Friday, May 12, 2017

First Line Friday's #16

Ok party people! It's that time again! First Line Friday's hosted by my amazing friend Kathy over at Bookworm Nation! Are you ready?! 

This week's First Line Friday is:

Heart of Ice by K.M. Shea

Rakel, a princess by birth, has spent most of her life exiled on a barren mountain, despised because of her powerful snow magic. Though she longs to be accepted, she hides in her ice-castle and lives with the fear that her brother—the King—will one day order her execution.

Her empty life changes forever when an army of magic users—led by the enigmatic Colonel Farrin Graydim—invade her home country and plan to enslave its citizens. Swallowing her fear, Rakel joins forces with her jailers and uses her magic to save the people who scorned her.

If Rakel cannot defend her homeland, the country will be lost.


"It had been two weeks since Rakel last saw another human (and a full month since she had spoken with anyone), so she thought it was forgivable that when she encountered Oskar, her "attendant", in the great hall of her ice-castle, she was both surprised and irritated."

Heart of Ice was the book chosen for our group, Happily Ever After Book Club, monthly discussion. I have had my eye on this book for awhile and I'm really excited to read it. And I just have to ask... isn't that cover GORGEOUS?! I'm definitely looking forward to discussing this one! If you want to join us, head on over to the group and join! The more the merrier! :)

Do you want to participate in First Line? Yes?! Then tell us what your First Line is! Are you going to do a blog post? Then don't forget to link your post back to Bookworm Nation! Post your link in the comments. Don't have a blog? No worries! Just leave a comment with the title, author name and first line.

Ready?! And GO!


  1. Great pick! I need to read this one!!!

    1. It was good! Different than what I am used to but I definitely enjoyed it! :)