Thursday, December 11, 2014

Freak of Nature by Katie Lee O'Guinn


Sarah Hudson refuses to believe she's a witch regardless of what her aunt says. She prefers to call it psychokinesis. Sarah has been an outcast since her early teens because of her power. Labeling herself a witch would only make her life even more unbearable. But on the first day of school, a new boy named Zane Miner recognizes her power and decides that he's going to take her under his wing, whether she likes it not. Since he's gorgeous and just as powerful as she is, she's very tempted to let him. But her pull towards another loner threatens her new relationship. As Sarah starts to accept her power she begins to realize that there are many people who would use her and break her into darkness. She must protect herself from her aunt and from a dark destiny that's determined to claim her. Sarah must turn to her new friends if she's going to survive and find the freedom and happiness she's always craved.

My Rating: 5 Stars

I really can't remember ever reading a book about witches. If I have then they must not have been very memorable. However, that has now changed after reading Freak of Nature! It was not what I was expecting at all and I loved it!

When Sarah was 5 years old her mom died and she was placed in the care of her aunt, Lena. When she hit her teen years she became the outcast.. the Freak of Nature. She had so much power around her that she had no clue what to do with it or how to control it. Her aunt has been telling her for years that she is a witch but Sarah doesn't believe it. She prefers to say she has psychokinesis.

Zane and his mom move back into town to take care of his grandmother. From the very first day of school he feels and instant connection with Sarah and just knows that they were meant to be together. Even though she fights the connection at first, he will do everything he can to not only be with her but to protect her from all the danger that is heading her way.

What danger am I talking about?! Well... you see... her aunt?! She be crazy! She THINKS that she is a witch and is ALWAYS trying to get Sarah to join her little "group of witches" so that she can "reach her full potential". However... as stated above... she be crazy! The woman is NOT a witch and wants to bind herself to Sarah so that she can have the same power. But Lena is dark and icky and Sarah wants nothing to do with her!

And then we have Lash. Sarah has been protecting him for years! He was always getting bullied in school and Sarah was always right there by his side. On the first day of school Sarah notices the difference in him but can't figure out why. Zane wants her to stay away from him because his aura is dark and just isn't right. But they have been friends for 10 years and Sarah just can't drop him when she knows that something is off with him.

After setting everything up for you I will now say... let the adventures begin! There is love... danger... new friendships... new enemies... it's got it all! I got hooked from the very beginning and just could NOT put this book down!! And I have to say the ending had me wanting to hurry up and do my review so that I can move on to book 2 in the series! I am super excited to get to know Sarah's great-grandma... she seems fun and very feisty!

So what are you waiting for?! Go grab it and read while I move on to book 2!! ;)

But before I go... let me introduce you to my casting choices... what do you think?! And yes... they are Shannon approved!! ;)



  1. Please tell me who Zane is in real life? Holy cow!

    1. His name is Jesse Roberts. I found him googling blonde actors under 25... ;) Perfect way to find my heroes and heroines... Hehe.