Thursday, February 2, 2017

Bound by Fire by Tracey Jane Jackson


Pepper Brooks has always dreamed of escaping her small town life and her alcoholic mother. Working double shifts at her dead-end waitressing job, she saves every penny in order to join her best friend in Scotland. Her plans are threatened, however, when she finds herself alone and in danger with no apparent way out.

Connall Gunnach is traveling to the United States to attend the wedding of his brother when he is bombarded with panic. However, the panic is not his own. He realizes his destined mate is in peril and he must find her before it’s too late. But when he does, he discovers she already has a champion and a massive chip on her shoulder…and he is a man of many secrets.

Will Connall be able to convince her to trust him and him alone?

Will Pepper be able to put aside her past hurts in order to fully embrace her destiny?

My Review: 4.5 Stars

3rd read of Bound by Fire and I loved it just as much!

Pepper is human and hasn't had the best life. Her mother is an alcoholic and doesn't do anything to help or protect Pepper. Pepper does NOT trust men for very good reasons. And the crappy part?! She has a stalker who is NOT a very nice guy! He threatens and hurts people/things that she loves and she is absolutely scared to death! While travelling to the United States for Kade and Sam's wedding, Connall is overtaken by panic and knows before meeting Pepper that she is his mate. His problem?! Getting through to Pepper and getting her to trust him!

Connall quickly figures out that he's going to have his hands full when it comes to Pepper! She is a feisty little firecracker! She is completely set in her ways and has a hard time changing them. But Connall is a very patient man and actually loves everything about her... including her stubbornness and temper. I have to say that I LOVED their fights! They had me busting out laughing! Their banter was the same way. These two just cracked me up! Hehe.

I just have to admit that I thought Dalton was a complete punk in this one! I understand that he helped Pepper when she needed him to (before she met Connall), but if he knew it was serious between Connall and Pepper then he should have backed off! I really wish someone would've knocked him out when he took it too far! He deserved a Gibbs slap at least! And I loved seeing Cole again! He was hilarious during his small part in this book. It's mean but I loved seeing him mess with Brodie! Hehe. And I know that probably sounds hypercritical but Cole does NOT take it too far like Dalton does! Lol.

The mystery in this book had me guessing and I enjoyed it. Even though the stalker is a jerk! I had actually forgotten who it was and had the "oh yeah!" moment towards the end of the book.

I also enjoyed the set up of the other books in this series. I love how a lot of the characters play main roles in each of the books and you get to see what they are like before their book. Payton and Brodie's story is next and I can't wait to re-read and actually review it this time! :)

And of course my casting...

Content: Depending on the reader...
Sketchy Clean. Mild to moderate language. Mild to moderate innuendos. Fade to black.

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