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To Warm a Wintered Heart by Deborah M. Hathaway


After an uneventful season in Bath, Miss Charlotte Rosebury returns home to Warwickshire, looking forward to a visit from her mother’s friend. Their expected guest, Mrs. Worthington, has promised that her son will be accompanying her, and as Charlotte has only ever heard stories of the gentleman who rarely leaves his Yorkshire estate, she is most pleased to meet him. But when her warm welcome is returned with a fierce frown from the handsome man, she cannot help but long to be free of him and his blue-eyed glare.

Despite his mother’s protests, Mr. Gabriel Worthington had made the decision long ago to remain unmarried, but when he meets Charlotte, doubts about his decision creep into his fearful mind, and he wishes for nothing more than to flee from the woman and never return.

For weeks, the two are forced to live within the same home, and though they provoke one another with teasing and stolen glances, an unlikely friendship blossoms between them, a friendship that grows stronger than either of them had expected. Will Gabriel concede to the choices binding his heart, or can Charlotte’s warmth be just the thing to strengthen their love and, at last, end their fears?

My Review 5 Stars

Charlotte is happy to be home from their season in Bath. She is even happier when she discovers that her mother's long time friend, Mrs. Worthington, is coming for a visit. But what's even better? Mrs. Worthington has somehow convinced her son, Gabriel, to accompany her. Charlotte has only ever heard stories of Gabriel and is definitely looking forward to meeting him. But when they finally arrive and Gabriel is far from agreeable, Charlotte finds herself trying to work extra hard to be his friend. How could someone as sweet as Mrs. Worthington have such a horrible son?!

Gabriel had only agreed to accompany his mother to Brightwood when he thought that the Roseburys had no daughters out in society yet. But when he discovers the truth he is beyond frustrated. He can't believe his mother is at it again. How many times does he have to tell her that he has sworn off marriage? He thought she understood his reasons for never getting married. Surely the Roseburys have something to do with his mother's latest scheme. Why else would they be so insistent on him coming for a visit. Well, he will set them all straight. He has no intentions of marrying anyone, especially Charlotte. 

Charlotte and Gabriel definitely did not get off to a good start. While Charlotte does her best to befriend Gabriel, Gabriel does his best to discourage any contact with Charlotte. He cannot allow his heart to soften. He must stay strong in his resolve to never be married. But there is just something about Charlotte that Gabriel can't ignore. The more time they spend together, the better they get to know one another, the softer Gabriel's heart becomes. Between all their banter, misunderstandings, chess games, time in the stables, walks in the gardens, Gabriel can't get Charlotte out of his mind or his heart. Can he remain just friends with Charlotte? Or will he finally listen to his heart, take a chance on love and reach for his happily ever after with her?  

I absolutely LOVED Charlotte and Gabriel! Their story is just what I needed! I found myself laughing out loud, growling in frustration, getting teary eyed, sitting on the edge of my seat, letting out little dreamy sighs and smiling throughout the book. The feels were definitely real and I enjoyed every single moment I spent reading this book. :) 

As some of you may know, I burned myself out on historical and regency era books a couple of years ago and I am slowly trying to get myself back into them. And I have to say that To Warm a Wintered Heart did NOT disappoint! You know a book has completely sucked me in when I am contemplating calling in sick to work. But alas, I chose to be an adult and go. But I did squeeze in as much reading as I could on my breaks... ;) 

This is my second book by Ms. Hathaway and just like the first book, I absolutely loved it! I can't wait to see what other adventures she has in store for us!

And of course my review just wouldn't be complete without my casting! I absolutely LOVE these two and were able to picture them throughout the entire book! What do you think?!

Content: Mild Violence

*I received a copy of this book from the author to voluntarily review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.*


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