Saturday, March 10, 2018

Hello Again by Heather Tullis


Piper Daniels has one wish—to keep her little brother out of trouble—but her work schedule and a lack of activities for teens in her neighborhood complicate that mission. When she latches onto the idea of starting a community garden, it seems to answer all of her requirements. Until she realizes who owns the property she wants to use.

Reece Stone was the love of her life ten years earlier, until he left with only a phone call goodbye and no explanation. Now he’s the head of Stone Enterprises, and he’s thrilled at the chance to make amends and spend time with the woman he’s never been able to forget. He knows they can find love again, if he can melt her anger enough to give him a chance.

My Review: 4.5 Stars

March 2018:

It's been awhile since I have read this series and I thought that since the 3rd book was recently released that I would give myself a refresher course before reading it. I am still totally in love with Reece! He's pretty amazing! *dreamy sigh* I can't wait to reread book 2 and then move on to book 3! :)

May 2015:

I've been on a lost love kick lately and I love it! I am definitely a sucker for these types of stories. I love seeing the couple overcome past hurts and move forward to their happily ever after!

Piper and Reece dated for part of a summer and they clicked instantly. Things were going great until one day Piper receives a phone call from Reece breaking things off and then he takes off. Piper is heart broken and depressed. She thought that they really had something special and just didn't understand why things went down hill so fast.

Fast forward years later and she is now working full time and taking care of her autistic brother while her mom works swing shifts. Her brother seems to be getting into more trouble lately and Piper has to decide what to do with him. There is nothing in their neighborhood that will keep him and the other kids occupied and out of trouble. Then Piper has the brilliant idea of doing a community garden. She and her friends, Adelyn and Maddie, do some research and start putting her plan into action. The only problem is the lot that would be perfect for her project is owned by the one and only Reece Stone.

Reece has always regretted breaking things off with Piper. However, he really didn't have a choice in the matter. He had to or else the consequences of him staying with her would ruin his life. But he never stopped thinking about her. When the proposal for the community garden comes across his desk he almost lets it pass by until he sees who the proposal is from. The wheels in his head start turning and he believes that this is his second chance with the one and only woman he has ever loved. The only problem?! Convincing Piper that he really does love her and wants her in his life.

*dreamy sigh* Reece is absolutely amazing!! I LOVE him!! He really did have his work cut out for him when it comes to winning Piper back. But with a little honestly... lots of patience... and fighting to make her dreams come true he is able to show her just how much she really means to him and how he never stopped loving her. And I just have to say I LOVED his relationship with Spencer! While some people had trouble connecting him him and not wanting him around... Reece made him feel apart of various things and never left him out. Seriously... this man rocked!!

I do have to say I did not like their mom. She really was a piece of work and I really, really wanted to knock her upside the head! Ugh! What kind of person does those types of things?! She is the mom for crying out loud and she needs to act like one! I know towards the end she started trying but the book ended before she really got a chance to make things right in my opinion. Not sure if I ended up liking her or not. I guess time and other books in the series will tell.

All in all it was a really good book and I really enjoyed it!! I only wish that it would have been just a little bit longer... maybe like a chapter. I would have LOVED to see Spencer's reaction to what happened at the end... it would have been priceless!! But instead... it just ended. :( And as you all know... I hate that! Lol. But I guess it'll all work out since there are going to be other books in the series. :) I am definitely looking forward to Adelyn and Maddie's stories!

And of course no review of mine would be complete without casting! ;) Hehe. So... here is my Piper and Reece...


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