Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Tough Love by Shannon Guymon


Taryn Downing has made a name for herself as a smart, tough businesswoman. The title she doesn't want though is Cougar. But Brogan Moore, the man she has feelings for has given her an ultimatum: Tell the world they're together, or he walks. As Taryn watches Brogan walk out of her life, she has to ask herself, if her pride is more important than Love. Taryn isn't the only one who has issues with pride and image though. Brogan will have to decide if Taryn is the woman for him, or if his parents are right and he would be better off playing it safe.

My Rating: 5 Stars

I have to say... re-reading Tough Love put a HUGE smile on my face! I forgot how much I loved it!

Taryn is the manager of The Iron Skillet and she is madly in love with Brogan, the best waiter The Iron Skillet has ever had! But sadly she she is stubborn and prideful and just can't admit that she is in love with a waiter, who happens to be 3 years younger than her and her best friend's little brother.

Brogan has been in love with Taryn for 10 years! Almost from the moment he first saw her, he knew that she was made for him. He will do anything he can to get her to admit that she really does love him. They had been secretly dating and when Brogan asked Taryn to start telling everyone that they were together or they would be over, she did the only thing she could to "save her image"... she chose to be over.


Brogan and Taryn... I swear the two of you were almost the death of me! It was definitely a very long and bumpy road! But watching you two go back and forth was rather entertaining! Some of my favorite parts were the bonfire... the date with Garrett... Kam busting in a door... haha!! I just love all these Fircrest characters!! They always know how to brighten my day!! ;)

I really enjoyed this book... even when it was beyond frustrating! Lol. The Downing family really grew on me throughout this series and I even got to the point of liking Anne! Shocking... I know. ;) Believe it or not... I'm wondering what happened to Anne! I don't think she needs her own book but a little paragraph about her ending would complete the series for me. And I'm going to be totally honest and say... I don't like Brogan's parents... I think they suck! I feel so bad for Taryn... but having Brogan stand up for and doing anything for the woman he loves?! Yeah... she's one lucky gal! ;) Brogan is DEFINITELY a keeper!!

Like others of you... I'm sad to see this series end! But I'm looking forward to the next series Love and Flowers! I'm REALLY hoping Garrett will get his HEA!! He totally needs one!! ;)

And of course my casting choice for Taryn and Brogan...



  1. Love your blog! Great review - put a HUGE smile on my face. Thanks so much :)

    1. Awww... thanks! :) Your books ALWAYS put a smile on my face! :)