Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Mergers & Acquisitions by Jennifer Griffith


Everyone would think lawyer Jillian Price has it made, with her cushy legal job at one of L.A.'s biggest talent agencies. It's most lawyers' dream come true. She even has a big name young star on her client list. But it's sucking away her life, and Jillian is secretly aching for a way out.

When she stumbles across a painting that has all the hallmarks of a never-before-seen masterpiece by a recently-deceased master, Jillian thinks she might have found her ticket out of law. Then, at a client meeting with her young star, she meets the breathtakingly gorgeous Aero Jantzen, a banker with the bluest eyes she's ever seen. Besides giving her a soul-shattering kiss, he also gives her life-changing advice: that she use the art to break into the sparkling world of art she originally dreamed of entering.

However, the second she starts the ball in motion, Aero--for some unknown reason--starts working against Jillian's success. Her greatest champion is now her biggest roadblock.

And worse, she's still crazy-attracted to him.

Will Jillian be able to negotiate a merger, or is she fighting an uphill battle against an inevitable acquisition?

My Review: 4.5 Stars

Jillian Price can't believe her luck! Who in the world finds a never-before-seen masterpiece by a recently deceased artist at a garage sale?! This just may be her ticket out of Entertainment law. All work and no play is really wrecking havoc on Jilly's life. 

But before Jilly can put too much thought into what this painting holds in store for her future, she must meet her young Hollywood star client, Ryker, at a local amusement park. Who in the world holds business meetings at an amusement park?! Oh wait... this is Ryker we're talking about! ;) 

Matchmaker Ryker has a surprise in store for Jilly. One Aero Jantzen. He is a banker turned agent to the crazy kid. And Ryker will do anything to get these two together. 

From the moment Jilly and Aero meet there is an instant connection. Never before has either one of them been able to open up so easily and be real with others. Aero helps Jilly to see that there is more to life than just work. He helps her to see that she can still make her dreams a reality. 

Jilly starts the ball rolling and sets out to do just that. But when Aero sees the masterpiece that has helped Jilly take that leap of faith, he is all the sudden trying to sabotage her success. He refuses to tell her his reasons behind it and she can see their new found relationship unraveling right before her eyes. 

However, Aero refuses to give up on getting his hands on that painting or his relationship with Jilly. But with the painting standing in between them, will they ever have a chance? 

*dreamy sigh* Oh how I loved this book! Talk about swoony! I found myself routing for Jilly and Aero from the very beginning! These two were perfect for each other! And oh my heck! Ryker! Haha! I loved that kid! He was goofy and crazy on the outside but on the inside he's an amazing young man who cares more about others than himself. He was the perfect side character. :) 

I do have to say that I'm kinda bummed that it just ended. There were a few questions that I would've loved to see answered. But I did devour it in a day so that's saying something. I love when a book can capture me the way this one did!

I have only read a few books by Ms. Griffith but I will definitely be reading more! I have already downloaded the other books in this series. Can wait to read them! 

As for my casting.. between the cover and my imagination this is who I came up with. And I have to say that I love them! What do you think? 

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