Friday, April 7, 2017

Delay of Game by Lucy McConnell


Physical therapist Elise Smith lands her dream job with the St. George Redrocks. She loves baseball and knows each player on sight before her first day of work. With the team in turmoil after the owner hires a new manager, Elise works hard to make a good impression and follow all the rules. But there’s something about relief pitcher Blake Rygs that leaves her light headed and impairs her judgement. When they are caught kissing in the physical therapy room, Elise is placed on probation. If she can’t stay away from Blake, she could lose her job. The only problem is that Blake is everywhere and it doesn’t take long before he’s worked his way into her family’s hearts by loading groceries, crashing birthday parties, and changing flat tires. The more she learns about Blake the harder it is to stick to the “no dating” rule. Can she walk away from the career she’s always dreamed of to have the man of her dreams or will the rule be a permanent delay of game?

My Review: 4 Stars

Growing up in the Smith household, it was a given that Elise's first love would always be baseball. But when she blew out her knee her life would take a different course. Landing her dream job as one of the Physical Therapists for the St. George Redrocks was just one of the silver linings to her injury. The other? Relief pitcher Blake Rygs. ;)

The moment Blake met Elise he knew he was in trouble. There was just something about her that called to him. From that first touch she was in his head and under his skin. There was an instant connection that both of them felt. But getting caught kissing by Coach Wolfe in the PT room put a damper on their "relationship". There was a strict no dating policy and if they were caught violating the rule, Elise would lose her job.

Elise does her best to stay away from Blake. She really needs this job. She can't let her family down. But the more time she spends trying to stay away from Blake, the harder it gets. Especially when he does his best to keep himself in her life.

Blake knows that he's meant to be with Elise. There is no question about it. She is his happily ever after and he will do everything in his power to make sure they end up together. He will bide his time until he can approach coach about lifting the no dating policy. After all, he's married to the owner of the team so how is that fair?!

I absolutely loved Elise and Blake! These two were made for each other! There were definitely some swoony moments between these two... ;) And I loved that Elise's family welcomed him with open arms. It was so fun to see all of them together. And how about that Kiss of Death?! ;) You'll just have to read the book to see what I'm talking about... hehe. 

I haven't read a Lucy McConnell book that I didn't like. I am loving all these series she's writing. From billionaires to baseball to Snow Valley... it gives me lots of options for reading.. ;) 

And this casting... *dreamy sigh* I love it! What do you think? 

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