Sunday, February 5, 2017

Bound by Secrets by Tracey Jane Jackson


Brodie Gunnach has endured a horrific childhood, along with his brothers and sister within the Cauld Ane royal family. When he meets his mate, he is alarmed to learn she is only fourteen and they cannot be bound for another eleven years. He makes a heart-wrenching decision to leave in an effort to save them both from years of pain and frustration.

Payton McFadden is infatuated with a young, handsome prince that she’s met once. After speaking with him at a party for her father, he disappears, only to return five years later with a declaration and a demand.

As the two are bombarded with secrets that could destroy not only their relationship, but their way of life, will they be able to sort out truth from fiction and overcome the obstacles before them?

Will Payton trust that Brodie is telling the truth?

My Review: 5 Stars

3rd read of Bound by Secrets and I loved it even more than the first two times!

Payton and Brodie have been favorites of mine since Bound by Blood. I have always been curious about their story and I was not disappointed!

Brodie found out that Payton was his mate when she was only 14 years old. He made the difficult decision to leave in order to save them both from years of frustration. Little did he know that by him leaving, he only made things harder.

Payton fell in love with Brodie after only meeting him one time. Payton has the gift of psychometry (she has visions). When she touches Brodie she has a vision of him speaking with Connall about finding his mate and his mate just happens to be Payton. But then he ups and leaves without another word to her. She is crushed and tries to put any thoughts of Brodie out of her mind. A few years later he starts writing her letters and, after getting her hopes up again, she is crushed when he suddenly stops.

When Brodie returns after being away for 5 years he has his work cut out for him where Payton is concerned. She is NOT having any of it! He has hurt her twice already and she is having a hard time trusting that he won't hurt her again. But things happen that bring her and Brodie closer and she starts to let her guard down.

I loved seeing Payton and Brodie's relationship grow and become stronger. You actually get to see the softer, more romantic side of Brodie. He will not only do anything and everything to protect his mate but he will do the same thing to make sure she is happy. And Payton shows that she is not this quiet, demure lady that everyone thinks she is... she can be a feisty little firecracker when she needs to be. ;)

And then we have the mystery part of the book. Wow! Talk about lots of twists and turns! Old enemies resurface and new ones come into play. Things happened that I never saw coming but it did answer a lot of questions that I had from the previous books. And of course with those answered, more came to mind. Gotta love a book that can keep you thinking and on your toes!

This series has quickly become a favorite of mine! The more I read, the more I learn and the more clues I see of what is to come! Can't wait to continue on with this series and see what happens next!

And of course my casting...

Content: Depending on the reader...
Sketchy Clean. Mild to moderate language. Mild to moderate innuendos. Fade to black.


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