Sunday, November 6, 2016

Cozumel Escape by Cami Checketts


Brooks Hoffman, billionaire, loves women, expensive toys and fighting—in that order. A week romancing a beautiful woman on his private island is a great way to pass the time. When Sydnee Lee Swenson isn’t impressed with his money, or charmed by his…well, charm, Brooks takes it as a personal challenge to change her mind.

Sydnee Lee moved to Cozumel to volunteer at the local orphanage. She’s fallen in love with the children and doesn’t need a good-looking, over-confident, guy complicating things. Sending Brooks on his way, with just the right amount of sass, was the only option. But when Brooks puts his own life on the line for her and some of the orphaned children, she may have to take another look at the guy behind the muscles and money.

My Rating 4 Stars

Brooks had a pretty rough start in life. Between being abandoned by his mother at the age of 5, being bounced around from foster home to foster him, running away at the age of 8 and living on the streets until his adoptive father saved him and took him in at the age of 10, is it any wonder that the poor guy has a hard time with commitment? He's enjoyed his playboy life and has no plans of giving it up any time soon. Until he meets Sydnee. There is just something about her that has Brooks thinking long term and he doesn't quite know how to deal with it. 

Sydnee has moved from her home in Alabama to work at an orphanage in Cozumel. She loves what she does. The children mean everything to her and she can't see her life without them. Yes, she misses her home and family but this is where she is meant to be. When she first meets Brooks she wants absolutely nothing to do with him. His over confidence and charm has her walking out the door and far away from him. But when she finds out that he is the wealthy benefactor who is single handedly funding the orphanage she works at, she's afraid he'll pull his support if she doesn't agree to go on a date with him. 

It's definitely not an easy going relationship with these two. Sydnee is too busy jumping to all the wrong conclusions when it comes to Brooks that she misses seeing the real him. It isn't until they are visiting Zack and Maddie and their cute little family for Thanksgiving that she lets go of all pretenses and just enjoys getting to know him better. 

But will Brooks ever be able to overcome his past enough to let go and move forward with Sydnee? Or will Sydnee's constant pushing to change him and make him fit into what she wants in her life have him running in he opposite direction? Compromise, love and understanding will be key to their happily ever after. 

This is such a fun series! I am always on the look out for the next book, wondering which author will take us where and what adventures they have in store for us. It's a fun escape that's for sure! I can't seem to get enough of these clean billionaire books! 

And of course I can't forget my casting! Trust me... this guy definitely has muscles... I promise! ;) Hehe. 

Content: Mild violence. Mild religious aspects.


  1. Is it bad that your casting always makes me want to read the books more?

    1. Haha! I love it! And I'm sure the authors do too! ;o) Hehe.