Monday, February 6, 2017

Bound by Song by Tracey Jane Jackson


Maximilian MacMillan is brooding, mysterious, and drop-dead gorgeous. He's also the lead singer of the most popular and successful band in the world. His ability to weave a fantasy in lyrics offers him anything he desires. When he meets his mate backstage at one of his concerts, he expects she will fall into his arms and thank him for being hers. She doesn’t.

After a family vacation to Scotland, Grace Wilson returns to the United States just in time to lose her job and break up with her boyfriend. When the lead singer of a famous band sends her an invitation to their concert…all expenses paid and V.I.P. treatment all the way…she is unprepared for the lengths the man will go to in order to meet her...or how much he keeps hidden from her.

As Max works to prove his devotion to Grace, will she put aside the rumors and gossip that surround him, and trust him? Will Max come to terms with his past and finally open up to Grace?

My Review: 4.5 Stars

3rd time reading Bound by Song and it's still pretty dang good!

Max is a gorgeous rock star who is broody and mysterious. Grace is a good Christian girl who is trying to get back on her feet after losing her job and moving back home with her family.

While on vacation with her family in Scotland, Max meets Grace and knows instantly that she is his mate. However, at the time, Grace has a boyfriend and wants nothing to do with Max. So Max makes some changes to his tour and heads to the U.S. to find Grace and sweep her off her feet. However, when he does find her, she still doesn't want to have anything to do with him. It was a bit of a blow to his ego because Max is extremely used to getting his way... ALL the time!

Max really has to do some growing and soul searching. Old ghosts come to light and threaten to keep him and Grace from being together. They also put a strain on his relationship with his brother, Niall. Max has to really dig deep and learn to open up and trust others to help him shoulder his demons. Grace had her own little things that she needed to work out but I personally think this story was more about Max becoming a better, stronger and happier Max.

Bound by Song is definitely different then the other books in this series. While those were more action packed and dangerous, this one is more on the emotional side.

I loved seeing all the other characters from the previous books. And, not only are we introduced to some new characters, but we are being set up for the next book featuring Niall! I'm excited for his book! He's been a favorite of mine since the beginning! :) The Cauld Ane series has definitely become a favorite of mine and I can't wait to see how everything plays out!

And of course my casting...

Sketchy Clean. Mild language. Mild innuendos. Fade to black.


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