Saturday, October 1, 2016

Wild Heart Summer by Jenny B. Jones


Twenty-one year old Avery Crawford has had to fight for everything in her life, and this summer is no exception. When her culinary internship in a chic restaurant falls through at the last minute, she gets an unexpected offer to work on a dude ranch in the quaint town of Sugar Creek. The problem? The ranch is owned by the grandfather she's been kept from all her life.

Avery is completely out of her element with the cattle drives, trail rides, and most of all—cute ranch manager Owen Jackson. Not in the market for romance, Avery still finds herself tempted by the cowboy’s Southern charm and sweet kisses. But as secrets unravel on the ranch, Avery will have to let go of the old wounds if she wants to hold onto the love Owen offers her. When the summer’s over, Avery must risk it all—or lose much more than her heart.

My Review: 4 Stars

Avery's life hasn't always been easy. She's struggled and had to work hard for everything she has. If only her grandfather hadn't disowned her mother when she became pregnant with her. Then maybe her life might have been just a little bit easier. But no, he's been absent her entire life. He didn't even show up to her mother's funeral. 

And now here she is. Headed to Shadow Ranch. The ranch her grandfather owns. Why did her internship have to fall through?! How is she going to avoid her grandfather now? And how is she going to deal with the heartache and betrayal of the past?  

Owen knows a thing or two about heartache and betrayal. He knows that you can't let it sit and fester. If you do, you will become bitter and hateful. It will consume you and ruin any and all relationships you have. If only he can get Avery to open her eyes and see that her grandfather isn't the monster she thinks he is. If only he can get the two of them talking. He has everyone's best interest in mind but Avery sees it as the ultimate betrayal. Will his love for her be enough? Or will she keep hold of the past and ruin their future?

One summer. Just one summer. That is it. She just has to get through the internship and then she can go back to her life in New York. Away from all the secrets, away from her grandfather, away from Owen. Life will go back to normal. But what if normal is no longer what she wants? What if maybe, just maybe, she is done being alone. Can she get past all the hurt and bitterness her mother filled her with? Can she find the love and happiness that has been missing from her life? 

I really enjoyed Wild Heart Summer. The setting was perfect, the emotion was real and there were definitely some swoony moments! *dreamy sigh* It's the perfect afternoon read!

This is my very first Jenny B. Jones book and I have already added others to my TBR list! Can't wait to read more by her! :) 

And no review of my would be complete without the casting! What do you think of these two? 

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