Thursday, June 1, 2017

KJ's Casting Corner!

It's been FOREVER since I have done a KJ's Casting Corner! And I thought what a great way to end my Jennifer Peel month by bringing it back and sharing ALL my casting for her books! It's perfect, right?! 😉

Get ready to swoon, let out little dreamy sighs, and fall in love with all her AMAZING characters! 💕

Scott and Ava from Other Side of the Wall

Michael and Carly from The Girl in Seat 24B

Ian and Kelli from Professional Boundaries

Brady and Ellie from House Divided

Charlee and Ryan from Trouble in Loveland

Jessie and Blake from Jessie Belle

Jason and Kenadie from His Personal Relationship Manager

Taylor and Easton from Taylor Lynne

Rachel Laine and Andrew from Rachel Laine

Jaime and Chris from Christopher and Jaime

Call and Beck from Beck and Call

Jillian and Cole from Cole and Jillian

Presley and Jackson from How to Get Over Your Ex in Ninety Days

Paige and Sam from Paige's Turn

Zander and Meg from Statistically Improbable

Kallie and Harrison from Hit and Run Love

Mel and Declan from Sweet Regrets (Review to come soon!)

*dreamy sigh* 

Aren't they gorgeous?! I absolutely LOVE casting books! It's one of my favorite things about reviewing! Hehe. 

Who are your favorites? 


  1. That was fun! I love Zander even more now! LOL!

    1. He's definitely one of my favorites! ;) Hehe.

  2. So fun seeing them all together!!

  3. I love these! Now I want the movies made with this casting!

    I think my fav is Seat 24B - Chris Evans!! YES! That may be my favorite of your books, with one of my favorite actors - swoon!

    2nd favorite Alex O'Loughlin in Trouble in Loveland. Perfect!

    Thanks for the ideas KJ, and thanks for the great stories Jennifer!

    1. How cool would that be to have movies made from Jennifer's books?!

      I really love Zander and Meg from Statistically Improbable, Beck and Call from Beck and Call, Brady and Ellie from House Divided, Rachel Laine and Andrew from Rachel Laine, Charlee and Ryan from Trouble in Loveland, and I could go on forever! Haha.

      And you are very welcome Heather! I'm glad you love them! <3