Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Fatal Legacy by Rebecca Deel


Three deaths in two weeks and she could be the next victim.

The biggest dangers bookstore owner Del Peterson faces are paper cuts and aching feet until a gift draws her into the center of a federal investigation and she's taken into custody as a material witness. When Del's safe house is breached and a marshal dies protecting her, she turns to the man she knows has the skills to help.

Two years ago, Josh Cahill transitioned from elite Delta warrior to small-town cop. When a federal judge is murdered, nothing will stop him from protecting the woman he loves. With help from his Delta unit and friends at Fortress Security, Josh sets a trap to capture the shooter. Though he vowed to protect her, bringing down the man behind the shooter might require Josh to take Del into the heart of danger.

My Review: 5 Stars

Since moving to Otter Creek to open up her own bookstore, Del Peterson has made a lot of friends and has caught the eye of small-town cop, Josh Cahill. 

While going through books that were left to her after one of her favorite customers dies, Del and her cousin, Ivy, find themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time. Who knew that inventorying books would land them in protective custody with the US Marshals?

But when Del's safety is compromised and one of the Marshals ends up dead, she'll reach out to the only person she trusts to protect her at all cost.

Josh has had his eye on Del ever since she moved to town. But the timing just hasn't been right for him to ask her out. When he learns of the trouble that's following Del and Ivy, he will do everything in his power to make nothing happens to either of them. 

But the more they uncover about who's behind the attacks and why, the harder it becomes to keep Del and Ivy safe. He enlists the help of his Delta team, Durango, as well as Fortress Security to make sure everything goes off without a hitch. One thing's for sure.. none of them will go down without a fight. 

Can I just tell you how much I enjoyed this book?! I had an extremely hard time putting it down! I found myself staying up way past my bedtime and getting up earlier than usual just so I can read. I squeezed in reading whenever I could. 

I loved Del and Josh! They were perfect for each other. I also loved seeing the setup for Ivy and Alex's book. I have a feeling that one is going to be an emotional roller coaster. I should probably wait until Friday to start it but I'm not that patient. I see more sleepless nights in my very near future... ;) Haha. 

I am starting to love this series! Every time I finish a book, I want to hurry up and do my review so I can move onto the next one. Work is getting in the way and I am dying for the weekend. What I wouldn't give to just read all day long! Haha. 

It's official. I have added Ms. Deel to my favorite authors list. I can't wait to read more books by her!

I'm loving these two as Del and Josh! What do you think?

Content: Mild violence. No language. Clean romance... just kisses!
Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Written in Blood by Rebecca Deel


Megan Cahill might soon be making the news instead of writing it.

Newspaper editor Megan Cahill loves red pens, clean prose, and fast cars. When a friend is murdered, Meg sets a trap to snare the killer. The bait? One steamed editor with a razor-sharp pen. Only one person stands in her way, a stubborn police detective.

Death is no stranger to Detective Rod Kelter. Two years ago, death stole his family and the press stole his privacy. To solve a murder, he must join forces with Megan Cahill, but someone wants the smart-mouthed editor dead. Megan and Rod race to unmask a murderer before he writes the final chapter of Meg's life--in blood.

My Review: 4.5 Stars

Megan is the feisty, sassy editor of the Gazette. She's not afraid to go after a story and get all the facts that she needs to keep the citizens of Otter Creek informed. When a friend reaches out to her for help and ends up murdered, Meg will do whatever it takes to bring her friend's killer to justice.

Rod is not a fan of the press. They took away his privacy when his wife and daughter died. But that won't stop him from protecting the sassy editor. They may not see eye to eye on how things should be handled, but he admires Meg's spunk and determination.

In order to keep Meg safe, Rod will need to team up with her to find the killer. But the more they discover, the more Meg's life is put in danger. With the two of them growing closer, Rod is determined to not lose Meg like he lost his wife and daughter. He doesn't think his heart could handle it. Will they be able to put all the pieces together and figure out who's behind everything before it's too late? 

Written in Blood is my favorite in the series so far. I loved Meg and Rod. They were perfect for each other. I enjoyed watching their relationship develop and the banter between them was hilarious. Seeing characters from previous books is also fun. I love the closeness of everyone. They are fiercely loyal and will protect each other no matter the cost. 

Ms. Deel has definitely caught my attention. I've enjoyed the books I've read so far. I'm looking forward to reading the rest of the books in this series.

As for my casting.. let's take a minute to admire these two... *dreamy sigh*

Content: Mild violence. Talk of rape with no details. No language. Clean romance.. just kisses. 
Sunday, January 27, 2019

Hidden Target by Rebecca Deel


No murderer is going to unravel Madison Ryder's new life.

Following the deaths of her husband and unborn son, Madison spent two years knitting her life back together by returning home and opening a yarn store. Now the stalker who murdered her family means to finish the job. After someone sabotages her car and torches her store, Madison joins forces with Nick Santana, her husband's former partner, to capture the killer. She refuses to let the stalker unravel her life a second time--not without a fight.

Ex-cop Nick Santana searched two years for his partner's killer and, after a failed attempt on his life, the hunt leads him to Madison's doorstep. Nick's determined to capture the killer--if he can stay out of jail. Following his arrival in town, he's framed for murder. With evidence mounting and the law closing in, Nick must prove his innocence and win Madison's heart. Nick and Madison pursue the killer, but uncovering his identity could be fatal.

My Review: 4.5 Stars

Madison lost her husband, Luke, and unborn son when a driver ran them off the road. It's been two years and she's still trying to put pieces back together. She's back home in Otter Creek and owns a yarn store. She is determined to live her life. But when her stalker resurfaces and threatens to finish what they started, she decides to stand her ground. They will not take her life away again.. not without a fight. 

Nick left the force after his partner was killed. He became a PI so he could track down Luke's killer. He has kept a close eye on Madison over the last couple of years and in the process has fallen in love with her. When a trail leads him to Otter Creek and to Madison's doorstep, he will do whatever it takes to keep her safe. She's already been through so much and he refuses to let any more hurt and heartache land in her life.  

As they work together to figure out who has it in for her, Madison realizes that she's slowly been falling in love with Nick too. But when tragedy strikes, she wonders if she will ever get the chance to tell him how she feels. One thing is for sure, he's been doing everything he can to keep her safe, and now it's her turn to return the favor. Neither one of them will go down without a fight. They are determined to get their HEA. 

I have been enjoying this series so far. It's fast paced in action and suspense. It has romance but it's not the main focus, which has been nice. Don't get me wrong, the heroes are definitely alpha males that take care of the women they love and will stop at nothing to make sure they are safe. There have been some swoony kisses, but the books focus more on suspense and finding out "who dunnit". With so many characters overlapping in the books, I'm intrigued and will definitely keep reading this series. 

Ms. Deel is a new to me author and I'm glad I stumbled upon her books. I'm always happy to add more clean read authors to my list. I'll definitely be keeping an eye out for more by her!

And now for my casting... I love these two!

Content: Mild violence. No language. Clean romance.. just kisses. 

Witness by Rebecca Deel


Four burglaries. Three assaults. One murder.

Not the crime stats Police Chief Ethan Blackhawk envisions for his first two weeks on the job. Ethan uncovers a link to his past, an assassin who bested him five years ago and again hunts in his territory. He welcomes a second chance to capture the assassin...until he falls in love with the only witness. This time a failure to unmask the assassin may cost Ethan everything.

Wielding a sharp knife, personal chef Serena Cahill dices vegetables and dishes dinner for clients. When she interrupts a crime in progress, Serena steps into the crosshairs of an international assassin. After a friend disappears and her business implodes, she joins forces with Ethan to trap a killer before he takes out the next target--Serena.

My Review: 4 Stars

Personal Chef, Serena Cahill, finds herself interrupting a crime in progress when she stops by one of her client's house. She immediately calls 911 but has no clue that the man who attacked her client is still in the house. The moment the man sees her, her life is flipped upside down.  

New Police Chief, Ethan Blackhawk, has only been in Otter Creek for a few weeks. He was told that the crime rate is practically non-existent. But a string of burglaries, assaults and a murder is not how Ethan pictured his start in this sleepy town.

While investigating all the crimes, Ethan discovers ties to his past, an international assassin who got away from him 5 years ago. He finally gets a second chance to bring the assassin down. The only problem? His one and only witness to the crime is Serena... the woman he's falling in love with. Protecting her is crucial. He will do everything in his power to keep her safe. 

When Serena's friend comes up missing, she knows that she needs to team up with Ethan to make sure the assassin it taken out. She knows that she's got a target on her back, but that doesn't stop her from helping. She not only trusts Ethan with her heart, but she trusts him with her life. He'll keep her safe. And when all is said and done, they'll get the HEA they both deserve. 

Confession. I have read this book twice already but never ended up doing a review. Third times the charm I guess.. ;) I enjoyed Serena and Ethan's story. It was fast paced both in action and romance. I have another confession. The first two times I read this book, it was just okay for me. But this time around I found myself enjoying it a lot more! This is proof that mood reading is a thing! Haha. Witness is a good start to an amazing series! Otter Creek has quickly become one of my favorite places to visit. I'm looking forward to rereading all of the books in this series as well as in the Fortress Security series. 

I am SO glad that I found Rebecca Deel on the Swoony Awards list! She quickly became an auto-buy author for me! I always drop whatever I'm reading and devour her books the moment they're released! I can't wait to see what she has in store for us next! 

I know I announced in other reviews that I was not going to do casting for both series. However, I have decided to challenge myself and cast them all this time around. And we're starting with these two! I'm not going to lie... it was tough! Haha. What do you think?!

Content: Mild violence. Attempted rape but no details. Clean romance... just swoony kisses!

Announcing the 2019 Swoony Awards!

After going over all the responses from the questionnaire and having several discussions amongst the three of us, we have finalized all the changes that will take effect this year!

So... without further adieu... we proudly present the...

 2019 Swoony Awards! 

What are The Swoony Awards? 

The Swoony Awards are a Reader’s Choice Award recognizing excellence in clean, secular, wholesome romance. We wanted a way to show our appreciation to these amazing authors who write the kind of books that we love. It’s also a great way to find new books, new authors and it's a good go-to when you're looking for something fun to read.

What are the published dates for eligible books? 

Eligible books will need to be released from January to December of each year. Since we didn't want to leave out books that were published in December 2018, the date range for the 2019 Swoony Awards will be December 1, 2018 to December 31, 2019.

Will there be a list showing eligible books?

Yes! We will have a reference list on Goodreads showing eligible books. This will be a REFERENCE LIST ONLY. It will NOT be the way to VOTE. The numbers listed on Goodreads will NOT be counted as votes. Click here to head on over to the reference list. We will also try to keep a running post on our blog showing the eligible books in each category for those voters who are not on Goodreads.

When and how do you vote? 

Voting will be taking place during the entire month of December by using a Google Form. We will share the voting form on December 1, 2019. You will be able to vote for up to 3 books per category. There will be a total of 24 categories. When voting, please make sure to include the title of the book as well as the author. If the author is left off, then the vote will be removed. Winners will be announced on or before January 31, 2020.

What are the categories for the 2019 Swoony Awards? 

Best Book of the Year
Best Anthology
Best Contemporary Romance
Best Young Adult
Best New Adult
Best Western Contemporary
Best Billionaire/Celebrity/Royal
Best Christmas
Best Military/Police/Firefighter
Best Suspense/Mystery
Best Sports
Best High Fantasy Romance
Best Fairy Tale Retelling
Best Urban Fantasy Romance
Best Paranormal
Best Time Travel
Best Steampunk Romance
Best Dystopian Romance
Best Historical Romance
Best Historical Western
Best Medieval/Highlander
Best Regency (1811-1820)
Best Victorian (1837-1901)
Best Novella

Is there a full list of the eligibility requirements? 

Yes! See below for the full list. As in previous years, if the book does not meet the qualifications then it will be removed from the list.


-ONLY books PUBLISHED December 1, 2018 – December 31, 2019 are eligible.
-Books must be published OR have arc reviews before being nominated. Since the award is based on readers having actually read and enjoyed the book(s) they are voting for, the book has to have been published or arcs read in order to receive nominations.
-Intimacy: No sex, no/low closed door/fade-to-black, no/low innuendo, nothing crude or crass. G-PG13.
-Language: None/mild (No F words or other explicit language), nothing overly crude.
-Violence: Mild/low.
-Page Count: 100 pages or higher, anthologies are okay. No short stories. No collections.
-Age: Only Young Adult, New Adult and Adult. NO children’s or middle grade.
-Religious: NO Christian fiction, some *very mild* religious elements may be allowed.

And just in case you're wondering, here's all the ways to stay updated on all things Swoony!

Instagram: SwoonyAwards
Twitter: @theswoonyawards
Pinterest: The Swoony Awards

We are SO excited for this year's Swoony Awards and we hope you are too! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us! 

Happy reading our fellow Book Dragons! 
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**Book Blast and Giveaway** Millionaire B&B by Robin Daniels

Millionaire B&B by Robin Daniels 

Available now for pre-order. Releases FEBRUARY 1, 2019

Sadie is a successful romance author. She can write a swoon-worthy man with the best of them but can’t seem to find one for herself. Miles is the cute and wealthy heir to Copeland Press, Sadie’s publishing house. It’s hard to find a woman in his social circle who appreciates a down-to-earth book nerd.

When a twist of fate has Miles and Sadie double booked in the same vacation rental, they decide to share the cabin. Even though Miles isn’t Sadie’s type, she can’t deny the chemistry between them. Sadie’s down for a flirty fling, but Miles has other plans. He’s got a huge crush, and just one week to convince Sadie they were meant for a happily ever after.

Book Link:

Pre-Order Giveaway (thru Jan 31st)

**Content Advisory** 

This is adult fiction and as such is steamier than my YA books. This book would not fall into the “clean and wholesome” category but is very tame compared to traditional adult romance. It includes heated/descriptive kisses and inner dialogue, innuendo, references to sex, implied sexual relationships, one fade-to-black scene, mild language and some drinking. There are no F words and there is no written sex. MPAA guidelines would put it at PG-13.

Robin loves writing romantic comedy because she’s a sarcastic goofball who constantly cracks jokes. She believes in funny fluff and happy endings. Robin lives outside of Phoenix with her husband, five children and naughty labradoodle puppy. You can find her in her home office nursing a giant Diet Coke or online at:






Book Excerpt

“What’ll it be?” I looked at Miles after grabbing Ethan’s beer and a Diet Coke for myself.

“What do you have?”

I leaned over and hung on the refrigerator door, surveying its contents. “Corona Light, some cheap boxed wine, orange juice, Diet Coke, Dr Pepper, milk, water.” Miles hadn’t answered, and when I turned back, I caught him dragging his gaze away from my butt. “French vanilla creamer…” I teased, boring my eyes into him. He knew he was busted, but he played it off smoothly.

Miles chuckled. “I was going to say Dr Pepper, but you may have just sold me on the Coffee-Mate.” I grinned at his witty comeback, and his face lit up. Then he winked, and my heart skipped a beat.

There are all kinds of winkers in this world: the squinty winker, the rapid winker, the slow-motion winker, the blinker, the can’t-get-my-eye-closed-all-the-way half-blinker, and my least favorite, the over winker. Like Goldilocks, I decided Miles’s wink was just right.

“I’d have pegged you for a beer man,” I replied, handing Miles a Dr Pepper.

“I’m actually more of a wine guy. But I’ve just learned that wine with hamburgers is gross, and I’m trying to impress you.” I pressed my lips together. Was he teasing me or flirting with me? Because it sounded like a little of both.
Monday, January 21, 2019

Romancing His Rival by Jennifer Shirk


Hopeless romantic Elena Mason doesn’t often hate people, but she hates her ex-fiancé’s insufferable best man, Lucas Albright III. She just knows Lucas is the one who talked her ex out of getting married—so Lucas is clearly the cause of all her problems.

And now she’s expected to work with him? Oh, heck no.

Lucas Albright wants nothing more than to make partner at his advertising firm, and he knows he works best alone. But then Elena ends up as his partner on an account that could win him a promotion. He had a great reason to end her engagement, not that she’d ever believe him. Still, he’s willing to try working as a team.

Unfortunately, his new “partner” wants him dead.

Elena knows she’s going to have to give in and work with her nemesis, though nobody said it had to be easy for him. But what happens when fighting starts feeling a whole lot like falling in love?

My Review: 4 Stars

Elena's fiance, Scott, broke up with her after a discussion with his friend, Lucas. To say she's heartbroken would be an understatement. She can't believe Lucas deliberately sabotaged her engagement to Scott. Elena is holding out hope that Scott will eventually change his mind and want her back. But if she never sees Lucas again, it would be too soon. 

Lucas is jaded due to his ex-wife. She really did a number on him and now he has no desire to ever marry again. He's okay with being single. His job is all that he needs to be happy. He doesn't regret talking to Scott about his marriage, especially because he doesn't think that Elena and Scott actually fit. He has no doubt that Elena loves Scott. But Scott on the other hand.... he just doesn't see it. 

When circumstances beyond Elena's and Scott's control brings the two together, Elena doesn't know how to react. She's still angry and blames Lucas for her broken heart. But Lucas will do anything to get her to work for his firm, even talk to Scott. Elena see this as an opportunity to have Lucas right his wrong. She's determined to get Scott back. 

But the more Elena and Lucas work together and get to know one another, the more their feelings for each other start to grow. Will Elena continue on her quest to get Scott back? Or will she finally let him go once and for all? And will Lucas be able to let go of the past and give himself a second chance at a HEA? 

I enjoyed this addition to the Accidentally Yours series. But I have to be honest, it wasn't my favorite. I think it's because Elena was SO adamant about getting back together with Scott. It became repetitive and, for me, started taking away from the story. But the bright spot was most definitely Lucas. Even though he wanted to be with Elena, he also wanted her to be happy. And if being with Scott makes her happy then he'll put her happiness before his. I absolutely adored him! 

Jennifer Shirk is definitely a favorite of mine. Whenever she releases a book, I instantly grab it and can't read it fast enough! I can't wait to see what she has in store for us next! 

And let's just take a minute to admire these two... *dreamy sigh*

Content: Mild-moderate language. Mild romance.

*I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are solely my own.*

Saturday, January 19, 2019

Hothouse Flower by Taylor Dean


I loved Jace Faraday with all my heart. I loved everything about him, from his huge smile to his fabulous laugh. Another man never caught my eye. It was always Jace and Shay, together forever.

Until it wasn’t.

He devastated me, he ruined me. I’ve never gotten over it.

But, I’m a survivor. I’m not a precious flower that can only thrive if kept safe from the perils of the outside world.

Except now Jace has returned home. He’s just across the street from me, so close I swear I can actually feel his presence.

I can’t avoid him forever. At some point I have to face him. And when I do, I know sparks will fly.

To redeem himself for his past actions, I need major remorse. I need a profuse apology and maybe even a little begging for forgiveness. I won’t settle for anything less.

However, when the truth behind our break-up is revealed, I’m stunned. It leaves me reeling—and yearning for the six years that have been lost to us.

The thing is, once the truth is known, there’s nothing to keep us apart.

Absolutely nothing.

(Dear Reader: This book deals with a sensitive issue.)

My Review: 5 Stars

Shay and Jace, Jace and Shay. They have loved each other all their lives. They had their whole life together planned out. They had their hopes and dreams. There was no doubt in anyone's mind that they would live happily ever after. 

But sometimes life has a way of knocking you off your perfectly planned out path. No one ever saw it coming. Devastated and broken, they do their best to live their lives apart and try to move on.

Six years. It has been six years since the last time they saw each other. Six years since Jace broke her. And now he's moving back home to help out his Mom. He'll be right across the street from her and there's no way she'll be able to avoid him. One look at him and she knows she's in trouble. She still desperately loves him and probably always will. If only he'd apologize for his actions, beg for her forgiveness, confess that he still loves her too. Maybe, just maybe they'd still have a chance. 

But beware, things aren't always what they seem. Life may have knocked them off their path, but fate has a way of bringing them back together. Time. They have lost so much time. It has been stolen from them and they are never going to be able to get it back. But that just means they will have to treasure all of their time together. 

They have a long road ahead of them and it's not going to be easy. But as long as they are together, they can weather any storm. They have been ripped apart once, but their love has brought them back together. 

Shay and Jace, Jace and Shay. Together Forever. There is nothing in this world that can tear them apart again. Their love for each other grows stronger every day. And they will live happily ever after. 

*dreamy sigh* 

All I can say is wow! Just WOW! Once I started this book, I could not put it down! I devoured it in one sitting! I have been dying to read Shay and Jace's story since Stone Silence and I am happy to announce that it was worth the wait! 

Oh how I love these two! They are perfect for each other! I fell in love with Jace from their first meeting after 6 years! And the way he took to little Brit melted my heart and had me rooting for their HEA! SO adorable!

I do have to admit that I was a little hesitant to read this book because of the sensitive issue warning. But I should have known I had nothing to worry about. This IS a Taylor Dean book after all. She does an amazing job of touching on sensitive subjects and bringing awareness to it without it taking away from the rest of the story. 

I'm not going to lie.. I'm kind of sad that this series is over! It is such an amazing series and one that I encourage everyone to read! I know for a fact that I will be reading these books over and over and over again! 

Ms. Dean is an amazing author! She has been on my favorite authors list from the first book of hers I ever read. If you haven't read any of her books then you are definitely missing out! I can't wait to see what she has in store for us next! 

And of course I cannot forget my casting! I absolutely LOVE these two! What do you think?! 

March 2018:

*dreamy sigh* I can't express how much I LOVE this series! It is SO good! Shay and Jace's story is the perfect ending to an AMAZING series! I can already tell you that I will definitely be reading these books over and over and over again!

January 2019:

It says a lot about an author when they can suck me in over and over and over again each time I reread one of their books. I devoured this series in a couple of days and I still LOVE it! I'm looking forward to rereading it again... probably next year... ;) 

Jailbird by Taylor Dean


My hometown decided to rename me Jailbird.

Every day I silently scream out, “My name is Mia Faraday!” My time in jail does not define me. I am so much more than one heated mistake.

And yet, my slip-up weighs on me. There’s so much more to the story than anyone realizes. I must face Stony, my ex, and confess everything.

I don’t want to. I’d rather have five teeth pulled. While I’m awake. Without anesthesia.

But this is something I have to do, something I need to do. Not just for Stony. I need to do it for me. Especially for me. I can’t move forward with my life until I gain closure from the past.

When I meet Grayson Elliott, I am easily pulled into his orbit and it’s exactly where I’d love to stay. He makes me laugh and not take life so seriously. He makes me want to live again.

But I don’t love me right now, and that healing needs to come first. I’m not relationship-ready or marriage material. My mind is focused on redemption. I want it. I need it.

Besides, when Grayson hears about my colorful past, I’m sure he’ll be gone before I have time to utter the word goodbye.

After all, who could ever love a jailbird?

My Review: 5 Stars

I have to start out by saying, if you have not read Stone Silence yet then STOP reading my review! I cannot guarantee you that it won't have spoilers. I will do my best to keep them out of my review but parts of this book deals with things that happened to Stony in book one. If you are still reading, you have been warned! I will not be held responsible if anything gets ruined for you! Haha. 

Jailbird. That is what Mia's hometown has renamed her. One mistake. Just one mistake and her whole life is turned upside down. Her past has been controlling her for the last few years but enough is enough. She needs to move on and hopefully be happy again. 

But before she can, she must confess to Stony the ugly truths that have been plaguing her since the accident and ask for his forgiveness. Why, you may ask? Hasn't he already forgiven her? Yes, he has. But, you see, there is more to the story. A lot more. 

When she finally gets up enough courage to tell Stony, things don't go as planned. She clams up at the sight of him, his pregnant wife, Spencer, and their happily-ever-aftering. Add in her instant connection to Grayson, Spencer's older brother, and she's floundering to get the heck out of dodge. 

Grayson is instantly drawn to Mia. There is just something about her that has him wanting to get to know her better. But there's something that's holding her back. He doesn't know what but he can see the sadness in her eyes and he knows that she is building up walls to keep everyone out. She's no longer living, she's just existing and he knows that is not her. He knows the real Mia is in there somewhere and he will do everything in his power to breathe life and love back in to her.

However, the closer Mia and Grayson get, the more terrified Mia becomes and the more she pulls away. What will Grayson do once he finds out her past? How can he love her when she doesn't even love herself? She is filled with so much doubt that it has her running scared. But Grayson is not letting go without a fight. Will they ever be able to overcome the past and move on to their own happily-ever-after?

*dreamy sigh* 

Oh how I loved this book! Once I started reading, I just couldn't stop! It has been a LONG time since a book has kept me up WAY past my bedtime! The feels are definitely real! I found myself enthralled from beginning to end. I just could NOT put it down! I am not afraid to admit that Jailbird had me laughing out loud, crying, on the edge of my seat and letting out little dreamy sighs. 

Guys! If you have not read this series yet then you are definitely missing out! It is AMAZING! I am LOVING it! These are NOT standalones. They MUST be read in order. 

If I haven't already told you this, Ms. Dean is AMAZING! I have been sucked into every single one of her books I have ever read. She really knows how to catch and keep your attention. I cannot wait to see what she has in store for us next!

As for my casting.... *dreamy sigh* I absolutely LOVE these two! <3

March 2018:

Oh. My. Gosh! 2nd time reading Jailbird and I think I loved it even more! This feels are still definitely real! I didn't want to put it down! It's AMAZING! *dreamy sigh*

January 2019:

Yep! Still amazing! *dreamy sigh* I think I fell even more in love with Grayson! 
Thursday, January 17, 2019

Stone Silence by Taylor Dean


Great big beautiful love.

Does it really exist?

Everyone tells me it does. They say, “Spencer Elliott, don’t worry, you’ll find it one day. You just have to find the right man and when you do, it will surprise the heck out of you.”

I’m still waiting for that heck of a surprise to hit. It has proven to be elusive thus far. I’m pretty sure the entire world is lying about love and the joke is on me.

I know I want a man in my heart and in my life. Unfortunately, most men immediately push my OFF button and I lose interest quickly.

Feeling pressure to prove I’m trying to find my soulmate, I finally give in and agree to a date. Huge mistake. Afterward I find myself abandoned in the middle of nowhere, in desperate need of help.

That’s when I meet Stony by chance.

He’s a silent and unsmiling man who intrigues me with his ability to keep going after life has knocked him down. Suddenly the abstract notion of love becomes tangible and within my reach. Once I experience it, I wonder how I ever lived without it.

That’s when I stay with Stony by choice.

But when Stony’s hidden past and present-day reality collide, his silence is broken. And the truth about his life nearly brings me to my knees. I can’t compete with ghosts from the past.

I refuse to fight for a man’s love. He either loves me or he doesn’t. It’s as simple and as complicated as that.

My only hope is . . . he does.

My Review: 5 Stars!

Spencer has been waiting for her big beautiful love her entire adult life. She starts to think that something is seriously wrong with her because she is repulsed by the touches of the men she has dated. She wishes that love would just hurry up and find her already. But alas, nothing. 

Until a horrible incident leaves her stranded in the middle of no where. Hours of walking in the Texas summer sun has her in need of water and facing heat exhaustion. She knows she needs to find help soon or she could very well die out in the middle of nowhere. Add in the fact that a torrential downpour is heading her way and she knows she needs to find help sooner rather than later. 

All of the sudden she hears a loud buzzing noise. She doesn't know where it's coming from but she just knows that she needs to follow that sound. She knows that this will lead her to the help she so desperately needs. 

The moment she lays eyes on Stony she knows that her life is about to change in a very big way. She feels an instant connection to him that she has never felt with anyone before. This man right here is going to change her life. 

They don't get off to the best of starts, but Stony soon comes to his senses and helps Spencer in her time of need. He nurses her back to health and has her feeling safer than she ever has in her life. But when the time comes for her to head back to her life, neither one of them are wanting to say goodbye. 

It seems fate has something special in store for these two because circumstances beyond Spencer's control and a job offer from Stony has her staying in the small town for the foreseeable future. This will allow them to get to know each other better and give them time to see where their new budding relationship will go. 

Life seems to be perfect and blissful until Stony's past comes knocking. All it takes is one moment, one look and Spencer is second guessing everything she has been feeling for Stony. Feeling blindsided she runs. She needs to get away before Stony can stop her. She's not going to make him choose between his past and his present. If she truly loves him like she knows he does, then she'll make it easy for him. She'll be the one to walk away even though it will kill her. 

But Stony refuses to let her go. He refuses to let his past get in the way of his present and his future. His future is with Spencer. He has never loved someone as much as he loves her. She looks at him and love radiates from her eyes. He would be an idiot to let her slip through his hands and he will fight to keep her in his life. He will prove his love for her and prove that she is his happily-ever-after!

*dreamy sigh* 

Oh. My. Gosh! I absolutely LOVE Stone Silence! Talk about swoony! This book is AMAZING! I was sucked in from the very beginning and found myself lost in the journey of Spencer and Stony. I laughed out loud, got teary eyed, let out little dreamy sighs and refused to put this book down until I finished it! I devoured it! 

I am definitely looking forward to the other books in this series! I can't wait to read them! 

Ms. Dean has done an amazing job making me fall in love with more of her characters! I have loved all her books I have read so far and can't wait to see where she takes us next! 

As for my casting... I saw these two from the very beginning! What do you think?!

March 2018:

Oh my gosh! I still totally LOVE this book! It is SO good! Can't wait to reread the rest of this series! *dreamy sigh*

January 2019:

This is still an AMAZING book and I still LOVE it! Definitely one of my favorite series!
Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Return to Maplewood by Elizabeth Bromke


Some say you can't go home again...

Anna Delaney has spent her entire adult life spinning through nightclubs, kissing strangers, and fortifying her edgy, high-tech career. Benders and business meetings have been the Band-Aids on a deep wound for the confident, gorgeous redhead. But when Anna’s sister falls madly in love with Anna’s boss, the delicate bandages begin to unravel, and there is only one place left to turn.

Dutch McCree was born and raised in a tiny Arizona mining town, and his low-heel upbringing made him into the gruff, hardworking, and successful contractor he quickly became. After the passing of Dutch’s wife, his hard heart left space for only one girl: his young daughter. When a new project takes Dutch from Phoenix to Maplewood, Arizona, he meets potential client Kurt Cutler and Kurt’s recently promoted Co-President. Dutch is wooed by the chance to expand his business, but he finds he has a soft spot for the little mountain town. And maybe for something else, too.

Anna and Dutch each must come to terms with their own difficult pasts before they can find true happiness. Return to Maplewood is a story of redemption and a reminder that you can always go home.

My Review: 4 Stars

Anna Delaney has lived the party life since she was in college. The weekends were filled with dancing, drinking and hooking up. While in Vegas with her best friends, she realizes that there's something missing in her life. She's just not happy and decides to embark on a journey of self discovery. 

Dutch McCree lost his wife 2 years ago and has been juggling his booming business and raising his daughter, CaitlinJo, ever since. He doesn't have time to entertain a new relationship nor does he want one. But when he meets Anna in her hometown of Maplewood, something awakens inside of him and has him rethinking a relationship. 

But both Anna and Dutch are holding back. They both have things in their past that they need to come to terms with. Just when Dutch thinks they are making progress, Anna throws him a curve ball. Neither of them know what the future will hold, but they do know it's worth figuring out. 

Will their pasts prove to be too much? Or will they be able to put it behind them and find their HEA?

It's been raining here (which it never does in Southern California), and curling up in my comfy chair to read was just what the doctor ordered. While listening to the rain outside, I found myself being transported to small town Maplewood. It was the perfect setting both in the book and real life. I really enjoyed getting to know Anna and Dutch. Both of them had things that they needed to overcome before they could move on to their HEA. It wasn't an easy road, especially for Anna. She has been holding on to past hurts for so long, and they weren't easy to deal with. But I loved seeing her pull her life together, get back on track and really strive to be the best person that she could be. 

I only have one complaint... and I'm sure if you have been following my reviews over the years, you can probably guess what it is. The book just ended! I hate that! Haha. I know that this is a series and we'll probably get more of Anna, Dutch and CaitlinJo in the other books, but I found myself wanting just a little bit more from this one. 

This is my first book by Ms. Bromke and I'm looking forward to reading more by her. I have to say that I'm a little curious about Bo's story. 

And we know that my review really isn't complete without the casting. What do you think of these two? 

Monday, January 14, 2019

My Not So Wicked Stepbrother by Jennifer Peel


Loveless is more than a name, it’s a curse.

I, Emma Loveless, have a destiny. It’s not the greatest of destinies, but when you have a name like Loveless, what can you do? I’m cursed to always be the friend, never the girlfriend. Unless you count my love affair with Duncan Hines, Dr. Pepper, and the ever-lovable Pillsbury Doughboy. They’ve seen me through it all, but a girl needs more than refined sugar to curl up to every night. It doesn’t help that I have a meddling, albeit wonderful, mother who can’t help playing matchmaker. Thanks to her, I can say I’ve been on a date with a felon. Now she swears she’s found the one for me, her new optometrist, Dr. Sawyer King. Meanwhile, I’m preparing for the inevitable restraining order. That is, until I meet the sexy doctor and have to admit my mother is right—love at first sight does exist.

Unfortunately, my last name means business. Not only do I find myself in the friend zone, but also the twilight zone. Only in my world would Mr. Right turn into my stepbrother. To top it off, he brings with him a wicked stepmother who will do anything to keep us apart. Despite all this my heart—or is that my mom?—keeps telling me Sawyer is the one. But what if true love isn’t strong enough to interfere with my destiny? It’ll be me and the Doughboy...for eternity.

My Review: 5 Stars

Cursed. Anyone with the last name Loveless would be. At least that's what Emma believes. She's always the best friend, never the girlfriend. But that doesn't stop her mother from playing matchmaker. She's determined to help Emma find the love of her life. When her mom tells her that she's found "the one" for Emma, she tries to discourage her, but to no avail.

One text. Just one text from an unknown number. Who knew that one text would be the catalyst to flip Emma's world upside down? Turns out her mom was right... Sawyer is the love of her life. But her mom was also wrong... she has been firmly put on the "just friends" shelf by Sawyer. It wasn't supposed to be like this. They were supposed to meet, go on a date and then see where the future led. But when tragedy struck, all plans came to a screeching halt. Who knew that love could hurt so much?

Things just keep going from bad to worse. Her dad remarried an evil stepmonster and hasn't been the same since. Her sisters are brats and treat her horribly. And to top it off, some blonde bombshell has set her sights on Sawyer. It would be easy to hate said beauty... if it wasn't for the fact that's she so nice. Emma doesn't need any of this. Why can't things be different?

But what if they could be different? What if the little things Sawyer has been saying and doing means that he feels for her in a more than friends kind of way? That would be icing on the brownies for Miss Emma Loveless. But before she has a chance to figure it out, stepmonster puts her in an uncomfortable position that can only end badly. Emma has to decide. Go along with and agree to what stepmonster says or stick to her guns knowing that in the end she could lose Sawyer.

There is really only one choice. And if Sawyer can't see past everything that his mother has been doing, then he doesn't deserve her friendship or her love.

But little does she know... Sawyer have been holding back. He's done with everyone getting in their way. He's done with not getting what he wants. Everything is about to change, for the better... and Emma won't know what hit her.

*dreamy sigh*

Oh. My. Gosh! You. Guys! Drop whatever you are reading and grab My Not So Wicked Stepbrother... RIGHT NOW! You will not regret it... I promise! Once I started it I found myself being kidnapped and held hostage within it's pages and was not released until the very end. An no... I am NOT complaining at all! I had no desire to leave those beautiful pages! Who would when you have a swoon worthy, thoughtful hero like Sawyer and selfless, adorable, full of love heroine like Emma?! And can we just take a moment to ponder that unforgettable first kiss?! *dreamy sigh* YOWZERS! It is definitely worth the wait! It will not be forgotten anytime soon! ;)

And can we take a minute to discuss who CAN be forgotten?! I could not STAND Sawyer's mom or his brother nor did I like Emma's dad and sisters the majority of the book. They all had me fuming! Like steam coming out of my ears and the top of my head exploding kind of fuming! They did not deserve to have someone as amazing as Emma in their lives! There's a quote from the movie My Best Friend's Wedding that describes these lovelies... they are "the pus that infects the mucus that cruds up the fungus that feeds on the pond scum." Her dad and sisters may have redeemed themselves but I still felt this way about them for a good portion of the book! ;) Haha.

I know I say this all the time BUT.... Jennifer Peel has done it again! I can always count on her books for that much needed break from reality! It's no wonder she's one of my all time favorites! I am definitely looking forward to the other books in this series! If they are anything like this one then I know I am going to absolutely ADORE them!

And of course my review would not be complete without my casting! These two were fun to cast! What do you think?!

Sunday, January 13, 2019

The Gem Thief by Sian Ann Bessey


Gracie Miller is a small-town girl who has landed her dream job in New York City. As jewelry designer for one of the most prestigious jewelers in the world, she completed a particularly stunning piece, a custom setting for a large diamond. But when her billionaire client Mrs. Katsaros comes to have a minor issue with the setting repaired, Gracie is horrified to realize it is not the ring she created. Someone has forged her design, and the priceless diamond is gone.

Mrs. Katsaros has no desire to bring media attention to the jewelry heist, so she recruits her nephew, Quinn, and his FBI agent friend, Steve, to do some sleuthing off the record. When they discover that the missing ring is just one of many forgeries in the widow’s collection, they look to Gracie for help. They need her to act the part of Quinn’s fiancée. From the lights of New York to the shimmering islands of the Mediterranean, Gracie is swept into a thrilling hunt. But amid the search for the elusive thief, she and Quinn find themselves increasingly distracted by their growing feelings for each other. What neither realizes is how close the danger lies and how serious the vendetta is—because, apparently, it is worth killing for.

My Review: 4.5 Stars

Gracie Miller moved to New York when she got her dream job of designing jewelry for one of the most prestigious jewelers in the world. When one of her wealthy customers brings in a ring she designed for an adjustment, Gracie discovers that it's been replaced with a fake. 

When Quinn West receives a frantic call from his aunt Dorcas needing to see him right away, he drops what he's doing and heads over to her favorite jewelers. Upon his arrival, he's informed that her jewelry has been stolen. He immediately wants to call the police but his aunt refuses. She does not want cops or the press involved. The only thing he can think of to do is contact his old college roommate, Steve, who works for the FBI. 

Together they narrow down the timeline and concoct a plan that will hopefully bring the culprit to justice. But the plan involves Gracie and Quinn going undercover as a newly engaged couple. 

Before heading to Greece, Gracie and Quinn take a chance to get to know each other better. They have to be able to pull off being engaged. While on the cruise they both start realizing their feelings for each other are growing. But they can't afford to act on them. They need to stay focused so they can catch the jewel thief. 

Just as their trip is coming to an end, they discover who's behind the theft. But Quinn can't shake the feeling that they're still missing something. Once they're back in New York, all the pieces start to fall into place and Quinn quickly discovers that Gracie could be in danger. 

Will he be able to get to her in time to stop anything from happening to her? Will they be able to catch whoever's behind the attempt on her life before they succeed? Will Quinn and Gracie have a chance at their HEA? 

Over the last year I have become a fan of romantic suspense. I have read some duds but I have also read some really good ones. This was one of the good ones. It had me guessing throughout the book who was behind the theft and why. Just when I thought I had it figured out, another curve ball was thrown and had me second guessing "whodunit". 

I really enjoyed watching the relationship between Gracie and Quinn develop. I had no problem rooting for them from the very beginning. I loved that they became friends first. It helps make the relationship more believable. This was definitely a fun book! Not only did I love the story, I loved the supporting characters as well. Dorcas and Steve made the book even better. I wouldn't mind seeing Steve get his own book... ;) 

If I had one complaint it would be that the book just ended. I really, really hate that! An epilogue would have been perfect! 

This is my very first book be Ms. Bessey and I'll definitely be looking into reading more by her. 

And can we take a moment to admire these two? I think they make a perfect Gracie and Quinn! 

Thursday, January 10, 2019

The Rogue Warrior by Cindy Roland Anderson


His job was to protect her, not fall in love with her.

When Logan Steele is hired to protect an archery champion who is being stalked, the former SEAL automatically assumes his client is a man. Then he meets Weslee Campbell, a beautiful woman with the prettiest light blue eyes he’s ever looked into, and he knows his life is about to change forever. That is, if his fear doesn’t get the best of him. For a man who has faced enemy insurgents, rescued innocent people in the line of fire, and piloted a helicopter without experience to save his SEAL team, he shouldn’t be afraid of anything…yet meeting a pretty girl with a heart of gold has him questioning if he’s brave enough to fall in love.

My Review: 5 Stars

Weslee lost her parents eight months ago in a car accident. She's just getting to the point where she can start living her life again. But there's one thing stopping her. A stalker. They've done everything they can to find him, but he always seems to stay one step ahead of them. 

Logan is a retired Navy SEAL who now works for a private security company. When he receives a new assignment to protect an archery champion from a stalker, he assumes said champion is male. But when he walks through the office door and sees the beautiful woman who literally ran into him on the beach, he knows that not only is he in trouble, but that his life is about to change forever. 

Over the next few days, Logan does his best to stay focused and only view Weslee as a client. But the chemistry they share is off the charts and hard to ignore. He has sworn off love his entire life but one look from Weslee has him second guessing his choice. 

However, before Weslee and Logan can even think of a HEA, they need to find out who's stalking her. When things with her stalker start to escalate, Logan will do anything in his power to keep her safe... even risk his own life. Both Weslee and Logan have too much to live for. There's no way the stalker is ever going to get what he wants. He'll quickly learn that you never underestimate a couple in love who are determined to finally get their HEA. 

*dreamy sigh*

You. Guys! Why in the world did I wait so long to read this book?! I. Absolutely. LOVED IT! I adored Weslee and Logan! I couldn't get enough of these two! Their chemistry, their banter, their sizzling, swoony kisses... *dreamy sigh* They were perfect for each other! 

I have a confession to make. I have kind of been avoiding the Navy SEAL books. I have read a couple of them and I liked them... but I didn't love them. It seemed like something was missing for me. But, after reading The Rogue Warrior, I've come to the conclusion that I've just been reading the wrong ones! I was sucked in from the very first page and had an extremely hard time putting it down to deal with real life. I may or may not have had some irrational anger towards anything that was not reading this book! ;) 

If you're a fan of romantic suspense then I recommend giving this book a try. I loved how Ms. Anderson had me guessing who the "bad guy" was throughout the book. It's always fun reading a book where it isn't totally obvious "whodunit". I do like being surprised every now and then.

I really need to do better at bumping Ms. Anderson's books up on my TBR list when she has a new release! I also need to go back and read some of her books that I'm noticing I missed. I can't wait to see what else she has in store for us!

And can we just take a minute to drool over Logan admire these two?! I think they are perfect! What do you think?

Saturday, January 5, 2019

His Bluestocking Bride by Sally Britton


He vows to never risk his heart again. She hides her love to avoid rejection. A marriage of convenience is not what either of them wished for.

Overlooked by society and underappreciated in her family, Ellen Bringhurst has resigned herself to spinsterhood and a life of reading. Until her match-making friends contrive to reintroduce Ellen to the man she has secretly loved since their shared childhood.

As the younger son to an earl, Marcus Calvert must wed in order to inherit his estate. Still nursing a broken heart, he prefers a practical approach to matrimony rather than romantic love. When Ellen is presented as a possible bride, he proposes a marriage of convenience.

Ellen accepts his hand, hiding her feelings rather than risking her husband’s rejection. Marcus, though determined not to expose his heart again, finds more to admire in his childhood friend with each passing day. What began as a sensible arrangement now has the possibility to become so much more. But is Marcus willing to risk his heart a second time?

My Review: 4.5 Stars

Marcus Calvert is none too pleased when his mother tells him that before he can inherit and run Orchard Hill, he must first marry. When he shares this with his friend, Collin Falkham, he is sent an invitation to visit. He can't get there fast enough. Surely the time away will help him clear his head and figure out what he's going to do. 

Ellen Bringhurst is the last single person in her family. She has resigned herself to becoming a spinster. She tells herself that she will be happy to be at her family's beck and call but, inside her heart, she's sad and lonely. When she receives a letter from her dear friend, Marianne Falkham, with an invitation to come visit, she jumps at the chance for a break. 

When it's proposed that Marcus and Ellen should enter into a marriage of convenience, Ellen is torn. She has been in love with Marcus for years. She has always been careful to keep her feelings hidden. But if she marries him, it will be a lot harder to keep her secret. Marcus has been straight forward about there being no romantic involvement. His heart has been broken in the past and he refuses to open himself back up for another heartbreak. But Ellen knows, in her heart, marrying Marcus is right. She'll just have to build up her walls and do her best to not let her feelings show. 

The more time they spend together, the closer they become. Marcus starts questioning if he can keep romance out of his marriage. He's starting to have real feelings for his wife but without the knowledge of whether she returns his feelings, he doesn't think he can say them out loud. But when Ellen announces that she's leaving London alone to spend some time with her sister, Marcus starts to panic. He can't live without his wife by his side. He'll need to risk his heart one more time and hope that together, he and Ellen can find their HEA. 

I have to say that I really enjoyed this book. It was a fun getaway from reality. I found myself loving Ellen and Marcus instantly. I loved that they were childhood friends and that, as adults, they took the time to get to know one another better. I loved watching their relationship grow from friends to lovers. :) 

I am really enjoying this series. I'm totally reading them out of order but I'm okay with that. I don't feel lost at all. I am definitely looking forward to reading more books by Sally Britton! I can't wait to see where she takes us next!  

And can I just tell you that I adore these two! I think they are perfect! What do you think? 

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

2018 Swoony Award Winners!

We are pleased to announce the winners of the 2018 Swoony Awards! The Swoony Awards were created to recognize excellence in clean fiction. We wanted a reference for all those out there looking for a swoony romance without the steam. We also wanted to recognize and show our appreciation to all these great authors who write the kinds of books we love. We couldn't be more pleased with all the participation and great book nominations we received. We have found a lot of great books this year and even found some new authors to try!

So, without further ado, here are the winners...

Best Novel of the Year
The Sidelined Wife by Jennifer Peel

Best Anthology
A Night in Grosvenor Square by Sarah M. Eden, Annette Lyon, Heather B. Moore

Best Billionaire Romance

Best Christmas Romance
Keep Me At Christmas by Lucinda Whitney

Best Contemporary Romance
The Sidelined Wife by Jennifer Peel

Best Fairy Tale Retelling Romance

Best Fantasy Romance 
Mistress Grim by Jane Redd

Best High Fantasy Romance 
Champion of the Crown by Melissa McShane

Best Historical Romance 

Best Historical Western Romance 
A Perfect Bride by Ginny Sterling

Best Medieval Romance 
Highland Secrets Revealed by Bridget Freya

Best Military Romance
The Protective Warrior by Cami Checketts

Best Mystery/Suspense Romance
If I Could Stay by Annette Larsen and Pass Protection by Christine Kersey

Best New Adult Romance 
#Starstruck by Sariah Wilson 

Best Novella 
Stone Cold Sparks by Cami Checketts

Best Paranormal Romance 
Lady of Breken Manor by Heather Moore

Best Regency/Victorian Romance 
My Sister's Intended by Rachael Anderson

Best Royal Romance
Dating the Prince by Addison Quinn

Best Science Fiction Romance 
Royal Ball by Sheralyn Pratt 

Best Sports Romance
Match Me if You Can by Lindzee Armstrong

Best Steampunk Romance
Kiss of the Spindle by Nancy Campbell Allen

Best Time Travel Romance
Against the Magic by Donna Weaver

Best Urban Fantasy Romance
Lightning Struck by Nichole Van

Best Western/Cowboy Romance 
Once Hitched, Twice Shy by Kimberly Krey

Best YA Contemporary Romance 
Love, Life and the List by Kasie West and Meet Me There by Judy Corry 

Best YA Fantasy Romance 
Flicker by Rebecca Rode

Best YA High Fantasy Romance 
More Than Just Luck by Jaclyn Weist

Best YA Urban Fantasy Romance 
The Dragon Lords by CJ Hill

Kathy's Choice 

Katie's Choice 
Illegally Wedded by Jennifer Griffith

Kathy Jo's Choice 
The Secretive Wife by Jennifer Peel