Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Worth the Fall by Caitie Quinn


Kasey Lane is having a bad week.


Her idea of success never involved losing her job, man, and apartment in 24-hours. Now, with nowhere to go and no way to pay for it anyway, Kasey decides it’s time for a fresh start, which means a new apartment, a new career, and…no men.

But as a magnet for ridiculousness and absurd brushes with the law, her start goes from fresh to stale in record time. It doesn’t help that Mr. Wrong keeps showing up during her adventures gone awry and taking over. Now, as Kasey plans her way to independence she has to decide if the only path to success is going it alone...or if maybe a partner in crime can make the journey sweeter.

My Review: 4.5 Stars

Kasey Lane has pretty much hit rock bottom through no fault of her own. She has been laid off, her boyfriend dumps her the night before they are supposed to move in together and she's now homeless thanks to said loser... I mean boyfriend. Kasey decides from here on out she does NOT need a man to take care of her. She is going to become a new and better Kasey and eventually down the line she will find someone safe, someone who won't over take her life and tell her how to live it.

Enter Max... an alpha male who does whatever he can to take care of the people he cares about. He can't help it... it's just the way he's built. From the first moment he meets Kasey (it's hilarious by the way!) he knows that she is trouble. She just has this way of getting into situations that he doesn't know whether to laugh or be irritated. She is definitely not like any other woman he knows. These two are like oil and water around each other and you can't help but cheer them on!

I was sucked in from the very beginning and did not want to put this book down! I lost count at how many times I literally busted out laughing while reading! It was seriously SO much fun! The only thing that could have made it better would've been having them get together just a bit sooner so you could see how they were as a couple. And of course if the book wouldn't have just ended! You all know how much I hate that! Just a little bit more... that's all I wanted! ;) Hehe.

All in all it was an awesome book! I can't wait to read the next book in the series! I definitely will be checking out more books my Bria Quinlan/Caitie Quinn!

Content: Mild language throughout and mild innuendo.

And of course I can't forget my casting choices! This one was a bit hard because there was zero description of the heroine so I had to go with who I felt would fit best for myself. Hehe. What do you think?!

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