Monday, January 2, 2017

Hidden Moon by K.R. Thompson


When 17 year old Nikki Harmon moves to Bland, Virginia, she expects her new life will be as dull as the town's name.

But she finds that not everything is as it seems and the forest surrounding her new home holds secrets—one of them being a centuries-old Indian legend, carefully guarded by Adam Black Water, the leader of a pack of boys known as the Keepers.

Nikki will soon discover that the forest holds more magic and danger than she ever dreamed possible as a killer lurks on the Appalachian Trail. As she searches for the truth, she will unearth the darkest secret of all.

But will she lose her heart? Or will she lose her life?

My Review: 4 Stars

After Nikki's father passes away, her mom, little sister and her move to Bland, Virginia to live in her great-grandmother's house. Between the look of the city and the name, Nikki thinks her life is going to be extremely boring. 

But looks can be deceiving. 

The forest behind her house is full of magic and secrets. There are also some people who are not happy to see Nikki and her family. Between the mean girl at school trying to make her life miserable and the Trail Killer, there is never a dull moment in Bland. 

On top of all that, there are two boys who are vying for Nikki's attention. Her new best friend Brian and the mysterious, aloof Adam. While she feels comfortable around Brian, there is just something about Adam that draws her to him. The connection with him is strong and undeniable. 

As Nikki embarks on her new journey in Bland, she will learn that not only is there more than meets the eye within Bland, but there is more than meets the eye within her. She will discover who she really is, the power she holds and what fate has in store for her. But will she find out before it's too late?

I do have to admit that in the beginning I was a little worried that I wouldn't end up finishing this book. When it comes to YA paranormal novels, I try my best to go in with an open mind. But when a book starts to feel like another book I have read, I get a little apprehensive. In this case, it had a definite Twilight feel to it, except with wolves instead of vampires. There were so many scenes and aspects in the beginning that were similar that I started listing them off to one of my book buddies. I had even mentioned that if it continued on like this, I would not finish the book. I was pleasantly surprised when the author's unique twist entered into the book and it intrigued me enough to continue with the book. I am glad that I gave this book the full chance that it deserved.  

I really did enjoy my first book by K.R. Thompson. I will definitely be checking out more books by her. 


  1. Cool, I'm glad it turned out being a fun read. :)

    1. Me too! I always like finding new authors to read! I will be checking out more by her... :)