Monday, October 20, 2014

The Pirate Ruse by Marcia Lynn McClure


Abducted! Forcibly taken from her home in New Orleans , Cristabel Albay found herself a prisoner aboard an enemy ship—and soon thereafter, transferred into the vile hands of blood-thirsty pirates! War waged between the newly liberated United States and King George. Still, Cristabel would soon discover that British sailors were the very least of her worries—for the pirate captain, Bully Booth, owned no loyalty—no sympathy for those he captured.

Yet hope was not entirely lost—for where there was found one crew of pirates—there was ever found another. Though Cristabel Albay would never have dreamed that she may find fortune in being captured by one pirate captain only to be taken by another—she did! Bully Booth took no man alive—let no woman live long. But the pirate Navarrone was known for his clemency. Thus, Cristabel’s hope in knowing her life’s continuance was restored.

Nonetheless, as Cristabel’s heart began to yearn for the affections of her handsome, beguiling captor—she wondered if Captain Navarrone had only saved her life to execute her poor heart!

My Review: 4.5 Stars

Pirates.. mystery.. adventure.. romance.. The Pirate Ruse has it all!

Captain Navarrone comes upon a battle between a British Ship and the Screaming Witch. He sees Cristabel and knows that, even though he is a pirate, that she would be better off on his ship and proceeds to steal her away! Upon further questioning he finds out that she has been keeping company with traitors! And if there's one thing that Captain Navarrone does not like it's traitors! And ya might want to hold on loves... here is where the adventures begin! ;)

Trevon and Cristabel are probably two of my favorite Marcia characters. I enjoyed their journey of self discovery and love. You got to see their relationship progress naturally and their banter is hilarious! Cristabel has spunk and even though she is afraid of Trevon at times, she still stands her ground and shows how strong she can be.

The moral of this story is absolutely amazing! Both have a lot to overcome but they do and they are that much better and stronger because of it. I really wish Marcia would write more books like this! It is probably one of my favorites of hers! :)

So why only 4.5 Stars? There were just two things that bothered me. One would be it was a bit too wordy at times. I did skip over some parts because I wanted to get to the meat of the story! And the other thing is something that bothers me throughout all her books... it's the constant use of not only the first BUT the last names as well! I can see using it in the beginning and maybe once or twice in the middle or the end but not throughout the whole book! It drives me nuts! Some are worse than others and I really try to overlook them but it's getting harder and harder to do.

Other than that this was an awesome read!! I would definitely recommend it to everyone!!

And of course I can't forget my casting choices... Don't they just scream Trevon and Cristabel?! ;)



  1. I LOVE The Pirate Ruse!!! But you're right- she does tend to have people always say the first and last name. I'm not sure why. I can't imagine saying "Bob Smith" to my husband all the time. (That would be extra weird since his name isn't Bob Smith! haha) It's just kinda weird. And yes, it seems that any of Marcia's books that aren't western or contemporary, they seem wordier than her others. But I still love me some Captain Navarrone. Yum!

  2. Ohhhh and love your choices for Trevon and Cristabel!!