Friday, December 12, 2014

Blood Rush by Katie Lee O'Guinn


Blood Rush continues the saga of Sarah Hudson as she embraces being a witch. She, her father, Zane and his mother and grandmother and her friend Lash all flee to Maine to escape Charles Langford. He's determined to have Sarah and acquire her power but she's not the only one in trouble. Zane is in trouble of being acquired himself. By a gorgeous new witch at school. Which leaves Sarah and Lash to figure out their relationship. Peril, love and death will keep you reading until the last page. Find out if Sarah is strong enough to make the right choices and become the woman and the witch she needs to be.

My Rating: 4.5 Stars

**WARNING** May Contain Spoilers! Read At Your Own Risk!

Book 2 in The Lost Witch trilogy picks up in Maine where our beloved characters are now living with Sarah's great-grandmother, Francis. Francis is very powerful witch and has a protection barrier around the town that keeps the evil Charles Langford out. This gives Sarah the time that she needs to come to terms with being a witch and learn everything she can from her grandma so that she can keep herself, and everyone else, safe from Charles.

While Sarah, Zane and Lash are at school they encounter another witch, Charlie. She uses the power of persuasion on Zane to break him and Sarah up. However, they did not know this at first and Sarah was pretty much heartbroken. Enter in Lash who has loved Sarah for years. He is determined to make her his... no matter what!

Ugh! Let me just get that off my chest right now. I am so NOT a fan of any type of love triangle! And while Sarah is heartbroken, she is very up front with Lash and tries to get him to understand that she just cannot have strong feelings for 2 guys at the same time. But he is very persistent and just will NOT leave her alone about it until she agrees to be his girlfriend. The guy just had no respect for Sarah and pretty much thought that because he loved her, he could do whatever the heck he wanted to do! The guy was a jerk! Plain and simple! I have to admit I lost a lot of respect for Lash while reading Blood Rush. By the end he still had not really gotten back on my good side but Katie is a pro at redeeming the good guys who have gone astray. We shall see what is in store for him in Fate Changer. But as of right now... he definitely deserves a HUGE Gibbs slap!! Maybe two... ;)

Anyway... let's get back to Zane and Charlie. Once they realized that Charlie was manipulating Zane, they took the needed measures to make sure that she really didn't have control over him. However, he still needed to date her until they got the needed information about her. Of course this about killed Sarah but during this time she worked to become better and stronger. She was able to learn how to control her powers without any outside interference.

But then things started happening that bring Zane and Sarah back together... where they belong! They just have a connection that, no matter what happens, just can NOT be broken! Every day they are together it grows stronger and stronger. I have a feeling that they are going to be unstoppable! ;)

There were lots of twists and turns that I did not see coming at all! I was on the edge of my seat about halfway through the book and I just could not put it down! Talk about intense! By the end I was happy that Sarah and Zane were back together, sad because of a death and angry and creeped out by Charles! Seriously that guy gives me the willies! He is a flippin psycho! I can't wait to see how they bring the freak down in book 3! It should be AMAZING!! I can't wait!! :)

No my casting did not change but I'm posting it again because I can... ;) Hehe.


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