Friday, May 1, 2015

The Last Bride by Heather Tullis


When Gage learned that George DiCarlo thought he would make a great match for his youngest daughter, Gage was not interested. Not even if she was beautiful, talented, kicked butt on hiking trails and could challenge even his love of skiing. When Jonquil's learns about it a year later, her reaction is exactly the opposite. After watching the rest of her sisters fall in love with the men her father hoped they would connect with, she is curious about the one he had planned for her. But Gage is not making it easy and plenty of problems stand between them-her half-sister, Angela, from her family back in Philadelphia seems determined to keep her on her toes and threats against Gage's family keep them guessing all the way.

My Review: 4 Stars

Finally we get Jonquil's story! Unlike all her other sisters she was very open to the idea of who her father has chosen for her. Gage on the other hand is the complete opposite! He does NOT want to have anything to do with Jonquil and does his best to avoid it at all costs! Stubborn man! Doesn't he know that it was inevitable that they would end up together?! ;)

Jonquil is an observer. She likes to sit back and watch people. She is very perceptive to all things going on around her and she doesn't miss much. She sees the kind of man that Gage is and she knows that he will do anything and everything for the people that he loves... whether they be family or friends. She also sees that he puts the needs of everyone else in front of his own. He takes care of them before he takes care of himself. When tragedy strikes she is right there at his side... doing for him what he does for everyone else.

Gage has a hard time figuring out what in the world he wants. He enjoys spending time with Jonquil and she bring happiness into his life. But no matter how much he likes having her around he is still stubborn when it comes to the wishes of her father. The more time they spend together, the more he starts to change his mind. Can his heart talk his mind into marrying Jonquil?

As for the mystery part of the book, like a few of the others in this series, it was kinda predictable. I knew early on who was in on everything and why.. but I didn't mind. I still enjoyed the book and felt like it was a good addition to the series.

I'm glad that I stumbled upon the DiCarlo Brides series. They were sweet, swoony reads that fit my moods when I was in a funk. I look forward to reading them again! :)

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