Sunday, December 7, 2014

When Embers Ignite by Sharon Landis


Trace Reynolds, a firefighter with a trouble past, isn't looking for a committed relationship. With his heart broken and bruised, too many times, he is only interested in a friendly fun long distance thing with no strings attached. He meets Ellie Waters, a fun, confident, beauty with commitment issues of her own, It seems like a match made in Heaven. When Ellie learns about Trace's tendency to defy death not only in his career but in his leisure time activities, she wonders if this is someone she wants to get involved with even casually.

Will having a couple of near death experiences of her own change her mind? Will Trace stick around long enough to save her or will she have to depend on someone else?

My Review: 5 Stars

I'm going to start out by saying I may be a little bias when it comes to reviewing When Embers Ignite. Why?! Because it was written for me!! Yes.. that's right.. my aunt is the amazing author who wrote this book! When I finished reading Reunions Are Murder I just HAD to have Ellie and Trace's story! And she did NOT disappoint!! ;)

Ellie has always been there for everyone she cares about. She helps them when they need help, lifts them up when they are down, cares for them like a mother. She has a HUGE heart and it shows! The one person that she has not been taking care of?! HERSELF! Over the years she's been so busy taking care of everyone else that she's lost sight of who she is and what she wants in life. Instead of living her life for her, she's been living it for others.. making sure their happiness is her #1 priority. Things start to happen in her's and Trace's relationship that makes her open her eyes and do some serious soul searching. She finally decides that it's time to stop putting everyone else's needs above her own. She needs to start living her life for herself and NOT for everyone around her. Before she can move forward with Trace, or any other guy for that matter, she needs to figure out who she really is and what she wants out of life. She needs to start thinking about her happiness for a change and putting everyone else's on the back burner.

Trace is broken and just cannot commit to anyone. Between his best friend dying in a fire they were fighting together, his ex-girlfriend breaking up with him and then a week later dying while doing something stupid, he just can't let himself get close to anyone. He lives with nightmares and survivors guilt and it is just too much to handle at times. He starts falling in love with Ellie and does everything that he can to fight his feelings for her. In the back of his mind he thinks that once she finds out everything, she just won't be able to handle it and she'll leave him too.. just like everyone else. It isn't until Trace meets a little bit of competition where Ellie is concerned that he starts to really look at his feelings for Ellie. Can he take that leap of faith and allow himself to really open up and let her in? Or is it too late for him and Ellie to get their HEA?

I loved watching Ellie and Trace grow not only individually but also as a couple. They really are perfect for each other. :) While I love Ellie and Trace I just have to say... holy moly can they be stubborn!! I seriously wanted to knock some sense into them a couple of times! Especially towards the end... Ugh! Ellie! What in the world was wrong with you?! You were told by several people not to go anywhere ALONE!! And what did you do?! YOU WENT!! Stubborn woman!! Lol.

And then we have Hunter. *sigh* I have this love/hate relationship with him. I'm not going to lie... he kinda irritated me a lot. Especially when it came to Ellie and Trace's relationship. He was told by both of them that they were together and happy but he just had to keep pushing buttons. There were times that I wanted to Gibbs slap him and tell him to have a little respect! But he did end up redeeming himself in the end when he helped save Ellie from the psycho! But I will say... I hope he gets a taste of his own medicine when it comes time for his HEA! See how he likes it when someone is always around and flirting with his girl. Turn about's fair play, right?! ;) Hehe.

The mystery part of the book had me guessing until the end and I just have to say... I guessed wrong! Lol. There were twists and turns that I just did not see coming! I love it when a story can keep me on my toes! :)

*sigh* The ending... LOVED it!! I got my HEA and a set up for the next book... what more could this girl ask for?! ;)

All in all I LOVED the 2nd book in the Mended Hearts Collection. While it is apart of a series, it can be read as a stand alone. There is enough of a back story that you get the jest of what happened in the first book. I am excited for the other books in the series! And I have it on good authority that there will be books on a couple of guys in this book. And let me tell you... I am super excited for Max's story!! I can't WAIT!! It's going to be AMAZING!! Actually... ALL of them are going to be AMAZING.. I just know it!! ;)

And of course I can't forget one of my favorite things of doing reviews... the casting choice!! Hehe. Here is my Trace and Ellie...



  1. Interesting cover! I like it. This sounds like one I'll have to read. :)

    1. Thanks Ally, my graphic designer worked really hard to make the cover reflect the story inside. Trace and Ellie are two of my favorite characters. Let me know what you think of the story. Sharon.