Saturday, April 9, 2016

Weekend Ramblings #5

Are you ready for another Weekend Ramblings a la KJ?!

Well then... let's get ready to raaaaammmmmbbbbbllllleeeee!!!!!

This week's rambling topic is...

*Perfect Reading Conditions*

What do I mean by perfect reading conditions? If you could snap your fingers and be transported to the perfect reading spot, with the perfect reading weather, the perfect reading snacks, even the perfect season... where are you? And while we're talking perfection... what author(s) would you be reading?

Me?! Well... the perfect season would be the fall. I would be in the mountains somewhere with a lake view, in a log cabin with a covered wraparound porch filled with big comfy chairs that I can lounge in. I would be curled up in a blanket with a cup of hot chocolate and it would be raining! Yes... I said raining! I absolutely LOVE the rain and think it's the perfect weather to curl up with a book and just read to my little hearts content. Add in a little thunder and lightening and I would be golden!

My snacks would include chips and dip, popcorn, some kind of chocolate, ice cream and Pepsi! Of course not all together because that would just be yucky! Lol. But those are some of my reading snacks.

And of course my kindle would be loaded with all kinds of fun books by Jennifer Peel, Shannon Guymon, Lucy McConnell, Cami Checketts, Nicole Deese, Jeanette Lewis, Shelly Crane... just to name a few. There are seriously WAY too many favorites to list!  

Now it's your turn! Where are you taking us on YOUR reading journey?! Inquiring minds want to know!

So come on party people... let's rrrrraaaaammmmmbbbbbllllleeeee!! ;)


  1. This is a super hard one! There's nothing I love more than to lay out in the sunshine on a beach, with the sea breeze blowing through my bun, the sun warming my skin, the ocean smell washing over me...*sigh* perfection! All I need is a tall glass of cold water and some trail mix and I'm good. But...your set up of fall makes me want to read, too. And it's so cozy to curl up with a warm blanket by the fireplace when big, fat snowflakes are falling from the sky. I love to snack on popcorn or M&M's when I read, too. How can this be so hard for me to decide?! Haha. I love Jennifer Peel, Cami Checketts, Shannon Guymon, Denise Hunter, Nicole Deese, Karen Rock, and so, so, SO many other authors!! Okay...good enough? :)

    1. I love it! And I think a fireplace is definitely perfection! It's been years since I've enjoyed a fire. I'm kinda jealous of the people who have fireplaces! My dream home will definitely have one! There's something so comforting about sitting in front of a fire place and just relaxing. The smell, the crackling, the warmth.. it just has a way of taking the stress away! That's also what rain does for me! They're just calming sounds! Add in a book to get away from reality and it's literally perfection in my opinion! ;)

    2. We have a real, wood fireplace upstairs and a gas fireplace in the basement. I don't use either nearly enough!! :)

    3. That's it! Vacation at Katie's house! ;) Hehe.

  2. C'mon over!! I've even got a ton of hot chocolate!