Thursday, July 14, 2016

Seaside Heartbeats by Stacy Claflin


Sometimes love shows up when you least expect it.

After years of hard work, architect Lana Summers just wants a relaxing vacation in the beach town of Kittle Falls. Instead, she suffers unexpected heart problems, and finds herself in the office of a gorgeous cardiologist—who only makes her heart work harder.

Brayden Hunter left his successful cardiology practice in Dallas to be closer to his aging parents. Focused on building a health care clinic in his hometown, he doesn't want any distractions. However, the beautiful Lana is one he can’t seem to avoid.

As their attraction grows, they stumble upon a 160-year-old mystery. Brayden catches her adventurous spirit as they chase after answers, and he can’t help falling for her. But can he convince her to stay in the small beach town and with him?Sometimes love shows up when you least expect it.

My Review: 4 Stars

Lana has spent the last 9 years in school trying to get her architecture degree in record time. When her family decides to vacation for the summer in Kittle Falls after she graduates, she is more than ready for the break. She is definitely looking forward to the down time before she starts working at the same firm as her father. But after a trip to the emergency room where she discovers she has a heart condition, she decides it's time to get her priorities straight. Does she still want the same things that 18 year old Lana wanted or does she see her life heading in a different direction?

After his dad has a medical scare, Brayden decides that it's time to move back to Kittle Falls to be closer to his family. He'll work at the hospital that's 30 minutes outside of town until he can find enough doctors who are willing to help him open up a 24 hour Urgent Care clinic in Kittle Falls. With so much going on around Brayden it's causing him to step back and reevaluate his life. He knows that someday he would like to get married and have a family. But between working long hours at the hospital and working on getting the Urgent Care up and running, there is just no time for dating right now.

From the moment Lana and Brayden first laid eyes on each other they felt an instant connection. But dating is the furthest thing from both of their minds. After a couple of chance meetings they decide that maybe fate has something else in store for them.

I really liked Lana and Brayden's relationship. Yes, it was a little fast but when it's right, it's right! I also enjoyed the mystery aspect of the book. It was fun to see them figure out the 160 year old murder of their town's founder. Another plus for me was their families. I loved the closeness that they all shared. And little Ryland and Nolan were adorable! Such a fun age! :)

There were just two things that kind of bugged me. Lana's dad being one of them. The way he treated Lana when she told him she wasn't sure which direction she wanted her life to go in got on my nerves a bit. You're an adult for crying out loud! Act like one! I swear I wanted to Gibb's slap him a time or two. Haha. And Cruz.. what is up with the way he's talking?! At times he's normal but every once in awhile he would break out in "slang". I had a hard time believing that a man his age would be ending his sentences with "yo". I have noticed it in the 3 books I have read so far and I have to admit I am a bit nervous about his book. Not sure if I'll be able to handle the "dudes" and "yos". Lol. But other than that I really enjoyed the book. I am definitely looking forward to the next book in this series.

And my casting... *sigh* Love them! :)

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