Friday, March 31, 2017

Swoon Worthy Spotlights #3

Welcome to Swoon Worthy Spotlights hosted by Bookworm NationKatie's Clean Book Collection and KJ's Book Nook! Once a month we will feature 1-3 of our favorite books that we have read during the month. We will share the cover(s), our review(s) and a link to each other's post so you can check out which books we have all chosen!

For this month's Swoon Worthy Spotlights I am going to choose...

My Sweetheart by Shannon Guymon

Undeniably Chosen by Shelly Crane

Statistically Improbable by Jennifer Peel


And don't for get to check Kathy's post here and Katie's post here!


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Happy reading my fellow bookworms!
Saturday, March 25, 2017

My Sweetheart by Shannon Guymon


Jane Kendall loves her new life. She loves baking. She loves working with her sisters. And oh yeah, she loves Tate Matafeo most of all. Which would be great if he loved her back. Jane refuses to let heartbreak rule her life though, so she turns to Google and finds 10 easy steps on How To Fall Out Of Love. As helpful as Google is, Tate Matafeo is a hard habit to break especially when her new friend Meredith insists she come to a Rugby game and Tate happens to be on the team. Alex Foster is one man willing to take her mind off of Tate, but Jane knows trouble when she sees it and ends up getting a restraining order. Between Kit's wedding, Tate's mixed signals, Alex's obsession and her father's rehab, Jane wonders if she'll ever get her happy ending.

My Review: 5 Stars

So... I've got no clue how many times I have reread this book! I've lost count! Haha. I still absolutely LOVE it! *dreamy sigh* These Matafeo men! Where can I find me one?! ;)

Okay... I changed my mind! My Sweetheart is my FAVORITE in the Love and Dessert Trilogy!! I was really sad to see it end and I immediately wanted to start it all over again the second I finished!!

Jane is a hopeless romantic who is hopelessly in love with Tate Matafeo and has been from the moment she met him. The sad thing is, he's a stubborn man and even though he feels the same way that she does, he will not do anything about his feelings. Like I said.. stubborn man!! Grrr.

Jane decides that she is going to do anything and everything she can to get over Tate. Not only did she consult Google for help but she also enlisted Rob, yes.. I said Rob, to help her as well. In actuality Jane and Rob end up helping each other... she needs to get over Tate and he needs to get over Kit. It's a win/win. ;) We get to see how much Rob really does regret doing the things he did to Kit and we also get to see him making some changes in his life. In the end... you will end up liking him... I promise!


And as for Tate... the poor guy is torn between his love for Jane and his respect for his family. They are very traditional people and do not really like change.. but who can blame them?! None of us do! They really only wanted what they thought was best for Tate. And, thanks to Jane, they were able to open their eyes and see that happiness is what they want the most for him. And his happiness is JANE!! I absolutely LOVED when she went up to Toa and Pika in the restaurant and thanked them for helping to raise an amazing man that she would soon be able to call her husband. That took a lot of guts and really helped them to see just who Tate was bringing into their family. It was awesome!

Ugh! Let's just address the creep Alex in a very tiny and short paragraph. He is a psycho, creepy loser that got what was coming to him. The End!

And as for their father... it was good to see that they were able to get some kind of closure with him. He still has a long way to go but with their help he was able to make some good decisions and get the help he so desperately needed. I don't think they will ever be close but at least they know they did everything they could to help him out whether he deserved it or not.

And let me just say... I absolutely LOVED the weddings!! It was the perfect way to end an amazing series!! I cannot tell you how many times I have read this series but the more I do... the more I love it!! This series is definitely an all time favorite for me and has gotten me out of many a reading funks!! Shannon's books are literally my go to's whenever anything is going wrong. I know that by picking up any of her books my day will be brighter and my load will be lighter!! It really is a great break from reality!!

So I say if you have NOT read this series.. you are missing out and you DEFINITELY need to add these to your TBR List... you will not be disappointed!! ;)

Oh... and a little tidbit I learned this time around?! How Shannon came up with the titles for the books in this series!! It was from the song Ho Hey by The Lumineers!! And yes... even though I've read this series at least 6 times I JUST caught it!! How cool and perfect is that?! ;)

And of course I can't forget my casting!! ;)


Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Shadows in the Curtain by Cami Checketts


Every stage actress wants fans, but what happens when one goes too far?

Emmy has the perfect life— a house on the beach, a successful career headlining the local theater, and love. But when a brutal murder brings unimaginable grief, Emmy’s world comes crashing down. As she tries to pick up the pieces, she can’t seem to avoid Josh, the new fireman in town. 

Emmy does her best to fight the sizzle in her chest when Josh is near. But with the stalker still out there, terrorizing her and those she cares about, she can’t fall for anyone—especially Josh, a suspect in the murder investigation.

If Emmy allows a man to get close, it’s not just her heart she puts at risk, it’s her life.

My Review: 4.5 Stars

2nd time around and it is still super cute! *dreamy sigh*

Emmy is extremely happy with her life. She is married to her best friend, has the perfect house on the beach and a successful career headlining at the local theater. Of course any successful actress has admirers and sometimes a stalker. When Emmy starts receiving threatening notes, her happy life starts to crumble. Tragedy strikes when the stalker kills her husband. Emmy has a hard time moving forward. She no longer feels safe and has no clue who she can trust.  

Josh is in need of a fresh start. When an opportunity arises to transfer to a small town fire station in Oregon, he jumps at the opportunity. This is exactly what he needs to put his life back together. When he first lays eyes on Emmy, he is hooked. But being burned in past relationships has him hesitant to move forward with getting to know her. When he finds out that she's married, he tries his best to stay away and forget her. The moment he hears of the murder of Emmy's husband, he is determined to help find out who is responsible so that Emmy can move on with her life and feel safe again.

Emmy and Josh's connection is extremely strong. No matter how hard they try to stay away from each other, they just can't. Small towns make it hard to avoid anyone. Emmy finally decides to let her guard down and try to move forward with her life. But the closer she gets to Josh, the more danger they both are in. Can they figure out who the stalker is before it's too late? Or will Emmy lose another chance at love and happiness?

So picture this. You're sitting in your room at night reading a murder mystery book. It's quiet and dark. You are completely lost in the book... reading an intense scene... the heroine screams... at the same time the neighbor kids next door start pounding on the wall that separates your apartment from theirs... and. You. Jump. Sky. High! Not gonna lie... I got freaked out! Gotta love when an author can grab you and suck you so far into their book that the outside world just disappears! Cami Checketts really knows how to bring her books to life for her readers! Seriously loving all her books! 

And this casting... *dreamy sigh* Love them!! <3

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Love Under Construction by Danyelle Ferguson


Charlee was angry . . .

What do you do when your boss makes someone else the lead on a big renovation project that should rightfully be yours? You quit. On second thought, that might not be the best idea, but Charlee Jackson has never been one for second thoughts. Instead, she lands a big contract of her own. She’s jumping into her new life—work boots, tool belt and all. Now she just needs to form a company and hire contractors and buy supplies and get an office . . . and not fall in love with her former boss's son. Yeah. Definitely not that last one.

Peter was torn . . .

You can’t date someone who works for you, but now that his dad let Charlee walk out the door, Peter Elliot is considering his options. Charlee was their top renovation expert, his best friend’s sister, and the only thing that made the drudgery of running a large construction business bearable. But how do you date a competitor, especially one your father is trying to drive out of business? It would be stupid to make your dad angry right before he retires and hands the company over to you. Right?

When Charlee and Peter are scheduled to work on the same Indulgence Row house, their feelings and priorities are put to the test. They need to make a choice, and they better be quick about it, because the whole mixture is curing fast and threatening to crumble to pieces.

My Review: 4 Stars

2nd time around and this is still cute! :)

Charlee absolutely loves renovation work. It doesn't matter if it's a house or a desk, she is in her element when she's restoring things to their former glory. When the opportunity arises to renovate Indulgence Row, Charlee would love nothing more than to take lead on the project. She takes her idea to her boss only to be told that Peter will be the project leader. Charlee gives him an ultimatum, let her be lead or she'll quit. George refuses and Charlee leaves to start up her own restoration company. 

Peter is furious when he finds out what his father has done. He can't believe his father let their top renovation expert quit because of his father's stupid pride of letting a woman take lead on a project. He knows that she would be the perfect lead but he can't go against his father's wishes... not when he is so close to his father retiring and him taking over Elliot Construction. But there is one positive that can come out of Charlee no longer working for Elliot Construction.. Peter can now act on his feelings for her.

Watching Charlee and Peter embark on their journey of transitioning from friends to a couple was not without its ups and downs. There were several outside forces trying to keep them apart. But that didn't stop them. They were able to learn about themselves as individuals as well as a couple and became stronger because of it.  

Love Under Construction sucked me in from the very beginning and I could not put it down! I loved every minute of it! I laughed, I cried, I let out lots of dreamy sighs... I even growled in frustrations and wanted to Gibbs slap several people. In other words... it had everything to make it a great book! If only it would NOT have just ended! I know this is a series and it will pick up shortly after were it left off but I wanted just a little bit more! But then again when you love the book, it's never quite long enough... ;) 

And what do you think about this casting?! I love it! :) 

Content: Mild language.

*I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review*
Sunday, March 12, 2017

Sweet Confections by Danyelle Ferguson


According to Rachel Marconi chocolate heals all wounds. That and throwing darts at pictures of her ex-boyfriend. Burned by yet another bad relationship, Rachel decides to reprioritize her life, putting her dream to compete on a Food Network Challenge on the top of her list and dating at the bottom crossed out in red sharpie.

But what's a girl to do when a certain sexy guy keeps asking her out?

Cue in Graydon Green, a former pro hockey player turned restaurant owner. After a lot of persistent and humorous teasing, he finally convinces Rachel to commit to a date. Just when things begin to warm up, threatening notes directed at Rachel arrive. When her bakery is vandalized, Graydon's protective streak goes on red alert. Is it her obsessive ex-boyfriend stalking her? Or maybe a challenger trying to sabotage the competition?

Either way, Rachel is definitely going to need more chocolate - perhaps drizzled over ice cream and devil's food cake.

My Review: 5 Stars

2nd time reading this book and I loved it just as much! It's definitely one that I will be rereading over and over again! :)

Rachel can see it now. A sparkly ring on her left ring finger. She is this close to getting her happily ever after. This. Close. That is until her boyfriend Nico tells her that he's married. Married with kids. How did she not see this?! Without even thinking she punches him in the face and runs away. But Nico just won't let her leave the restaurant. She has to let him explain everything. The more she tries to leave, the more aggressive he gets.

Enter in the very handsome Graydon Green who comes to her rescue and offers her a safe place to hide out until Nico is gone and her cab arrives. While she's sitting in the office talking to the handsome stranger she decides that enough is enough. It's time to get her life back on track. She needs to focus on her bakery and competing on a Food Network Challenge and winning. Men are completely off the table.

But Graydon has a different plan in mind. He has never met anyone like Rachel before and he is determined to get to know her better. He soon realizes that he'll need to take things slow if he ever wants a chance with her. But he has all the time in the world to make her his. She just doesn't know it yet.. ;)

And just when things start to heat up between Rachel and Graydon, unseen forces arise and throw a wrench in their happily ever after. Between her stalker, threatening notes, vandalism, and sabotage at the competition, Rachel and Graydon will have to hold on tight and hope they discover who's behind it all before it's too late.

Loved... Loved... LOVED Sweet Confections! I could not put it down! Rachel and Graydon had an awesome relationship! Rachel is a little firecracker! I loved how she just said whatever popped into her mind and didn't seem to have a filter. Graydon was just amazing! He was patient, he was encouraging, he had faith in her and always knew exactly what to do when she needed him most.

I think one of my favorite scenes was when he met her family for Sunday dinner! Hilarious! And I loved little Stockton! Such a sweet precious child! I got all teary eyed when he talked to Graydon... you just have to read the book to know what I'm talking about... ;) *sigh*

I loved the mystery added into the mix. I had my suspicions pretty early on and even though I am not a patient person when it comes to mysteries, I let the story unfold naturally and really enjoyed that element of the book.

I loved all the characters and the relationships they had with each other. The book was just amazing! I can't wait to read the next book in the series!

Danyelle Ferguson is definitely a new favorite of mine! Can't wait to try some of the recipes at the end of the book! A huge plus if you ask me! ;)

And of course no review of mine would be complete without the casting. What do you think?! *dreamy sigh*

Content: Mild language and mild violence.
Saturday, March 11, 2017

Kissing Cousins by Marcia Lynn McClure


Poppy Amore loved her job waitressing at Good Ol' Days Family Restaurant. No one could ask for a better working environment. After all, her best friend Whitney worked there, and her boss, restaurant owner Mr. Dexter, was a kind, understanding, grandfatherly sort of man. Furthermore, the job allowed Poppy to linger in the company of Mr. Dexter's grandson Swaggart Moretti-the handsome and charismatic head cook at Good Ol' Days.

Secretly, Swaggart was far more to Poppy than just a man who was easy to look at. In truth, she had harbored a secret crush on him for years-since her freshman year in high school, in fact. And although the memory of her feelings-even the lingering truth of them-haunted Poppy the way a veiled, unrequited love always haunts a heart, she had learned to simply find joy in possessing a hidden, anonymous delight in merely being associated with Swaggart. Still, Poppy had begun to wonder if her heart would ever let go of Swaggart Moretti-if any other man in the world could ever turn her head.

When the dazzling, uber-fashionable Mark Lawson appeared one night at Good Ol' Days, however, Poppy began to believe that perhaps her attention and her heart would be distracted from Swaggart at last. Mark Lawson was every girl's fantasy-tall, uniquely handsome, financially well-off, and as charming as any prince ever to appear in fairy tales. He was kind, considerate, and, Poppy would find, a true, old-fashioned champion. Thus, Poppy Amore willingly allowed her heart and mind to follow Mark Lawson-to attempt to abandon the past and an unrequited love and begin to move on.

But all the world knows that real love is not so easily put off, and Poppy began to wonder if even a man so wonderful as Mark Lawson could truly drive Swaggart Moretti from her heart. Would Poppy Amore miss her one chance at happiness, all for the sake of an unfulfilled adolescent's dream?

My Review: 4 Stars

March 2017 - This is still a super cute read! :)

Poppy is completely and totally head over heels in love with Swaggart and has been for a very long time! And sadly she thinks that Swaggart will only view her as just a friend. When she meets Mark and he shows interest in her, she decides that it is time to try and move on from the handsome Swaggart.

Poor Swaggart is in love with Poppy as well but has a hard time believing that someone like Poppy would want to be with him. He loves being the head cook at Good Ol' Days and really can't see himself doing anything else. He thinks that he doesn't have anything to offer her. But he has a hard time letting go of her when Mark steps into the picture. And when his grandfather finds Poppy's "Dreams to Do" List and shows Swaggart her #1 dream he decides that he could at least help her check it off her list. ;)

For me, I did not like Mark at all! The little things he did just bugged me! I can't explain it. Maybe it is because I am totally Team Swaggart or maybe it was because those things were just plain annoying. Either way... I didn't like him. Lol. I know his part was important in the book because it gave Poppy another option but I am Team Swaggart all the way! Haha.

I loved watching Poppy and Swaggart move from friendship to something more. From him checking off #1 on her list, to an evening under the stars, to their first date... I loved it all! And when they both admit that they are and have been in love with each other for forever... perfect! Throw in all the songs and good times from Good Ol' Days and you have me wishing that everything about this book was real! I would LOVE to be able to visit!

If you are looking for a book full of friendship, laughter, good music, love and just good times then this is the book for you! Pick it up! You won't be disappointed!

And of course I just have to share my casting choices... ;)

Author's Corner #3

Welcome to Author's Corner hosted by Bookworm NationKatie's Clean Book Collection and KJ's Book Nook! Once a month we will feature either a favorite author or new to us author. We will share the author's bio, one of our favorite books of theirs and a review. Each of us will be featuring a different author each month so there will also be links to each of our posts.

For this month's Author's Corner I am going to choose...

Shelly is a NEW YORK TIMES & USA TODAY bestselling author from a small town in Georgia and loves everything about the south. She is wife to a fantastical husband and stay-at-home mom to two boisterous and mischievous boys who keep her on her toes. She hoards paperbacks, devours sweet tea, searches year-round for candy corn, and loves to spend time with her family and friends, go out to eat at new restaurants, sightsee in the new areas they travel to, listen to music, and, of course, loves to read, but doesn't have much time to these days with all the characters filling her head begging to come out.

Her own books happen by accident and she revels in the writing and imagination process. She doesn't go anywhere without her notepad for fear of an idea creeping up and not being able to write it down immediately, even in the middle of the night, where her best ideas are born.


I stumbled upon Shelly by complete accident and I have loved every book of hers I have read! When I first thought of featuring Shelly, this was the first book that came to mind. I just had to share! :) 

Ava has watched her parents, Caleb and Maggie, live the perfect fairy tale, the perfect love story, played out in front of her eyes her entire life. Her family is love, life, and happiness. The Jacobsons are everything a family should be and Ava is loved and well taken care of. But the one thing that’s missing from her life is the one thing she’s waited for every day, the one thing her kind knows will make them complete, the one thing they thought was gone and lost forever.

Her significant.

Seth has lived with the Watsons his entire life. They’re the only family he knows, but he knows that there are things they keep from him. He knows that they lie and they do unspeakable evil, things from when he was a child that he can barely remember that cling to the edges of his memory. He barely remembers his real mother and all he knows is what he’s told. He doesn’t know what to trust. He wants to believe that the Watsons love and care for him, have his best interest at heart, but isn’t so sure of that anymore when he finally—after a lifetime of waiting for her—meets his soulmate, and the Watson’s first act is to try to take her away from him.

The Virtuoso worlds collide, hearts are exposed, humans are endangered, and the lives of Seth and Ava are changed forever. They’ll have to love without judgment or reservation, they’ll have to be wise and accepting beyond their years, they’ll have to forgive for things before they’ve even happened, they’ll have to trust without seeing, have faith without knowing, and they’ll have to light their own way in the dark when everyone else is blind to show them the way. And more than anything else…

they’ll fight like hell to keep each other.

You can check out my review here.


And don't for get to check out Kathy's post here and Katie's post here


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Happy reading my fellow bookworms! 
Thursday, March 9, 2017

At Last by Shannon Guymon


Maya Tenney just wants to feel safe again. She never would have pictured herself as a woman who runs from danger, but being put in the hospital by a violent man has made her realize that staying alive is more important than her pride. She'll even move in with the grouchiest man she knows if that will scare off her ex.

Tristan Jensen knows what it's like to deal with heartbreak, but he's not okay with anyone who hurts women. He's intrigued with Maya but he's done with women who manipulate and use others. Will these two be able to get past their misconceptions of each other or will they let pride destroy what could be a great love story?

My Review: 5 Stars

Oh. My. Gosh! I still LOVE this book! It was AMAZING! The perfect set up for the final book in the Fircrest series. I can't WAIT! Eeeeeeeeek! <3

Maya is on the run from her abusive ex boyfriend and finds herself in our dear town of Fircrest. All she wants is a fresh start and to feel safe. When she starts getting the cold shivers running down her spine and the feeling that she's being watched, she knows that Carter has found her. Now how is she going to be able to feel safe again?!

Tristan was burned by his ex girlfriend. While he was thinking it was true love, that they were meant to be together... she was out looking for bigger and better and ends up leaving him and taking his heart with her. She has turned Tristan into a bitter, grouchy man who refuses to ever trust women again. That is until Maya comes along and starts to open his eyes. She helps him to see that while his ex stole his heart right out of his chest... with hope and faith he can grow a new and better one.

Maya and Tristan were perfect for each other! They totally helped to balance the other out and helped each other to see just how strong they both really are. They learned together that life can and will go on and maybe... just maybe... it'll be better than they could ever imagine!

I absolutely LOVED At Last!! It was AMAZING!! Not only do we get to know Tristan and Maya better but we get to catch up with some of our other favorites in Fircrest. Meredith is still trying to scare everyone into doing what she wants them to do... Cleo is just as loving as she always is... Becket, Kam and Pule are their same overprotective selves that will do anything to keep their loved ones safe.. and Posey... oh my dear Posey! She is still a little firecracker that is NOT afraid to speak her mind! And I loved every last minute of this book!!

I seriously love all things Shannon Guymon and I especially love all things Fircrest!! I am so glad that there will be another series from our dearest friends in Fircrest because I seriously cannot get enough!! All these books can definitely put a smile on my face... brighten my dark days... and give me hope for better things!!

Shannon... I've said it before and I'll say it again... You. Are. AMAZING!! Thank you for writing all these books!! You seriously are a ROCKSTAR!! I cannot WAIT to see what you have in store for us next!! ;)

And let me guess... you're dying to see my casting choice... right?! Well... I absolutely LOVE this one!! Eeeeek!! Are you ready?!

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Free Fallin by Shannon Guymon


In the past, Pule Matafeo hasn't had the best reputation but now he’s stepping up when others need to count on him. He's doing his best to be a responsible man, so when Posey Tyler shows up and throws his whole life into commotion, he's not sure whether to run or embrace the wildness. And when tragedy strikes, Pule is the one people turn to to hold the family together, bringing everyone closer than ever before. Will he choose a life without risk, or will he give Posey a chance to hold his heart? But if he gambles on love, will everything he’s worked hard to rebuild, be destroyed?

My Review: 5+ Stars

Oh my gosh! Rereading this book was just as hard the 2nd time around! Oh the feels are SO real! </3

I will say up front that this is going to be the hardest review I have ever had to write. And once you read this book you will totally understand why. I currently have a love/hate relationship with it. I LOVED it! I really did! But there are just some things that really SUCKED! You have all been warned! But don't let that discourage you... you just HAVE to read Free Fallin!

When we first met Pule he was the biggest punk on the face of the planet! I had wanted to knock him out so many times it was not even funny! Everything was all about him and how he could get what he wanted. Then things started happening around him to open his eyes and see that the way he had been living was not the way he wanted to live. He started wanting what all his cousins and brother had... love. But not just any love... a love that is all consuming... a love that would make life worth living... a love that would last for eternity.

Posey... Posey... Posey... oh how I love her! She may seem like the shy, quiet girl but really... she's a little firecracker who loves very passionately. She's a vigilante for the underdogs.. someone who will always be there for you and help in any way that she can... whether she knows you or not. She is definitely NOT Pule's type and knows it. But this girl is determined. And once she makes up her mind?! Watch out world! She's independent.. is not afraid to be the real her.. and has no filter. I loved her honesty! She is absolutely perfect for our dear, sweet, amazing Pule.

I loved watching Pule fall for Posey. They had a very, very rocky start and Pule really didn't want to have anything to do with her. But over time they become friends and slowly but surely he falls head over heels in love with her. He FINALLY gets to experience what everyone else has... an all consuming love that makes life worth living... a love that just completes him. And he wouldn't have it any other way... *dreamy sigh*

I know it's been said before... and I'm going to add my two cents in... seriously... keep tissues handy!! You WILL need them... I PROMISE!! If I felt the way that I did while reading, I can only imagine how Shannon was feeling while writing!! I know that she has no control over what her characters do... so I will say.... CURSE YOU CHARACTERS!! How could you DO this to me?!

With all that being said I will say again how much I LOVED this book!! It was an amazing, emotional roller coaster ride that I had a VERY hard time putting down!! To be able to write a book like this and have it turn out AMAZING even with all the twists and turns (that you will NOT see coming) shows how much of a ROCKSTAR Shannon is!! Seriously... she is an exceptional writer who is and always will be one of my all time FAVORITEST writers EVER!! I love you Shannon!! I cannot WAIT to see what you have in store for us next!!

And there is NO way I can forget my casting... hehe. What do you think?! Personally... I think they are perfect!! ;)

Sunday, March 5, 2017

My One and Only By Shannon Guymon


Meredith Jensen has seen her share of ups and downs. She’s found love twice already and lost it in spectacularly traumatic ways. Now? She just wants a peaceful life, free from love and drama. Meredith’s plans for the future center around planning other people’s weddings and her new online dating website. Just because she works to help other people find love doesn’t mean she wants any part of it though. Unfortunately for Meredith’s plans, Asher Murphy is determined to get her to give love another chance. But then again, so is Pule Matafeo. Meredith has never denied that she’s stubborn and feisty so it might take the combined forces of all their friends in Fircrest to get her heart back on track in time for Valentine’s Day.

My Rating: 5 Stars!!

2nd read of My One and Only and I may or may not have devoured it in one afternoon... ;) Hehe. Rereading these books is seriously making me so happy!

Oh my goodness gracious great balls of fire Batman!! So many feelings!! I just don't know where to start!! My One and Only was absolutely AMAZING!! I LOVED it!!

Meredith and Asher are no strangers to our town of Fircrest. I'm sure along the way you have loved them and also may have wanted to shake them a bit and say "What in the world is wrong with you?!" At least I did! ;)

Meredith is pretty much broke. Her wedding planning business just is not taking off like she had hoped it would. She knew she needed to come up with something and fast before she either ended up on the streets or moving back home with her mom and dad. While talking with Asher she comes up with the brilliant idea of starting a dating service. And Asher, being the business savvy kind of guy that he is, takes the idea and runs with it. Enter in Brogan Moore and you now have True Love, L.L.C.

Things are going great! And then all of the sudden Asher and Pule Matafeo decide that they BOTH have feelings for Meredith! But what does Meredith do?! Well... she decides that she has been hurt by love one too many times and she would rather concentrate on getting her business up and running. She thinks she can be happy with lots of friends around her and that she doesn't need love in her life. What?! I know!! Crazy, right?! *sigh* This girl I tell ya! After hurting Asher she enlists Pule's help to make things right between the two of them. What starts out as Pule helping Meredith get Asher back as a friend turns into the whole Fircrest crew trying to get Meredith to open her eyes and see how much Asher really does love her, how much she really does love him and just how perfectly perfect they are for each other!!

One of the things I love most about Asher and Meredith is that they are just so passionate! When they love... they love hard... they will do anything and everything to hold on to what they've got... and as we saw in the other books... that isn't always a good thing. However, in My One and Only, you can see just how much those choices have affected them and see how much they want to change for the better. They really have grown up a lot!

Pule has also grown up quite a bit. Having to experience what happened to Cleo has really opened his eyes and mellowed him out. Once he realizes just how much Asher loves Meredith he does the only thing he can and that is to help his best friend get the girl he loves. I think one of my favorite parts is the moment that Pule and Asher share at The Iron Skillet. I'm not going to say anymore.. you'll just have to read the book to find out what I am talking about. :)

This journey for Meredith and Asher was more than just finding true love. It was a journey of self discovery.. of healing past hurts.. of hope that there is more to life then what they had been through.. of growing.. of learning.. of gaining new friendships and strengthening old ones.. finding peace with the past.. knowing that what they had been through had made them who they are.. and just knowing that no matter what has happened in the past they most definitely deserve their own HEA. And I. Loved. Every. Single. Minute!

Another amazing book by Shannon!! I seriously love everything that she creates!! She just has a way of sucking you in and not letting you go until the very end!! I am definitely looking forward to the other books in this series!! I can't wait to see Pule and Tristan get their own HEA!! So Shannon... when does the next book come out?! ;) Hehe.

And no... I have not forgotten your... I mean MY favorite part... ;) Hehe. My casting choice for Meredith and Asher...

A Passion for Cleo by Shannon Guymon


Cleo McCarthy is a free spirit who loves nothing more than to help her friends and have a little fun while she's at it. When Rayne and Ivy Nyman hire her to be their bodyguard and move to Fircrest, Washington, she jumps at the chance for a little adventure. But after watching Ivy get shot and ending up in a car crash with Rayne that leaves her injured and traumatized, the quiet life begins to look better and better. Peace and quiet doesn't last long though when Asher Murphy and Tai Matafeo both decide to claim her heart. Cleo soon finds out that love is the best adventure there is. But when the threat that hangs over Rayne and Ivy drags her back into danger, Cleo will be left wondering if she'll be able to survive long enough to enjoy the love she's found.

My Review: 5+ Stars!!

Just finished reading this for the 2nd time and I still feel exactly the same as I did the first time I read this! It's still AMAZING! *dreamy sigh*

I am in heaven!!! I absolutely LOVED A Passion For Cleo!!! And I hate to admit it but this one is now my new favorite book in the Love and Flowers Trilogy!! Gotta love those strong finishes to an AWESOME series!!

Our amazing heroine, Cleo, is a fun loving, adventurer who will do everything she can to help her family and friends anytime they need it. She is such an easy going person who is confident and full of life!

Cleo's life gets thrown off balance when she is shot and later gets in a horrific car crash that leaves her wheelchair bound and later stuck on crutches. She can no longer protect Rayne and Ivy and starts to have doubts about her life and about love.

Enter Tai. *sigh* I just have to say that I absolutely LOVE him!! Tai is hired to help protect the girls and in the process he's able to get to know Cleo on a more personal level. He's sweet, funny, loyal, gorgeous and just AMAZING!! And the best part?!?! He actually SEES Cleo for who she is on the inside and doesn't care that she's battered, bruised, in a wheelchair, on crutches... he sees her and KNOWS that she is beautiful!! His only problem is convincing her that the way he feels is REAL!!

You see our dear, sweet Asher has put those doubts about love in Cleo's head. He tells her she only has a hero worship for Tai and that he only sees her as a victim... someone who needs to be saved. I swear I wanted to slap him the first half of the book! Enter Meredith... yes... I said Meredith... who helps Cleo to help Asher see that he needs to GROW UP and STOP being such a spoiled little brat who thinks he's entitled to everything being handed to him on a golden platter!! And believe it or not folks... Asher indeed starts to grow up a little. Granted he still has a ways to go BUT he's started the process!! Wahoo!!

And I just have to mention Pule!! Oh my goodness!! I love him!! There is definitely more to his story and I am crossing my fingers and hoping he'll get his HEA!! There is a part in the book between him and Cleo that brought tears to my eyes... *sigh* He's just another lost soul who needs some lovin!!

Anyway... back to Cleo and Tai! *sigh* I totally LOVE these two! The first I Love You's were perfect! And meeting the Matafeo's?! Cleo really showed that she will do ANYTHING for the people that she loves!! She was a real trooper!! AND she got a cupcake named after her!! How awesome is that?!?! Lol. You are just going to have to read the story to find out WHY!! It's HILARIOUS... I promise!! ;)

And then the craziness comes!! Oh my heck!! The way the whole story with Rayne and Ivy was wrapped up was fabulous!! There was a bit of suspense that I was NOT expecting! I kept changing positions while reading and just couldn't sit still! I had a feeling about who was behind everything but was still surprised in the end.

A Passion for Cleo was just FANTABULOUS!! I LOVED every minute of it!! I laughed out loud, I got teary eyed, I got angry and of course I fell in love all over again with ALL of our Fircrest friends!!

Shannon you have an AMAZING talent and I am SO glad that you are willing to share it with all of us!! I can't WAIT to see what you have in store for the next series!! And yes... I am one of those crazy fans who lives for the next book! What can I say! I love what I love! ;)

And of course I gotta add my casting choice!! ;)

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Falling For Rayne by Shannon Guymon


Garrett Murphy is used to rejection. As a child, he was rejected by his mother and as a man he was rejected by Jane Kendall. Going without love has turned Garrett into a man who doesn't trust in a woman's heart. So when he meets Rayne Nyman, she's too good to be true. She's beautiful, talented and sweet. She also happens to be a world renowned pianist. He knows there's no way she'd ever want to stay in Fircest with him when she could be living the life she was born to. Rayne is determined to prove him wrong and show him that love can be forever but when she comes under fire and her life is put in danger, she might not have the chance.

My Rating: 5 Stars

03/01/17 - It was time to pull this book out and reread it again! My first book of my Rereading Madness! YAY! Believe it or not... I have honestly forgotten who the bad guy is! It's like I'm reading it for the first time! ;) Hehe.

*dreamy sigh*

Falling for Rayne is A-MAZ-ING!! I absolutely LOVED it!!

Garrett has been a favorite of mine since the Love and Dessert trilogy and I was absolutely THRILLED to find out that he was going to get his own series with his very own HEA!! If anyone deserves one it's definitely him!! And of course Rayne does too!! She is completely PERFECT for him!! I just have to say that she was one determined little firecracker and I loved it!! They both kind of had a crappy childhood but being together makes them want to live... be happy... and just enjoy life! And seeing Rayne enjoying the little things in life just made my heart smile!! I'm always saying it's the little things that matter the most! :)

I'm loving all the characters in this series already! Ivy... Cleo... Becket... Asher... I am SO excited for their stories! I have my thoughts on how things are going to work out and I'm secretly hoping I'm right... ;) Hehe. I foresee twists... turns... and secrets... ;)

And the little added mystery?! Very intrigued and also have a few suspicions... I don't want to give anything away but I think it's going to be a bit surprising to see how it all ends. Graham and Liam are just creepy and I know we haven't seen the last of them... *shivers*

Shannon... you are AMAZING!! Once again you sucked me in and I just could not stop reading once I started!! And after reading this book I have to say that Falling for Rayne was indeed the PERFECT title!! I cannot wait to read the next book in this series... let the adventures continue!! ;)

And of course the casting... how perfect is this?! I can TOTALLY see Stephen Amell as Garrett... can't you?! ;)

2017 Rereading Madness!

So... I have been thinking for a little while about rereading a bunch of my favorite books. I wanted to come up with a catchy name, a fun meme picture and dedicate a month to rereading amazing books!

Since March is March Madness for basketball, I thought it would also be the perfect month to do my rereading challenge! And because I plan to cram as many books in as possible during the month, I thought Rereading Madness would be a good name for it!

And now... without further adieu... I give you my list!

1. Undeniably Chosen by Shelly Crane
2. Shadows in the Curtain by Cami Checketts
3. Kissing Cousins by Marcia Lynn McClure
4. Pimpernel by Sheralyn Pratt
5. Hawaiian Masquerade by Rachelle J. Christensen
6. Sweet Confections by Danyelle Ferguson
7. Love Under Construction by Danyelle Ferguson
8. Falling for Rayne by Shannon Guymon
9. Dreaming of Ivy by Shannon Guymon
10. A Passion for Cleo by Shannon Guymon
11. My One and Only by Shannon Guymon
12. Free Fallin by Shannon Guymon
13. At Last by Shannon Guymon
14. My Sweetheart by Shannon Guymon

Ambitious? Yes! Crossing my fingers that I can read them all!

If you want to join me in the Rereading Madness then grab the picture, make your list and then come share your post! If you don't have a blog, comment below with your list! Can't wait to see which books you'll be rereading!