Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Arms of Promise by Crystal Walton


Contemporary dancer Anna Madison is determined to honor her mom’s memory. With the life she’s built in downtown Chicago hinging on an upcoming audition, now’s the worst time for her childhood best friend—and the only man she’s ever loved—to reenter her world. Her dad’s current DA case instigates enough danger without adding on the risk of losing her heart. Again.

Army Ranger Evan O’Riley has always known his place in Anna’s life. Letting his feelings compromise her safety simply isn't an option. Especially when his promise to protect her drives him off the sidelines and into the one place even his special ops training can't save him from. Anna's arms.

Keeping her from uncovering the real reason Evan returns is one thing. Trying to hide the reason he left to begin with could destroy them both. But when the past they’ve both tried to outrun launches them down a heart-pounding road of threats, secrets, and attraction, resisting love may turn into the greatest risk they face.

My Review: 5 Stars

Anna has always dreamed of being a professional dancer. Her mom and her best friend, Evan, have always been her biggest supporters. But when her mom dies in a tragic accident and Evan leaves to join the army without so much as a goodbye, she is lost and doesn't know how to move forward. It's been 5 years and she thinks she's finally back on track to achieving her dreams. Just when things start going right, her world is about to be turned upside down... again. The only thing that is bringing light into her darkness is Evan. Now that he's back will she finally have the guts to tell him she loves him? Will they be able to move forward and build a future together or will they forever be "just friends"?

Evan has returned to Chicago for one reason and one reason only. To protect Anna from all the dangers lurking around her. But he knows all too well how she feels about her father's hired "secret service wannabes" and he can't let her find out. He would do anything to protect her... even lie about why he's back. In his mind, he has already failed her once, he cannot afford to do it again. But how can he stay focused and on his toes if her sweet, sassy, adorable attitude has him thinking about how much he loves her and how much he wishes he was good enough for her. 

Between secrets, stubbornness and fear, Anna and Evan definitely have their work cut out for them. But will they see that they belong together before it's too late? Will their love for each other heal all past hurts and help them move forward to finally get their HEA? If anyone deserves a HEA it's definitely them! 

I thoroughly enjoyed Arms of Promise and had a hard time putting it down! I stayed up way too late and woke up even earlier than normal just to read it. I got frustrated... I laughed... I got teary eyed... I let out dreamy sighs... it was just what I needed! 

This is my 2nd book by Crystal Walton and I have to say it will not be my last! I can't wait to read more by her! :) 

And of course my review wouldn't be complete without my casting! I love these two! What do you think?! ;o)


  1. Aw, I love it. <3 Great casting picks. Thanks for giving the book a try. I'm so glad you enjoyed the characters as much I have! Evan...sigh. Don't get me started. lol

    1. You are most welcome! I kept getting mad when real life got in my way of reading! Haha. And I loved Evan! *dreamy sigh* But I did want to Gibbs slap both of them at times! That's a sign of a good book for me... ;o) Gotta love when the feels are real! <3