing up, life had taught her some hard lessons. Never trust easily, never depend on anyone but herself and disappointment is inevitable.

But from the moment she met Porter she thought maybe, just maybe her life would get better. She slowly let her guard down and found herself falling in love with him. He had already said those three magical words to her but she was too scared to reciprocate. When she finally got up enough courage to tell him she loved him, she found him kissing someone else and her world came crashing down around her.

Lost and heartbroken, Holland cuts all ties with Paradise. Experience has shown her that nothing lasts forever and the only person she can rely on is herself. She refuses to become a victim of her circumstances. She is determined to be better than where she came from.

It has been almost 8 years since she left Paradise and she has no desire to return. But when a surprise wedding invitation arrives she has a choice to make. Send a gift and a card of well wishes to her old friend or go back and face what made her run all those years ago. She decides it's time to face her past so she can finally say goodbye to what could have been with Porter and move on with her life.

However, fate has something else in store for her.

Porter hasn't been back in Paradise since that dreaded night Holland saw him being kissed. He saw the heartbreak in her eyes and knew that he had crushed her. He knows he's a jerk for not setting the record straight on what really happened but he needed to leave in order to prove himself. He meant what he told Holland.. their relationship might not take the path that they want it to, but there would never be an end to them.

Now that they are both back in Paradise, Porter has his work cut out for him when it comes to winning Holland back. All the years of hurt and disappointment has given her tunnel vision. But Porter is more than ready to step up to the challenge. He has never stopped loving her and is determined to show her that she does not have to do it all on her own. He wants her to see that it's okay to rely on others around her. He wants to be there to cheer her on and lift her up. He will show her that she is loved, she is wanted and she does have a family.

But with everything that has happened, will Holland run again? Or will she open her heart again and give love a second chance?

*dreamy sigh*

Oh how I ADORE Holland and Porter! These two quickly became favorites of mine! I loved everything about this book! The feels were definitely real! I found myself busting out laughing, getting teary eyed, growling in frustration and letting out little dreamy sighs throughout the entire book!

And I just realized as I typed those words that I have done that in every single book of Jennifer Peel's I have ever read and I love it! It shows true talent when an author can suck you in to a book and make reality disappear while you're reading. It's something that all bookworms love! I can't wait to see what she has in store for us next!

*dreamy sigh* I am loving this casting! These two right here are perfect in my opinion! But then again, I may be just a tad bit bias! Haha. What do you think?

*I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are solely my own.*
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First Line Friday's

Ok party people! It's that time again! First Line Friday's hosted by my amazing friend Kathy over at Bookworm Nation! Are you ready?! 

This week's First Line Friday is:

In Plain Sight by Rebecca Deel

On the heels of a life-changing diagnosis, concert pianist Darcy St. Claire is on a quest to reinvent herself. While renovating a Victorian house and opening a restaurant, she becomes the target of a killer. As the attempts on her life intensify, Darcy grows more determined. No murderer is going to chase her from her home and destroy her new dreams. But more than her livelihood and life are at stake. She could lose the man she loves.

A favor for a friend lands Delta medic Rio Kincaid in the center of a murder investigation, a crime the killer doesn't want solved. As the danger to Darcy escalates, the Delta warrior vows to protect the woman whose music pulled him from the edge of darkness. When the enemy's desperate ploy snares Darcy in his trap, one wrong move will cost Rio everything--his life and the woman who captured his heart.

"Darcy St. Claire stood in the center of what was supposed to be a large living room."

So, as you know, I have been on a romantic suspense kick lately and have been devouring Rebecca Deel's books. I have been curious about Rio since I started these series. I'm definitely looking forward to seeing how he and Darcy get their HEA! Thank goodness it's Friday! I have a feeling I will not want to put this book down! 

Do you want to participate in First Line? Yes?! Then tell us what your First Line is! Are you going to do a blog post? Then don't forget to link your post back to Bookworm Nation! Post your link in the comments. Don't have a blog? No worries! Just leave a comment with the title, author name and first line.

Ready?! And GO!