Tuesday, September 2, 2014

You Belong With Me by Shannon Guymon


Layla Kendall is the oldest of three sisters. She's a burned out social worker one step away from a major depression and she needs a fresh start. When she and her sisters Kit and Jane inherit their grandmother's bakery, she doesn't know if she can trust her good fortune or not. Life has taught her that happiness is just an illusion. But the chance to be with her sisters and get away from the heart ache and pain she's faced day in and day out is a chance she's going to take. The fact that they don't know anything about running a bakery won't stop them. With Layla's new life, come new connections and friendships including Michael Bender, a single dad and someone who wouldn't mind getting to know Layla better. She doesn't trust men and she doesn't want to change her mind but Michael's little girl Stella grabs her by the heart and won't let go. When Layla and her sisters realize that there are people who want to see them fail, it will take a lot of heart and courage to keep going. Layla will have to let go of the past in order to grab onto the future if she'll ever find the love she needs.

My Review: 5 Stars

You Belong With Me was the very first Shannon Guymon book I ever read and I absolutely LOVED it!!

The Love and Dessert Trilogy is about 3 sister who have inherited their grandmother's bakery. They were all living in different places but all needed a fresh start in life. They had their doubts at first but being together and doing something new that they loved brought them even closer than they were before.

Here we have Layla's story. Layla is the oldest and has seen her share of tragedy being a Social Worker. She has lost all faith in men and does not trust any of them. She has had a particularly hard year and was in desperate need of this change.

The first week in Fircrest she meets Michael, a single dad who works in real estate. When she first lays eyes on him she looked right through him as if he wasn't even there! Enter in Stella, Michael's cute little angel daughter, and Layla is seriously a goner! Of course she tries to fight it and when she finally comes to accept that she's falling for Michael, be becomes a bonehead! Stella's mother comes back into the picture trying to win Michael back and the idiot decides to give it another try even though she DESERTED him and his daughter years ago and he was already in love with Layla. But thankfully Michael came to his senses and realized that the person he belongs with is Layla. The hard part?! Trying to win her back after he broke her heart! And boy did she make him work for it! Hehe. I loved it!!

So yes... everything ends up working out for them but that doesn't mean that everything is all hearts and rainbows for the sisters! Enter in the sleezeball Alex Foster and the sister's dead beat dad, Landon Kendell, and you have all kinds of drama happen! Alex wants to buy the bakery and tear it down to build a strip mall (he also has his eye on poor Jane!), the girls refuse to sell, dead beat dad says it should be his and that they owe him, add in a little sabotage and oy vey! Talk about a headache for those poor girls!! What ends up happening?! You're just going to have to read it and find out!! ;)

We also get to meet other characters in the series like Tate (love him) and Rob (possible love interest?!). And the best part?! You get to hear about all the yummy desserts that the sisters make in the bakery!! I would LOVE to have some of those recipes!! They sound AMAZING!! The Love and Dessert Trilogy not only hooked me on Shannon's books but they hooked me on food fiction as well!! Love me some romance with a little.. okay... a lot of sweets!! Mmmm mmmm!!

You Belong With Me is a fun read that I absolutely LOVE and will definitely be read over and over again!! :)

And I made a little change to my casting... had to add Stella into the mix!! ;) 

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