Wednesday, August 5, 2015

With a Dreamboat in a Hammock by Marcia Lynn McClure


“Sir, I am so sorry,” Valynn started to apologize as her intestines began to twist themselves into knots of anxiety. “I had no idea who you were. I thought you…well, that you were here to lock up the building or something. I don’t even know what I thought really…but I didn’t think you were, you know, you.”

Valynn found herself uncharacteristically breathless as he smiled down at her and said, “It’s fine. Valynn? Is that right?”

“Yeah,” she managed to answer.

“It’s good to finally meet you,” he said. “And your work is…” He shook his head with admiration. “Your work really is the best I’ve ever seen.”

“Th-thank you! Wow, that means more than you can imagine…coming from you.” she stammered...

Instantly Valynn realized that she’d never really seen a photograph of the well-known photographer and entrepreneur. His work was so popular, as well as artistic, that she’d never paused to wonder what the man behind the camera looked like. But if she had taken a moment to wonder, she never, ever, ever would’ve imagined he was six foot three-ish, with gorgeous raven black hair, eyes that looked like two sapphires had been placed in them, the firmest, squarest, most perfectly shaped chin and jaw she’d ever seen on a man, and an overall appearance of just plain sigh-inducing hotness!

My Review: 3.5 Stars

Valynn loves photography and restoring old photographs. When an opening presents itself to join Wolfe Photography doing the very thing she loves, she jumps at the opportunity. She was not expecting the owner Jensen Wolfe to be so young or so good looking! She is definitely going to enjoy her work and the scenery while there! ;) 

When Jensen first lays eyes on Valynn he was hooked. Seeing her little victory dance after restoring an Edwardian bride had a lot to do with it but he can't help but think how adorable, funny and passionate she is about her work. They were both goners from the very beginning. ;) Their courtship was cute and drama free.

While this book was cute and I enjoyed it, it seemed to lack some of the Marcia trademarks that I fell in love with. I can't explain exactly what was missing but just that something was. But if you are looking for a quick, drama free, cute, fluff read then this is definitely a good choice to curl up with! :) 

And yes... I did casting for this one too! Aren't they cute?! ;)



  1. Am I allowed to respectfully disagree with your rating? 😉 I've read ALL of Marcia's books and I've noticed that she has deeper books, like Dusty Britches, Crimson Frost, and Visions of Ransom Lake. Then she has light hearted easy reads, like this one and Take a Walk With Me, and Christmas Tree Lot. So yes, in a Hammock with a Dreamboat isn't up to par with Crimson Frost, however I personally thought it was one of the better ones of her light hearted reads. I loved this one! And your casting, as always, right on!

    1. The question marks are supposed to be a wink ;) ..... just so you know I'm not digitally giving you the finger...

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    3. Haha! Of course you can disagree with my rating! I'm totally fine with that! 😉 I love all of Marcia's books but have noticed lately that I have to be in the mood for her books. This was one of her better books and I might go and bump it up to a solid 4 stars. But for some reason this book took me 3 days to read.. which is a long time for a Marcia book for me. I usually can read her books in a day, day and a half tops! I might have to reread this one later on this year... 😉 And I had fun with the casting! Ryan Paevey is one of my favorites! ♡

    4. And the winks showed up in my email.. no clue why it's not showing up in the comments! Rude! Lol.

    5. And the winks showed up in my email.. no clue why it's not showing up in the comments! Rude! Lol.