Saturday, June 11, 2016

Divine Deception by Marcia Lynn McClure


Mistreated, disheartened, and trapped, Fallon Ashby unexpectedly found the chance of swift deliverance at the hand of a wealthy landowner. The mysterious deliverer offered Fallon escape from unendurable circumstances. Thus, Fallon chose to marry Trader Donavon, a man who concealed his face within the dark shadows of an ominous black hood—a man who unknowingly held her heart captive.

Yet malicious villainy, intent on destroying Trader Donavon, set out to defeat him. Would evil succeed in overpowering the man whose face Fallon had never seen? The ever-hooded hero Fallon silently loved above all else?

My Review: 3 Stars

*Republished post since I reread this for Beauty and the Beast Month. Still a 3 star read for me.*

After Fallon's father passes away and her mother falls ill, she is sent to live with her Uncle Charles. He is not the person everyone thought he was. He is an abusive drunk who gambles too much.

Trader Donovan is their landlord and is getting sick and tired of everything Charles does. When Trader is caught in a storm, the only place he can find to stay the night is with Fallon and Charles. Charles wakes up to find Fallon and Trader in a "compromising" position and demands that he marries Fallon and give him the deed to the house he lives in for his silence in what he saw. Trader agrees but Charles doesn't stop there... and neither does Trader.

Divine Deception was just an okay read for me this time around. While reading it I realized that there is just something missing for me. There is no building of a relationship because they were already "in love" when the book started. They both demand that the other trust them but they really don't do anything to earn that trust. And Trader's relationship with Julia really bothered me. Fallon was just supposed to be okay with it?! But we all know that if the roles were reversed that Trader would definitely have a problem with Fallon having that kind of relationship with another man. I really think that Fallon needed to have a bit more of a spine. She just went along with everything Trader told her to do without even asking questions. He treated her more like a child then a wife.

Don't get me wrong, I like the book and I love Marcia as an author but this one just isn't one of my favorites. It has a beauty and the beast type of feel to it and it's a quick, cute read if that's what you're in the mood for. :)

My casting choices... and yes I know you can't see his face but you really don't "see" Trader until the last couple of pages of the book... just insert your favorite mystery man... ;)


  1. I haven't read this one in a while, but I also gave it 3 stars. I just wasn't loving it as much as her other books. But your casting pics are great!!

  2. My first time reading it was a 5 star read but MLM was literally only the 3rd author I had ever read so I was on a Marcia high! Haha. But after reading it again it just wasn't there for me this time. Again.. I wanted more! Lol.

  3. I forgive you both...because I LOVE IT! ;)