Saturday, March 25, 2017

My Sweetheart by Shannon Guymon


Jane Kendall loves her new life. She loves baking. She loves working with her sisters. And oh yeah, she loves Tate Matafeo most of all. Which would be great if he loved her back. Jane refuses to let heartbreak rule her life though, so she turns to Google and finds 10 easy steps on How To Fall Out Of Love. As helpful as Google is, Tate Matafeo is a hard habit to break especially when her new friend Meredith insists she come to a Rugby game and Tate happens to be on the team. Alex Foster is one man willing to take her mind off of Tate, but Jane knows trouble when she sees it and ends up getting a restraining order. Between Kit's wedding, Tate's mixed signals, Alex's obsession and her father's rehab, Jane wonders if she'll ever get her happy ending.

My Review: 5 Stars

So... I've got no clue how many times I have reread this book! I've lost count! Haha. I still absolutely LOVE it! *dreamy sigh* These Matafeo men! Where can I find me one?! ;)

Okay... I changed my mind! My Sweetheart is my FAVORITE in the Love and Dessert Trilogy!! I was really sad to see it end and I immediately wanted to start it all over again the second I finished!!

Jane is a hopeless romantic who is hopelessly in love with Tate Matafeo and has been from the moment she met him. The sad thing is, he's a stubborn man and even though he feels the same way that she does, he will not do anything about his feelings. Like I said.. stubborn man!! Grrr.

Jane decides that she is going to do anything and everything she can to get over Tate. Not only did she consult Google for help but she also enlisted Rob, yes.. I said Rob, to help her as well. In actuality Jane and Rob end up helping each other... she needs to get over Tate and he needs to get over Kit. It's a win/win. ;) We get to see how much Rob really does regret doing the things he did to Kit and we also get to see him making some changes in his life. In the end... you will end up liking him... I promise!


And as for Tate... the poor guy is torn between his love for Jane and his respect for his family. They are very traditional people and do not really like change.. but who can blame them?! None of us do! They really only wanted what they thought was best for Tate. And, thanks to Jane, they were able to open their eyes and see that happiness is what they want the most for him. And his happiness is JANE!! I absolutely LOVED when she went up to Toa and Pika in the restaurant and thanked them for helping to raise an amazing man that she would soon be able to call her husband. That took a lot of guts and really helped them to see just who Tate was bringing into their family. It was awesome!

Ugh! Let's just address the creep Alex in a very tiny and short paragraph. He is a psycho, creepy loser that got what was coming to him. The End!

And as for their father... it was good to see that they were able to get some kind of closure with him. He still has a long way to go but with their help he was able to make some good decisions and get the help he so desperately needed. I don't think they will ever be close but at least they know they did everything they could to help him out whether he deserved it or not.

And let me just say... I absolutely LOVED the weddings!! It was the perfect way to end an amazing series!! I cannot tell you how many times I have read this series but the more I do... the more I love it!! This series is definitely an all time favorite for me and has gotten me out of many a reading funks!! Shannon's books are literally my go to's whenever anything is going wrong. I know that by picking up any of her books my day will be brighter and my load will be lighter!! It really is a great break from reality!!

So I say if you have NOT read this series.. you are missing out and you DEFINITELY need to add these to your TBR List... you will not be disappointed!! ;)

Oh... and a little tidbit I learned this time around?! How Shannon came up with the titles for the books in this series!! It was from the song Ho Hey by The Lumineers!! And yes... even though I've read this series at least 6 times I JUST caught it!! How cool and perfect is that?! ;)

And of course I can't forget my casting!! ;)


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