Saturday, January 14, 2017

Weekend Ramblings #13

Are you ready for another Weekend Ramblings a la KJ?!

Well then... let's get ready to raaaaammmmmbbbbbllllleeeee!!!!!

This week's rambling question is...

*What is a quote from a book that has always stuck with you?*

For me it's from Making Faces by Amy Harmon. I loved it so much that I downloaded an app to create the below...

I can't wait to hear what quote has stuck with you!


  1. Oh...I love that one! I'm terrible at remembering quotes. I highlight them and then forget about them later. I'll have to think about that... :)

    1. I do that as well! Haha. I can sometimes find quotes for various books on Goodreads. It's another place I like to "save" the quotes that stand out to me in books. :)