Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Cheyenne by Jennifer Peel


What happens when your motto in life has been to always love yourself more than anyone could, but then you find someone that does it better? If you’re Cheyenne Fairchild, you do your best to push him away.

Cheyenne’s life has taught her to never depend on anyone, especially a man. She’s done her best to keep every relationship short and every man at arms-length. That is until the mysterious Aidan Bates moves to town. Not only does he give earth-shattering kisses, but he has the audacity to save her life after a tragic accident. Now Cheyenne can’t stop thinking about him and it’s driving her crazy. Worse, he won’t stop trying to help her.

While Cheyenne is doing her best to keep Aidan from working his way into her no vacancy heart, she finds herself embroiled in more than one Merryton scandal. One that rocks her best friend’s world and shows what Cheyenne is really made of. And one that she’s created in hopes of deterring Aidan. Unfortunately for her, she finds that it only brings them closer together.

Can Cheyenne let her defenses down long enough to see that Aidan is unlike any other man she has ever known? Or will she cling to the past and the mistakes that built the walls she’s carefully constructed around her heart.

My Review: 5 Stars

Over the years, Cheyenne has built a wall around her heart thanks to her father who had crushed her when she was just a young girl. She doesn't need a man in her life to love her or make her feel complete, she does a great job of that on her own. She has seen the lives her friends live and for a second thought that maybe she was missing out on something good. But then her ex-boyfriend, Paxton, showed her that she was wrong. She should have just stuck with her belief... you can never trust a man and you definitely do not need one in your life.

While travelling home one night, Cheyenne is involved in a freak automobile accident that nearly killed her. She would have died if it wasn't for the mysterious Aidan Bates appearing out of nowhere to save her. A near death experience would have anyone changing their ways and latching on to family and friends for help. But not Cheyenne. She is determined to do this alone and get her old self back. Because there is one thing that Cheyenne Fairchild will not do and that is to appear weak. She tries to put on a brave face for everyone around her but that accident did more to her than she is willing to admit.

Aidan came to Merryton to get his life back on track. After getting out of a marriage he had no business being in, he needs to stay away from all women. Enter Cheyenne. One look and he is instantly drawn to her. However, he knows her kind and knows it's best to stay far away from her. But seeing her go over the cliff changed something in him. He wasn't willing to admit it at first but, the more time passes, the more he sees that he was completely wrong about her. All this time he has been fighting his feelings for her but enough is enough. It's time to man up and go after the woman that he has been falling in love with.

Cheyenne refuses to let another man get close enough to hurt her again. She does her best to stay strong and not let Aidan past the walls that she has built. But the more he's around, the weaker her walls become. A piece of advice? Never underestimate a man in love. Especially one who helps her to see that she is not the person she wants everyone to think she is. There is more to her than anyone has ever taken the time to delve into and get to know. No one has ever made her feel the way that Aidan does. No one sees her the way Aidan sees her and it scares the living daylights out of her. This is all new territory and she doesn't know how to maneuver through it. Her head is screaming at her to get back to being the old Cheyenne. But her heart is softly whispering that she is better than that. She is an amazing and beautiful person. She is worth it. She does deserve to have the love of a good man in her life. And she most definitely deserves one big happily ever after!

Oh how I loved Cheyenne! The feels were definitely real my friends! I laughed, I cried, I growled in frustration, yelled at my kindle in anger, you name it and I more than likely felt it! The struggles were definitely real... both physically and emotionally. I loved watching Cheyenne grow and come to terms with who she really was.. not the person her father turned her into. She did a lot of self preservation but I thought Aidan was definitely key in her self-discovery.

And speaking of Aidan... *dreamy sigh* That. Man. Is. A. Saint! I loved how he knew what he wanted and refused to give up. He saw Cheyenne better than anyone else did. He saw the real her even before she did. I'm not going to lie... she could be a pain in the rear at times. But Aidan was extremely patient with her and loved her no matter what. He had all the time in the world and was willing to wait until she admitted to herself that she, too, was in love and wanted to spend the rest of her life with him.

Ms. Peel always amazes me with each book she releases! She is a natural when it comes to writing! I always know that I will be sucked in and will absolutely love each book she creates! I am sitting on pins and needles waiting for her next book baby to be released! <3

And check out this casting! I am seriously in love with these two! I think they are absolutely perfect! *dreamy sigh* <3

*I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are solely my own.*


  1. Perfect casting!! I loved this book too. :)

    1. It. Is. Amazing! I have read it twice already! Hehe. And thank you! This one was definitely a bit tougher.. it had to be PERFECT! ;)

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  3. I can't wait to read this one! She's one of my favorite authors and this series is great!