Saturday, February 27, 2016

Weekend Ramblings #2

I absolutely LOVED reading all your comments from last weeks Weekend Ramblings! We had more participation then I thought we would! Y'all know how to make a girl feel loved! ;)

So... are you ready for another Weekend Ramblings a la KJ?!

Well then... let's get ready to raaaaammmmmbbbbbllllleeeee!

This week's rambling topic is...

*Reading Pet Peeves*

We all have them. There's no point in denying it. There is at least one thing that bugs us when it comes to reading. As I was thinking about one of these while reading a book recently, I thought it would be perfect for this week's ramblings!

So... what are a few of mine?

*deep breath*

1. The repetitive use of a character's first AND last name! Especially when other characters repeat it over and over and over again through the entire book! Holy Hannah! This. Drives. Me. NUTS! We know the character's name! Please, please, PLEASE stop over using it! I wonder why authors do this?

2. People who are careless when borrowing my books. I have become very anal about who I loan my books out to. People who eat while reading my books and get crumbs in them? Ummm... ewww! People who bend my covers, bend my pages and mess with the binding of the book? People who read my books with dirty hands and leave smudges all over the pages? Guess what?! You will never borrow my books again! And yes... every single one of those things has happened at least once!

3. Cliffhangers! I just hate them! Period end of discussion! That is just plain mean! Lol.

What are some of the things that drive you nuts while you're reading? I'm sure once I start reading your comments more will start popping into my head! Lol.

So come on party people! Lay them on me! What are some of your reading pet peeves?! :) 


  1. I know I'm going to think of more as the day goes on, but inconsistencies drive me crazy. I read a book recently where a baby was born 3 months premature and two weeks later, the mother had him out at a baseball game. Or when it talks about it being summer and then all of the sudden, they're drinking hot chocolate while watching it snow. Those kinds of things.

    I don't mind cliffhangers if I have the next book available but if I have to wait for a year, boo!

    It also bugs me to be told a story. I want it to be shown, through words. Not just, "he did this and she went there." I want thoughts and feelings, in addition to a travel log.

    1. Inconsistencies drive me crazy too! When I find them in books it kind of ruins it for me. I get kinda grumpy! Lol.

      Yeah... I still hate cliffhangers! It's just mean! Especially when it takes forever for the next book to be released! Ugh! I think my next ramblings my be on series... ;) Hehe.

      I can't read books that tell me a story... I fall asleep... O_o I like when shortly after starting a book, it's no longer a book but a movie in my head! I live for those kinds of books! *dreamy sigh*

  2. Hmm, so it really drives me nuts when there are multiple POV, especially if they're just head jumping without smooth transitions. I prefer two POV that alternated from chapter to chapter, so you always know whose head you're in. I hate it when it jumps from paragraph to paragraph and back again.

    I'm also not a big fan of flashbacks, I don't mind one here or there, but for the most part I just want to be in the moment, not constantly being thrown back in time.

    1. Multiple POV doesn't bother me IF they are done right. A series I really like has multiple POV but the author tells you at the beginning of the chapter who's POV it will be from. But, like you, if one paragraph is one person and then BAM! It's someone else, I can't do it! Drives me insane!

      And don't get me started on flashbacks! There's a series that was very promising and then they had to throw in not one but TWO books in the series filled with flashbacks! Ugh! I really wanted to finish that series but I got too annoyed. My review would've been a rant! Haha.

  3. Oh...and love triangles! hahaha

    1. Hate them! Period. End of discussion! But I think you know that already.... ;) Hahahaha!

  4. When the authors don't tell you the characters moved. Like the guy is across the room, and all of a sudden he's touching the girl's face. It bugs me, so I get distracted and can't just read the scene.

    And when the book is a part of a series and we weren't warned about it in the book's synopsis. After Harry Potter I vowed to never start a series that wasn't completed first. If I start a book and get 3/4 the way through it, and it's clear the book will end on a cliffhanger, I'm done. I'm not a very loyal reader!

    1. YAY! I'm so glad I'm not the only one with an issue on cliffhangers! I seriously hate them! Evil... just plain evil! Lol.

    2. Lol I hate when characters move magically!

  5. Oh this is a fun one. :)
    1) I'd have to say multiple POV's is a big one. I once started reading G a book and by the time I was at 15% I had reached FIVE POV's. I had to stop reading. I couldn't take it!
    2) overusing exclamation marks. I use them all the time when texting, emailing, posting...but in a book? I can't take it!
    3) too much inner dialogue with the main character. If she's constantly thinking to herself, I'm like, "STOP. Just stop. Talk to HIM!" Haha!
    4) over-describing...I once read a book that described a girl roasting her marshmallow at a bonfire for three finger swipes on my kindle. I will never forget it. I had to read it to my husband it was so crazy! I felt like I was there roasting it next to her...and not in a good way...just in a way that made me feel like it took that long to describe it. Lol!! I just don't like when I feel like an author is trying to meet a word count by over-describing things.
    I'm sure I'll think of more, but those are the first to come to mind! ;)

    1. Roflol! I hate the overusage oh exclamation marks in books. BUT it is totally fine when I use them! Haha.

      And I probably would've thrown my Kindle if I had to endure 3 finger swipes on the kindle about roasting marshmallows! Who does that?! My thoughts on the first and last name constantly is also the author trying to meet a word count. I mean come on! We are NOT going to forget the hero's or the heroine's name for crying out loud! Just STOP already! Lol.

    2. Oh those are all good ones and my pet-peeves as well. I hate too much inner dialog, I much rather have conversations between characters to move things along.

      And now I'm craving roasted marshmallows!

  6. Biggest reading pet peeves ever....sad endings...BAD endings...main characters dying. Give me happily ever after or nothing at all! Although as sad as our Fir Crest book was ( you know which one I'm talking about.) I still loved it.