Friday, March 25, 2016

First Line Friday's #4

Ok party people! It's that time again! First Line Friday's hosted by my amazing friend Kathy over at Bookworm Nation! Are you ready?! 

This week's First Line Friday is:

First Crush by Heather Tullis

Third-grade teacher Maddie McCormick was thrilled when the greenhouse classroom actually came to fruition—but she hadn’t counted on angering the local street thugs, or their threats. Police officer Ben Belliston hadn’t planned on fatherhood—ever—but gaining custody of his orphaned niece had him rearranging all of his priorities. She and Maddie, her new teacher, bonded right away, so he was happy to provide a little off-duty security in the greenhouse—it was more than a fair exchange for the way Maddie helped his niece from her shell. He hadn’t expected to begin seeing his best friend’s little sister in a new light, or the way it would make him question all of his future plans.


"I'm thinking pink and blue for your colors."

Okay... from the first line you might not be intrigued. But I am! I have been dying to read this book since I finished Hello Again, the first book in the In The Garden series. I had no idea it had been released until I was checking out a fellow bookworm's blog posts. I have a feeling this will be devoured just like the first one! ;)

Do you want to participate in First Line? Yes?! Then tell us what your First Line is! Are you going to do a blog post? Then don't forget to link your post back to Bookworm Nation! Post your link in the comments. Don't have a blog? No worries! Just leave a comment with the title, author name and first line.

Ready?! And GO!


  1. I saw this book pop up the other day, I haven't read the first one yet. Think I'd like them?

    1. I think you would. I have really enjoyed all her books I have read so far. :)

  2. Hate List by Jennifer Brown
    First Line
    "The scene in the Garvin High School cafeteria, known as the Commons, is being described as 'grim' by investigators who are working to identify the victims of a shooting spree that erupted Friday morning."

    1. I'm not sure if I'm sad or intrigued by that first line. You'll have to tell me how this book is. Not sure if I could read this one. I'm definitely a HEA kinda gal.. reading is my break from reality... ;) Hehe.

    2. Hate List is raw and powerful. They gave it out to my 8th grade daughter. I was not prepared for the language. I wish I had read it before she did. It was quite a change from the romances I usually read. I was moved by this book and I will read more by Jennifer Brown. I do not recommend for middle school maybe high school. Definitely one to discuss with your child. Topics include bullying, suicide, violence scenes and abuse.