Sunday, May 8, 2016

The Wedding Secret by Jennifer Shirk


Ten years after a high school pregnancy left her abandoned by her family, single mother Brenna March is finally getting her life under control. In possession of her dream job as a florist at the Rose Chalet, one of the premier wedding spots in San Francisco, she’s about to prove her worth and take on her first wedding as head florist. Unfortunately, the best man is none other than Senator Ashton Mirenda—her old high school sweetheart and the father of the daughter he knows nothing about.

Ashton doesn't have time for marriage or a family. He has other aspirations and the first is winning the next senate seat election. Or so he believes until he meets a woman from his past. Seeing Brenna again stirs something inside him he'd thought long dead, and he knows that he wants her beside him all the way to the White House.

But Brenna is holding a ten year old secret, one which could not only hurt his chance for re-election but also their chance to rekindle the love they once shared.

My Review: 3.5 Stars

Brenna and Ashton were high school sweethearts. But neither family agreed with them dating. When Ashton graduates from high school and heads across the country to go to college, they decide a long distance relationship would be too hard for them. Shortly after Ashton leaves, Brenna realizes that she is pregnant. As soon as the news is discovered, her parents disown her and ship her off to live with her aunt.

10 years later things are finally starting to fall into place for Brenna and Abby. She's working in her dream job and life couldn't get any better for them. She never imagined that life would throw Ashton back into her path. Now she has to do her best to keep Abby a secret until Ashton leaves. She'll tell Ashton AFTER the election that he is a dad.

But fate has other things in store for this little family. The truth will be discovered sooner rather than later. Now they both need to decide what is going to be best for everyone involved,

I am a sucker for lost love books and this one was a fun addition to my collection. While I enjoyed this book, I wish that it was just a little bit longer, It seemed like too much time had passed for Brenna and Ashton to just pick up where they left off. I also would have liked to see Ashton find out about Abby sooner. It would've been fun to see them get to know each other and build their relationship. Their relationship kind of felt like an afterthought to me.

I am definitely looking forward to more from this Kindle Worlds series. I have already downloaded a couple more books and can't wait to read them. 

And of course I can't forget my casting!

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