Sunday, April 26, 2015

Soul of Flame by Rebecca Ethington


The Time for the final battle has come.

Edmund's armies have surrounded the Rioseco Abbey, trapping the few survivors inside. The sight that Ilyan was given a thousand years ago is about to come to pass.

If only Joclyn was able to fight.

Joclyn is tormented by the hallucinations that Cail’s mind has left her with, her magic an uncontrollable torrent that even Ilyan cannot control. Her moments of lucidity are broken by fears of dripping pipes and bleeding walls, and a desire to kill Ryland that she is having trouble trying to ignore.

The sight has shown her power, shown her success, but it has also shown her death – The end of her life something she is not quite willing to give up on yet.

Even past her death, the sight has shown her love, and that love may be the only key to her sanity, to her strength, and to Edmund's death.

That love may stand in her way, and a single choice may tip the scales and secure their future, or destroy their fate.

My Review: 5+ Stars

*WARNING* May contain spoilers if you have not read this series! Read at your own risk... ;)

Oh my heck!! I just have to say up front that Soul of Flame is my most favoritest book so far in this series!! It's like each book just keeps getting better and better as the series goes on!! I just don't want it to end... but then again I do... and I want Jos and Ilyan to come out on top!! Is that too much to ask?! Hehe.

As stated in previous reviews... Jos has seriously been put through the ringer! This poor girl just can NOT catch a break and it hurts my heart! But ever the strong one... she just keeps pushing forward... knowing what she has to do... know that with Ilyan's help she can face it and she will face it! She is just THAT strong! But that doesn't make the journey any easier! :( What does help make it easier?! Why Ilyan of course!! *dreamy sigh* I absolutely 110% LOVE Ilyan!! He is absolutely the most amazing man ever!!

This book not only focuses on Jos overcoming all that Edmund, Cail and Ryland have done to her but we also get to see her grow and become stronger not only with Ilyan's help but also on her own which just makes her that much more amazing! She shows everyone around her that she really is The Silnį»³.. the Chosen One who WILL take Edmund down... eventually... ;)

My favorite part of the book?! All things Jos and Ilyan!! *dreamy sigh* The love that these two have for each other literally melts my heart and turns me into a pile of goo!! Seriously... these two are at the top of my favorite couples list!! Their binding ceremony was absolutely spectacular!! I LOVED seeing Ilyan and Jos put themselves first for a change!! Seriously... words just cannot describe it!! These two are just AMAZING!! I LOVE them!! *double dreamy sigh*

And alas... I have to bring this up... but I will make it short and sweet... I promise!! Edmund, Ovailia and Sain... I seriously cannot STAND you!! I despise you all!! You are horrible excuses for human beings!! Yes... I know that Sain is Joclyn's father but there is just something about it him... I do not like the way he treats Joclyn... and I just do NOT trust him! What are you up to?! Grrrrr.

But on a happy note... Joclyn... Ilyan... Thom... Wyn... Darmin... LOVE them all!! They simply ROCK!! Hehe.

Ms. Ethington... you have done it AGAIN!! You are seriously one talented writer who can suck me in and not let me go... I LOVE IT!! :)

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