Monday, February 13, 2017

Rescued by Love by Cami Checketts


Captain Cameron Compton is content with his job as a firefighter and coaching a youth lacrosse team. He doesn’t need or want anything else in his life. Then a tall blonde schoolteacher parks her Jeep illegally in front of a fire hydrant, and one of his crew soaks it with water. Repentant but un-intimidated, she fires back at him, and he’s pulled in by her spunk.

Sage Turner has wished her entire life that she could shrink to a normal-sized woman. She hides her insecurities pretty well, but when she falls for a hot firefighter, she’s certain she’ll never be good enough.

Stranded together at her cabin, sparks start to fly, and Sage barely suppresses the urge to kick him out in a snowstorm.
A fire and a moose attack should bring them together, but instead, they might sever any hope of being rescued from the flames or loneliness.

My Review: 4 Stars

Sage has been self conscious about her height the majority of her life. She's had an extremely hard time finding that special someone because of it. She's all but given up until she parks illegally in front of a fire hydrant and has to face the music when said hydrant is needed to put out a fire. So what happens when she comes face to face with Mr. Tall, Dark and Handsome?! Sparks fly! 

Cam has spent the majority of his life rescuing people from burning buildings and coaching a youth lacrosse team. He has also been doing everything he can to not fall in love. Love hurts and he just doesn't have it in him to put himself out there. But upon meeting the beautiful Sage, he starts singing a different tune. That is until tragedy strikes and has him rethinking what he was about to get himself into. 

But is it too late? Has Sage already wrapped herself around his heart in such a short period of time? Can he pull away from her? Does he want to? One thing is for sure sparks will definitely fly! 

Sage and Cam definitely had a rough start to their relationship. They both had things that held them back from moving forward. But circumstances beyond their control had each of them reevaluating what they wanted out of life and eventually brought them together. Gotta love HEA's! *dreamy sigh* 

There were some definite swoony moments which I adored! But there were also moments that had me growling in frustration and rolling my eyes. I wanted to strangle the two of them towards the end. Haha. But all and all a super cute read! :) 

I can always count on Ms. Checketts sucking me into to any of her books. They are always filled with suspense, romance, witty banter, sassy heroines and swoon worthy heroes. It's no wonder she's on my favorite authors list! ;) 

And this casting... *le sigh* I. Love. It! What do you think?!

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  1. I always love when you cast Chris Hemsworth! Sigh