Friday, October 7, 2016

First Line Friday's #9

Ok party people! It's that time again! First Line Friday's hosted by my amazing friend Kathy over at Bookworm Nation! Are you ready?! 

This week's First Line Friday is:

The Adventurous One by Jeanette Lewis

Taylor Medlin may have taken the billionaire bride pact when she was a teenager at Camp Wallakee, but she wasn’t thinking about that when she married the man of her dreams several years later. And she certainly wasn’t thinking about the pact when she signed the divorce papers after only eighteen months.

Once burned, twice shy, Taylor has sworn off romance until a family emergency pulls her home to Sioux Falls and into the arms of old friend, Lane Carter. But Lane has his own demons and he and Taylor must decide whether the past will bring them together, or tear them apart.


"Taylor Medlin pulled open the door to the hospital chapel and stepped inside. She paused while her eyes adjusted to dimness, such a change from the corridor beyond with its sterile fluorescent lighting."

I have to tell you that I am a definite fan of the Billionaire Bride Pact series. I check Amazon and stalk both Jeanette Lewis and Cami Checketts on a regular basis to see when the next book is going to be released. The moment it is, I purchase it... I don't even read the synopsis' any more. They are auto buys for me. Hehe. I seriously cannot get enough of this series! And the covers! Holy Gorgeousness Batman! I love them all! *dreamy sigh* 

Do you want to participate in First Line? Yes?! Then tell us what your First Line is! Are you going to do a blog post? Then don't forget to link your post back to Bookworm Nation! Post your link in the comments. Don't have a blog? No worries! Just leave a comment with the title, author name and first line.

Ready?! And GO!


  1. The fifteen minutes of waiting in the small conference room at the Phoenix law firm Eaton & Eddington made me feel claustrophobic, despite the wall of windows overlooking the wide corridor.
    Bianca's Hope by Rachel Branton in The Blind Date Collection

    1. The Blind Date Collection just got added to my list! I can't wait to read it! :) Thanks for sharing! :)

  2. "Annabelle Madison could kill her sister for putting her in this situation." ~~Arms of Promise by Crystal Walton.