Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Winter's Kiss by Laura Bastian


Carrie Winters is happy with her job and content with her life as it is. When a minor car accident gets her tangled up with Bryce Thomson, she never would have guessed he’d turn out to be a client. Or that he would be the overbearing kind of guy she always wanted to avoid.

Bryce Thomson is cynical and thinks the younger generation is in need of help, but he discovers the girl he’d pegged as superficial is so much more than a first impression. He offers Carrie a job as an assistant in running his outreach program. While Bryce thinks he’s in complete control of things, Carrie shows him a new side of life and helps him let go of past heartbreak making him wonder if it’s okay to love again.

When Carrie’s brother is in trouble and needs Bryce’s help, can she let go of her pride and allow Bryce into her life?

My Review: 4 Stars

Carrie hasn't had the greatest of childhoods nor the best of luck when it comes to dating guys. But she doesn't let it get her down or stop her from living her life. She has this vibe that just draws others to her. You can't help but smile and be happy when she's around. She has a good job, her little brother, Eric, and friends but she can't help wanting a little more out of life. Who knew that running a red light would give her that little bit more that she's been longing for? 

Bryce was jilted by his ex-wife and wants absolutely nothing to do with women ever again. He had loved and was hurt in the worst way. Between his work at the art gallery and getting his outreach program up and running, he is just far too busy to even think about women or about love. He never imagined that when Carrie crashed into his car that his life would be turned upside down... for the better. 

I had a hard time connecting with Bryce. He could be such a pain in the rear end at times! He and Carrie were complete opposites. While she embraced and lived life, he just existed. A lot of the book was them getting to know each other and trying to be friends. When they discovered that their feelings ran deeper than friendship I was right there cheering them on. But then Bryce just froze and spent a lot of time talking himself out of his feelings for Carrie. So frustrating!

I would've loved to see less of the struggle and more of the building of their relationship once Bryce realized what was right in front of him. I just have a hard time believing that these two would actually last. Don't get me wrong, I really did enjoy the book. I just wanted a little more.

All in all, it was a good addition to this series. I will definitely be reading more by Laura Bastian. :)

And here's my casting! Enjoy! :) 


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