Thursday, May 18, 2017

Beck and Call: Pianos and Promises by Jennifer Peel


What happens when a dashing Englishman and an almost famous pianist collide? Sparks. And lots of them.

Call’s life always seems to be on the cusp of working out, only to unravel at the last moment. For instance, when she meets the guy. The man she’s been fantasizing about from afar. The one who walks his beautiful Siberian husky around her neighborhood. Their first meeting is nothing like she hoped; in fact, she wishes she never met him.

Charles Beckett is in need of a good dog-sitter, but he gets more than he bargained for when a cheeky American bartender shows up at his house fifteen minutes late. The job interview quickly turns into a sparring match and Call leaves vowing to run him over with her truck the next time she sees him.

It’s up to their dogs now to bring the pair together.

Will Call finally have one of her dreams come true? Or will the Englishman be another checkmark in her long list of unrealized promises?

My Review: 5 Stars

May 2017: 

*dreamy sigh* I absolutely LOVE Beck and Call! It is still amazing and oh so swoony! I really need to find me my own Beck... ;) This series is definitely a MUST read! <3

September 2016: 

Call never imagined her dreams of singing and recording contracts would come to a crashing halt. But that's exactly what happened when she found out her momma was dying and it was up to her to take care of her younger brother Noah. A year and a half later, Call is working two jobs to try to make ends meet and give her brother the best life she can give him. He has experienced way too much heartache in his life. She would do anything for him, including sacrificing her dreams and what little time she has to herself.

When her best friend, Jillian, tells her about a possible job opportunity, she jumps at the chance in order to give Noah an amazing Christmas. And if showing up 15 minutes late to her job interview wasn't bad enough, HE had to open the door looking all handsome and broody. Why oh why did she have to be late?! And why of why was it HIM that had to open the door?!

From the moment Beck met Ms. E. Call, he was drawn to the intriguingly, irritating beauty. Not only had she shown up late to her interview (which is one of his biggest pet peeves) but she was full of sass and not afraid to speak her mind. He had never met anyone like her and because he was in a bad mood during the interview, he may have ruined any chance he had to get to know her better. But if Beck was anything, it was determined. And with the help of both their dogs, Call had finally met her match.

Oh how I loved this book! I was sucked in from the very beginning and I seriously did not want to put it down! I laughed out loud, I cheered on our hero, I let out dreamy sighs, I fell in love and thoroughly enjoyed seeing Beck and Call get their happily ever after! And if that doesn't convince you that this book is amazing then you should know I have read this book twice already! Yes... I said TWICE! It was perfect and just what I needed!

Jennifer Peel has done it again! And she succeeded in obtaining something very rare from me. For those that don't know I am really not a novella person. Novellas don't give me enough time to feel connected to the characters and fall in love with them. Novellas usually get 3 star ratings from me. So for me to give a novella 4 stars is pretty big. But giving it 5 stars is HUGE! 5 stars for novellas doesn't happen very often so when it does... you know that I absolutely LOVED the book!

And can we just talk about this casting for a minute?! I mean come on! Aren't they GORGEOUS?! I think this is one of my favorites so far! *dreamy sigh*

*I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review*


  1. This one has a super fun "meet cute"!!

    1. It really does! This is such a fun series! <3