Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The Rogue Knight by Marcia Lynn McClure


An aristocratic birthright and the luxurious comforts of profound wealth did nothing to comfort Fontaine Pratina following the death of her beloved parents. After two years in the guardianship of her mother’s arrogant and selfish sister, Carileena Wetherton, Fontaine’s only moments of joy and peace were found in the company of the loyal servants of Pratina Manor. Only in the kitchens and servant’s quarters of her grand domicile did Fontaine find friendship, laughter and affection.

The life of a wealthy orphan destined to inherit loomed before Fontaine—a dark cloud of shallow, arrogant associations—of aristocracy, void of simple joys—and void of love. Still, it was her lot—and she saw no way of escaping.

Yet, one cold winter’s night, a battered stranger appeared at the servant’s entrance, seeking shelter and help. He gave only his first name, Knight—and suddenly, Fontaine found herself experiencing fleeting moments of joy in life. Knight was handsome, powerful—the very stuff of the legends of days of old. Though a servant’s class was his, he was proud, strong and even his name seemed to validate his persona—and he blissfully distracted Fontaine from her dull, hopeless existence.

Still, there were devilish secrets—strategies cached by her greedy aunt—and not even the handsome and powerful Knight could save her from them. Or could he? And if he did—would the truth force Fontaine to forfeit her Knight, her heart’s desire—the man she loved?

My Review: 3 Stars

This review is going to be different than the other ones I have done because the synopsis pretty much sums everything up. Instead I'll just give my own thoughts of the book. :)

The Rogue Knight was definitely harder for me to get through this time around. While I still liked it, I didn't love it like the first time I read it.

Fontaine and Knight were just absolutely amazing! I really did love them. Both of them were selfless and only wanted to do what was best for others around them. They were focused on others' happiness instead of their own. So their HEA was perfect in my opinion! :) I also really enjoyed all the side characters. They were fun and a definite bright spot when having to deal with the aunt.

And speaking of the aunt... she was just a horrible excuse for a human being! I could not stand her! I was really glad that she wasn't in the book as much as she could have been. I don't think I would have liked it much if that were the case. And I do have to say that while I liked the ending I really wish that something bad would have happened to the aunt. I mean seriously! She is horrible! So why in the world did she have to get everything?!

I think overall it was a good read for me. There were parts that were a bit too wordy and I found myself skipping things here and there just to get to the end. I did however love all the kisses! One of the things I love most about Marcia's books is the kissing! Boy oh boy does she know how to write a kissing scene! ;) Hehe.

And we can't forget the casting choices now can we... ;)



  1. It was a good read, but yes, I agree about it getting too wordy sometimes. I think she tends to do that more in her medieval type books.

  2. I need to re-read this one! It's been soooo long!