Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Let's Cast That Book!

Or books in this case! One of my favorite authors, Shannon Guymon, loves to play "Cast That Movie!" with her books and I have become a little obsessed with it! So much so that I have even started a board on Pinterest for them! Granted the only ones that are on there so far are hers but still! It's a start, right?! ;o)

So... I am getting ready to reread her Love & Dessert, Love & Trust and Love & Flowers Trilogies again (yes... I said again!) and thought I would do a special post on my blog sharing my casting choices for her books. Some of these I searched long and hard for, a couple I took from Shannon herself (Layla Kendell, Kam Matafeo), and some I just knew right away would fit with these amazing characters!

Without further adieu... here are my casting choices...

In the Love and Dessert Trilogy:

In the Love and Trust Trilogy:

In the Love and Flowers Trilogy:

And as of right now the 3rd book in this series is not yet published so I'm not sure who are dear Cleo is going to end up with, Tai or Asher. Against my better judgement, I did one for both. And just so everyone knows... I'm Team Tai!! ;o) Hehe. 

I will update this post when we have a cover for Cleo's book... I can't wait! 

And to all of you who have NOT read these series by Shannon Guymon... What are you waiting for?! Go grab 'em and start reading!! They are AMAZING! I promise!! :o)


  1. Wow! Nailed all of them! Incredible!

    1. Thank you!! I am kind of obsessed with casting now... ;) Hehehe.

  2. K so you are my favorite person ever right now....except my husband and kids of course...OH MY I'M IN LOVE WITH THIS CASTING.